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Found 7 results

  1. Vigilance - Stacks on Hydro?

    Just want to make sure I'm correct in thinking that Vigilance adds 25% to torpedo detection, including +25% to hydro torp detection. I'm working out skill set for high Tier British cruisers. Given their reliance on smoke, more torpedo detection is mo' betta!
  2. (Before reading this, please note that I do play German BBs and do not intend to nerf them in any way. I just think that they do not need any buffs.) Currently, German BBs and CAs have a HAS torp detection range of 3.84km, 3.93km, and 4.02km for tiers 8, 9, and 10 respectively. With 0.6.0, the captain skill Vigilance will stack with HAS, whereas right now it does not. While for most ships the Hydro range is low enough even with Vigilance, for German CAs and BBs, the range will be around 5km with this skill, and it will almost be enough to spot for a small fleet. But since CAs are technically supposed to counter DDs, I have no problem with German CAs getting access to very long range hydro. But for German BBs, HAS should be more of a self-defence tool, and should not have the ability to have such a long reach. Therefore, I suggest the range of KM BB HAS to be reduced as listed below: Before Suggested Change Base w/ Vig. After Suggested Change (-15%) Base w/ Vig. T8 3.84 4.8 3.26 4.08 T9 3.93 4.91 3.34 4.18 T10 4.02 5.03 3.42 4.27 The base range is still longer than that of any any non-KM CA ship, tier for tier. Thanks for reading. *Edited for massive derp.
  3. Especially with the new "strikes" system going into effect in 2 days, and the fact that there are a large number of players who seem to be blissfully unaware of their surroundings during battle - what say you? Of course, it's not going to stop someone who is intent on ignoring the warning sounds from nearby torpedoes, but it might help. And yes, torpedoes are the responsibility of whoever launches them, that has been driven into the ground so it doesn't need to be brought up again and has little bearing on the question. I would be willing to bet, however, that errant torpedoes are probably the number 1 reason players turn pink in game. Do you agree?
  4. Vigilance + Hydoacoustic

    Would Vigilance perk stack with Hydoacoustic statistic of seeing the torpedoes further out? The base stats of Hydoacoustic for spotting torpedoes is 2.67 km but if I have vigilance would that extend that range further out?
  5. vigilance

    I feel like a fool, hehe I put the vigilance skill on the capt. in my Kamikaze R and it gives me all most 2 full seconds, before I'm sunk. hehe I was hoping for a little more time than that lol. o well,, I thought I should let others know this. good luck. and no need to reply I play for fun and win or losing is not a big deal to me. thank you for getting me post.
  6. I'm wondering if taking Vigilance on a carrier also increases the range the planes can detect enemy torpedoes. The Vigilance skill supposedly doesn't increase the range your ship can see, but rather decreases the stealthiness of enemy torpedoes, so it seems like it should allow the planes to see them too, but I'd like some confirmation if possible.
  7. Hi, folks! Is torpedo acquisition improved by 40% if you have the Target Acquisition System Modification installed and also have the captain's Vigilance skill? Not sure if I need both. Thanks for any insight. Sail on!!