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Found 30 results

  1. ¡Hola, Colegas! Se que muchos de ustedes suben vídeos y hacen trasmisiones en vivo, pues creo este tema para compartirlos, claro siempre que sean en español. ¡Vamos a fortalecer la comunidad latina! @sea_you
  2. See if you can find us! Win a prize!* *there is no prize
  3. Here is a quick video I made about quickly figuring out your different options and trying to figure out what plays are going to be best at keeping you alive and contributing to the team. I got myself in a little bit of a jam and didn't have any great options, so went with the one that had the best chance of keeping me alive. And the link is the embed does not work for some of you: https://youtu.be/KzCMVj26AUM
  4. As the title says, I started a game and this happened, I made it into a video cause why not. https://youtu.be/jYdG07dcWLU https://replayswows.com/replay/139471#teams 20210831_102711_PASB509-Missouri_42_Neighbors.wowsreplay
  5. It's way too convenient and less embarrassing to use my good play to explain things in a video, so here's an explanation of how I screwed up a few nights ago and details on how I like to use spawn locations, the team list and the minimap to figure out how I'm going to play. Here's the YT link in case the embed doesn't work for people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_Nuoxl1fAk
  6. Watch if you want! It's a new format so I can give more constant content to my viewers, hopefully you enjoy! Nelson is one of my favorites.. the super heal comes in clutch and combined with her front 3 guns!
  7. Kokomi_Sangonomiya

    Hyuuga appreciation video

    Please subscribe i'm really sad :)
  8. Nothing too earth shattering in this video today, basically playing cat and mouse with the enemy team on the flank in open water using their positioning and paying attention to the minimap to pick my spots to be aggressive. Hope it is of some help to someone out there. I haven't gone back to look, but I think this is my first random game in Bayard which I think is a pretty fun ship, but definitely limited in higher tier games by its range. and the link if the YT embed doesn't work for some of you: https://youtu.be/JV-ChYSuVtY Also, you can catch me streaming on twitch here: https://www.twitch.tv/ducky_shot_
  9. Today I break down a strat difference in KOTs qualifiers between MIO and MHG. https://youtu.be/HkkKzCHNg6o
  10. Hi All! Some time ago I wanted to do something different than usual play in WoWS on EU server, but still in WoWS. So I decided to make brand new account and grind 1 line (with as little distractions as possible) from zero to tier X. I go inspired by @Sea_Lord_Mountbatten video on his grind to tier X in 22 battles, but I wanted to do something different. I decide to try it without using any money, completely F2P. Obviously this took significantly more battles than 22, but actually much less than I expected. At this moment I'm sitting on Daring a just ended qualification for Silver. I described my experience in video (pleas excuse my poor English and atrocious accent!) : https://youtu.be/TrvH1eB7_BE But I wanted to comment on observation that I had along my way. NA server is much more pleasant place to play than EU server. Why? First of all players are much more friendly toward each other and seem to be much more relaxes. Less "try hard". Also (probably because most use same language) there is more and better communication inside team. Both in Randoms and Ranked, as well (to my huge surprise) in Co-Op. I did not try operations here. I think this contributed for me to have some of best battles I ever had (including my personal base xp record of just over 3000xp or winning a battle with 1-on-1 with player who got over 2000xp on loosing side - insane performance!). Just today I had insanely close battle for last star in qualification, that just left me shaking. I will upload videos from this battles, as I kept replays and result screens. Anyway, what was to be just a fun experiment, made me quite fond of playing on NA server. I will not switch from EU, too much fun stuff on account there, but you will surely see me playing here. I hope you do not mind! ;) (BTW I was looking over forum rules and forum structure and I did not found other place to post that, I hope I did not do faux pas by posting my video here) ETA: Playlist for grind highlights
  11. I enjoyed WoWs "Pin-up in the Navy" musical video. Seems like someone else liked it enough to put it to different music and add some video editing. Happened across this "cover" on YouTube... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeUGGyNA6B8
  12. I saw this video last night at work and it gave me a whole new appreciation for one of my favorite premium ships, the Marblehead. It is only around 15 minutes but it is worth the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tb9h5bU8Dwk
  13. https://youtu.be/WKG14IJDvPo It's been a while since I put out a video... enjoy! I bring up spotting, WG, and a few other topics...
  14. Since there's barely any worthwhile video on Pommern and how she handles, and a lot of questions on the forums on how the ship performs, here's a first impressions video on the ship and if it's worth the while. Hopefully it clears up some things for potential buyers.
  15. As title goes, Slava is out of NDA and here's a video with her release version. Should give an idea on what to expect as a potential buyer, and as someone opposing one. Seems to be along the lines of Champagne, conforming to passive playstyle. There's a section by the end showing the armor as well, 25mm extremities.
  16. This is not a CV whine complaint, but more of a discussion/reflection. IMO, CVs have to much disproportional influence, due to power creep of CVs. Because of this, it has changed the rules of engagement for certain ship sizes... As promised, I present a replay to one of many battles reflecting this aspect of the game.... I repeat the words of Mighty Jingles... "If a CV is caught not paying attention, sleeping or out of position... Why is it the DD driver have to be punished and not rewarded, by not being able to sink the CV or down his planes ?" Many will adapt to the change... But it doesn't mean, its fun or have justified disdain for the class. This is not only in the low and mid tiers, upper tiers its the same situation but more intensified. 20200606_233718_PJSD025-True-Kamikaze_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay Remember, the replay will expire when the new patch comes into affect... If you have recording software you can post it again if you like. GL/HF
  17. So I bought the Kagero today and after playing my first match Wargaming recommended a video for me to watch through the game on how to play it. It was a how it works video and it was about the Kagero pretty sure. However I had to get off cause it was late at night and I didn’t finish it. I figured I’d watch it in bed except I can’t find the video anywhere On YouTube, any help?
  18. Kokomi_Sangonomiya

    The WoWS Experience #1

    a low effort video i made at least i had fun while making this video
  19. Here's my box overview and progress report on Tamiya's USS Enterprise CV6 1/700th scale. Hope you enjoy!
  20. Another fun little reminder from Yuro that the only limit to Enterprise power is the player. Bote is fine.
  21. My tactics are mostly developed for Ryujo so it can be harder to use on other aircraft carriers. My proof is in my videos. Aircraft carriers take a lot of time to learn and play. These are my tactics that help me make use of everything that an aircraft carrier can do and should do but most won't do. Speed and patience is everything and hopefully these tactics can help you. World of Warships 7 Basic Tips https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/git-gud/ Communication Do your best to say everything you do If someone ask for AA support, reply with anything If they hate you, they will hate you. Do your best to not dwell on it Scout Find the enemy with your dive bombers You can choose to attack them but do not have your dive bombers rearm Find the weakest spot you can find Your eyes are the team's eyes Move While your dive bombers scout, set your ship's way points according to what they find and where your team goes Any movement is better than no movement Defend Defend yourself until you know or expect where the enemy fighters and bombers will be Defend your torpedo bombers to the best of your ability Defend the fleet to the best of your ability Do not let your fighters die carelessly Shadow After your dive bombers find or attack the enemy, have them stay in a safe range from AA and keep them spotted If enemy fighters attack, lead them as far as possible so that your torpedo bombers are safe Attack Attack the weakest spot as fast as you can Once the enemy fleet is able to stay spotted without use of your dive bombers, attack with everything you got Recover Faster your ship moves, faster you recover, faster you rearm, faster you attack Cap Faster you clear an area, faster it is safe, faster you cap Fight If you are spotted by an enemy within concealment range, you are already dead There is no use running from something you can't run from, whether that is enemy speed or gun range You have secondary guns, make use of them Most players won't expect a aircraft carrier to fight back You are the decoy, most ships will almost always shoot a CV when they see it, those seconds or minutes you live is extra time for your team to potentially fight back Miracles can happen, I have 26 total secondary kills with Ryujo Other I get my good days and my bad days Ryujo Skills & Upgrades
  22. Wargaming has made premium Lunar New Year containers available in the Arsenal for doubloons. Seeing as I am sitting on a treasure trove of them I decided to buy the first two bundles. Lets see how I fare.