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Found 2 results

  1. So I wrote the following mini-essay for Little White Mouse and Lert's competition to tell them about your most memorable premium of 2019, and since no one will ever read it buried 3 pages into that post, in going to re-post it here. Link to LWM's post, it's really worth the read: As for my most memorable premium of 2019, I'd have to go with the Viribus Unitis. I rarely spend money on WoWS, but I was actually planning on buying this ship that promised to be unique, interesting, special, and a good low-tier premium. Alas and alack, it ended up being mediocre at best and I didn't buy it. (Well, not yet at least...) I know this ship got overshadowed by so many other high-tier premiums, but gosh-darn it I REALLY want more fun and unique mid-low tier premiums to be put into the game. (I love my Exeter, Graf Spee, and Okt. Rev!) Viribus Unitis' lackluster performance and bad implementation combined with WG's overwhelming focus on high-tier gameplay (and high-tier premiums) makes me sad. There are so many cool and unique WW1 and interwar ships that could be implemented... but since they can't be sold for $50+ it's likely we won't see most of them. *cough De Ruyter cough* :( To me, the sad little VU highlights a troubling lack of any genuine concern from WG for ships or gameplay under T8. Rokk out.