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Found 7 results

  1. Mod Information: World of Warships Arpeggio Voice Pack Fixed voices to be compatible with, 0.6.7.x and up Voices included: Ashigara, Captain Gunzou, Haguro, Haruna, Hiei, Iona, Kirishima (based on Kirishima Bear), Kongou, Myoko, Nachi, and Takao Background: Since the ARP voices were broken (ie. not appearing), I re-organized the file structure to get them working again in the current game version. All voices listed above are included. Kirishima's voice was fixed to actually play Kirishima's voice, not Iona's. Download Links: - Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B0S2UsTOng0gZEt1Tjd1MVFSeFU?usp=sharing - MediaFire: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/160ssi01bdm9m/ARP_Voice_Pack I uploaded both .zip and .7z copies. The .7z is a smaller download, but you need the 7-zip (free) program to unzip it. The .zip version is a bigger download, but can be unzipped from Windows or Mac directly. On a side note, I found a folder in the game files for High School Fleet voices. These don't appear automatically for me either. Would anyone be interested in those? I'd be happy to take a look at getting those working too. I imagine it's just getting the file structure fixed, like with the ARP voices.
  2. ***Before you read this topic if you don't like anime mods stay away from this topic, however, if you don't mind or like these types of mods then you're welcome.*** Hello, people of WG NA forums, I'm from the Asia/SEA/Oceania servers(where teamwork and English doesn't exist) The mods will be archived for anyone's use, I will be no longer supporting this mod. Thank You Before you install... - Don't Republish the mod anywhere else, you can share the download links to others who are interested. - If so you're showcasing the mods to streaming sites like Youtube, for example, at least credit the guys who made it. - Be warned this mod is not perfect, we've done our best to keep mistakes to a bare minimum. I hope you understand. - Most VO mods don't have its own CV related commands/voices, instead, it uses your game's default one.(I don't recommend using these mods to a competitive CV match.) Download Links: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/611y5mr7m8mmb/KanColle_VO_mods How to install the mods. 1st: Extract the files. It's in a .7z format so would prefer using 7zip. 2nd: Place the mods to your game. For example: (C:)/ World_of_Warships/ res_mods/0.6.X.X/banks/Mods. Here's a screenshot below as an example again. by default, you get the res_mods and the game version folder. I don't have banks/Mods folder please make one as banks, then inside Mods. 3rd: To enable the mods in-game, go to game settings> audio> then voiceover modifications. How to update the mods to the latest game version. This one is so easy, just drag and drop the banks folder to the latest game version folder. For example. I dragged the banks folder from folder to the folder. Extra: How to use the mods on the Public Test Server. Usually, you cannot enable mods in PTS, except WG's official ones(the ARP, HSF VO mods, etc.) Instead of placing the mods to res_mods you place it in res/banks/OfficialMods. Here is a screenshot below. if you notice some of my youtube videos of these mods, I showcased them at PTS. Mods with .xml files ( All current mods have their own .xml file. If the mods are installed and still doesn't worked try to delete WG's VO mods at res>banks except for the .xml file.
  3. With the High School Fleet collaboration coming up, WG has already put up the sound files for HSF captains in the current patch. This voice mod will replace the Japanese voice over. Now it comes with 0.6.8 quick messages support. Differences between this and the official version at the moment: - Quick messages for AA support, spotting request, retreat, and smoke screen request - Battle result voices Demonstration: LINK: Download (adds a new menu option for battle voiceovers named AkenoMashiro) Instructions: Extract the .zip file into the WoWS\res_mods\CURRENT_VERSION folder such that the folder structure looks like ...\res_mods\CURRENT_VERSION\banks Also make sure that the ...\res\banks folder does NOT contain the Languages or OfficialMods folders, as their presence will disable all VO mods, including official ones like Steven Seagal.
  4. Help

    So my problem is this, I can't find my "banks" folder in my "res" folder. I know that I need to put the voice mods into the "banks" folder but it seems like I can't find my "banks" folder in my "res" folder. I Can't find this folder anywhere on my World for Warships files! I looked all over my folders in the World of Warships folder already. Can someone tell me what to do? (Btw I already reinstalled the game to see if this works it didn't)
  5. National Captian Voices

    Does anyone know of a mod that changes the voice of the captain to the nation of the ship without going into the settings and manually changing it? kind of like the national crew voices in WoT? If not then can this be a thing WoWS?
  6. Kirishima voice bug fix

    Okay, so as you all know, the Kirishima voice files are in the game proper, but they are not correctly associated with the ARP Kirishima ship. Out of the kindness of my heart, I have meticulously gone through every file and "repaired" the voice files that Kirishima needs to work correctly. Unlike other voice mods, this one does not affect the voices on all ships. This will only match Kirishima's voice to the ARP Kirishima ship. If you have any problems getting the mod to work, just ask. I would strongly advise you read the text file before you download El Linko things you'll need: google drive account winzip or some other unziper. If I have enough requests, I can also provide a non-zipped version of the files. EDIT: Some people have expressed issues with the patch not always working. If you have this issue try the following. Backup res/banks, and then put my patch directly into res/banks/arpeggio/voice, and then delete res_mods/#.#.#.#/banks. That's the exact setup I'm using on my computer, and it seems to work. It should be noted that the reason you were not given this method for the install is because it is bad form to edit game files directly when a mod API exists. EDIT: haven't checked yet, but I'm about 99% certain this still works with 0.5.10
  7. My English is poor , if there's some words I used wrong , please bear with me. Because my accout can't create a new topic in "Q & A" or "Suggestions" , so I post here . If anyone can help me copy this to "Suggestion" , that will be great. Hope WG could provide some audio-related files which can be used in ( include ".wproj" file ). This can help game community members to create music / voice Mod more easily. 1. It's a win win result. (1) People love see things created by their own hands , and Mods also can rich this game. (2) Mods can bring more players into this game. 2. Creating audio-related Mod is different from before. (1) WoT & WoWP(old version) : using FMOD studio or FMOD designer. ( thank NoblePlatoon post his tutorials in WoT NA forum ) (2) WoWS audio files maybe need Audiokinetic "Wwise" to creat audio-related Mod. ( also similar with present WoWP version and WoT in the furture I guess ) (3) Without Hierarchy Settings & .wproj file , this may be tough. 3. Helps from game company , for example : (1) Total War : Rome II . Before developers release audio-related data for help Mod making , there are very few chances , players could create a music Mod for this game. (2) Official provide some resources at Game's wiki. Total War Wiki → Wwise - Audio Modding (3) And then , players can create music Mod more easily. Rome: Total War Music 4. WG can set terms , restrict some behaviors. (1) These files can only used in a non-profit Mod project. (or other kind terms like this) (2) Audiokinetic Wwise already have some terms about non-commercial purposes. I know it's only at testing stage , but this is my little wish . At last , thanks WG brings such epic Game to me. --- --- --- this is my original post at WoWS Asia Forum :Link some imformations about : Wwise Site Wwise Tutorial 15 -