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Found 1 result

  1. Season's Greetings: After a number of co-op matches at various tiers, I have come to the conclusion the Macintosh computers built in 2014 using Yosemite OS becomes very unstable when playing a match at Tier 5 or higher. The program is often prone to crashes at any time during, before, or after a match. I do not observe this phenomena at Tiers 1-5 playing co-op. I also noted that the CPU does not get hot enough to warm the aluminum casing at the lower tiers. It get warm enough to maintain coffee temperature at high tier gaming. It appears that the time is right for a computer upgrade to Macintosh Mini 2019 standard and OS. I choose not to go the game computing PC route because I have too many job related applications on the Mac that do not transfer to PC (I am an educator). You can play a Tier 8 match in co-op as long as you do not play more than 2-3 matches. The processor cannot handle all of the parameters for the match for a long period of time. I hypothesize that random matches with 12 ships per team, scenario matches, and Tier 10 Clan battles overwhelm the vintage machinery after 1-2 matches. Tier 6 Co-op is playable for perhaps 7-8 matches before WOWS has to be restarted. I have been testing this hypothesis for about 5 months and I believe my findings are accurate. I will probably upgrade the Mac over the x-mas holidays using a little bonus money from work. Cheers, Astrosaint