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Found 6 results

  1. Our clan [TAFFY] often does not have enough players to field two teams. While waiting for a chance to jump in it is incredibly boring. Why can't we watch other clan members play as observers only, no text or voice to players in a battle? I suggest no voice or text during the battle to avoid confusion with too much chatter. As a new clan player, it would be helpful to get constructive after-action comments from observers. This is a complicated game and clans and even more to learn. Where or how can I print out ship info for reference? This would be the right-hand pane while in port.
  2. Hipper's too feisty and I'm at a loss of description for Aurora. ...not that all this would matter 'cos much of it'll become unused when CV rework hits, anyway...
  3. I wonder if any player who has the "9 de Julio" would be willing to answer if the Captain speaks in English or Spanish. According to the game, "July 9" is an American ship sold to Argentina. So, does the captain speak Spanish or English? I understand that every captain accompanies the nationality of the ship... but it is freaky, at least to me; deal with russians, german or japanese captains. I dont understand even not the automatic voice chat's warnings. Is there any option to change the language of the Captain? I'm prety sure that build up a voice data base is not a great deal. So, the player can choose among different languages. I "hope" that this get the attention to the programmer department... build up a data base voice is not a headache when you compare the great job that they do with the general design and the game interface. What if WOS do a poll of opinions in order to have a feedback about this issue? Thanks for read me.
  4. Not sure if anyone is having this happen or if it has been posted already. I am using Dasha in my New Mexico, well during Operation:Aegis while using her, there is no voice for any of the NPCs, the Allied BoTs, I still see the messages in chat and on screen but no voice. When I use any other Commander, even with Thea Kreutzer this does not happen, has anyone else notice this?
  5. I opened a ticket and was referred to this: 5. Consider disabling your firewall. If it didn't help, please, open the following ports in the firewalls - Incoming UPD: 5222, 5060, 5062, 3478 - Outgoing TCP: 80 и 443 - Universal UDP: 12000 – 17000 Turning off the firewall is not an option. I opened incoming and outgoing ports, but I cannot find anything about a universal port. How does one open a Universal UPD port? I do not know how? I'm using windows 10. Manic
  6. CV_nonsequitur

    aircraft are not speaking

    I know I pressed something wrong, but i cant find out what in the controls or anything. But when my aircraft report in, they are completely silent. all other game sounds work, even my ship reports. Can anyone point me to the right command?