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Found 10 results

  1. WHAT IS TACTICAL STRIKE GROUP 4? Tactical Strike Group 4 is a veteran founded, owned and operated military-style gaming organization. TSG4 encompasses and combines various functions, organizational structures and practices from multiple military branches. The TSG4 community is defined as “military-style” because it has a rigid support infrastructure patterned after a military unit with awards, decorations, ranks and duty positions. It has a hard-coded and stable Chain of Command with a dedicated corps of leaders, officers, and NCOs at all levels. More than that, we pride ourselves on teamwork, community and communication and we espouse an ethos encompassing unity, respect, brotherhood, and family that can be found all throughout our Core Values and SOP's!. [TSG4] Tactical Strike Group 4 is a "casually competitive" real-world "umbrella organization" comprised of multiple companies (clans) within World of Warships (and other games) that participates on the North America (NA) Server! It was created with the goal of developing a fun environment and building a “Family of Friends”. We operate with openness, and strive to build a strong sense of camaradery while having lots of high seas fun! Tactical Strike Group 4 is the right clan for you If you want to “get in on the ground floor”, meet new people and build lasting friendships through the World of Warships community. Our clan commander is an Army veteran (HHC/118, 11A, grade O-4 (Maj)), and we place special attention towards encouraging any US Active Duty military, Guard, Reserves, Veterans and Retirees to join with us, and to welcoming them to our team! Many of our members are military veterans, and quite a few of them are still Active Duty.... so any current or previous military personnel are always welcome! To view a list of our current military members, visit the "Hall of Heroes" on our OpServ (the URL address is located below)! Tactical Strike Group 4 is serious and committed to its Core Value of building a close-knit “Family of Friends”. To that end, we only recruit, accept and retain members who reflect that policy. What this means is that as a clan, we do not “chase numbers” or recruit and accept members just to have a large roster! We would much rather have a smaller amount of solid, dedicated and reliable members by quickly getting rid of the "deadweight" players who are unwilling to develop lasting friendships, than have a huge roster of members who are merely “paper soldiers” and “names on a list’! Tactical Strike Group 4 is also the place to be if you are tired of solo queuing and are wanting to expand your Warships experience by battling alongside friends! If you have previously been in other clans that are riddled with divisive in-fighting and are wanting to escape the nasty “clan politics”…. Or if you are genuinely seeking to improve your gameplay and personal stats…. then welcome to the Strike Group! WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Players who are seeking Fun, Camaraderie and Friendship ANY tier of ships - we do not exclude players based on what ship tiers they don't have "Team" players - if you'd rather play alone, we are not for you. Consistently ACTIVE players - no deadweight, no "paper soldiers", no "I'll play for a week or two then disappear 'ghosts'", etc. (**note: we regularly cut deadweight out of our roster) - Do you want to have fun and div-up with other players? Well, guess what.... You're not the ONLY one! So, do your part... be active, be reliable and "be there" for them too! Don't be a selfish gamer. MATURITY... the mental aspect, not the physical age (just because you are over 18 does not automatically mean that you are actually mature!) Players with (or willing to get) Discord Players with a microphone (headset or free-standing) Players willing to help and to teach - We were ALL tier I and II at one time. Don't be arrogant and snooty. Help the newer players and share the experiences you've had with the game. Requirements to join [TSG4] Tactical Strike Group 4: Have the understanding that communication is critical to building a cohesive team and to completing missions in a successful manner (Refer to #4 and #7 below) . Be on the North America (NA) server and Be ACTIVE with the clan! All members must be active during the week. Pop on, say hello, Blow up some ships and just let the other members hear your voice and see you participating (simple)! In order for a clan to grow and improve it must be active and not merely carrying a roster of "paper soldiers" and "deadweight" members! Participate in an initial meeting on Discord with one of our officers and/or a Clan Recruiter BEFORE your application is approved or a membership offer is extended to you. Discord account with a working microphone and speakers. (Please understand that if you are trying to communicate without a microphone during a battle, your teammates may be too busy to be able to read messages or may not be able to switch screens and physically type-out a response to you in a timely manner… thus, you are effectively muted!) (Refer to #1 above and #7 below) Be 18 years of age or older in age and attitude.... Mature, Low-Drama members required! Represent yourself and your clan well! TSG4 does not subscribe to the notions of "elitism" or "arrogance" based of performance ratings. All of our in-game clans are part of the same organization outside of WOWS and are treated functionally identical, not as tiered clans based on WR, WTR, etc. TSG4 operates as a "Battalion" and each in-game sub-clan is a "Company" within the battalion. TSG4 members of all skill levels are assigned evenly into each company. Be logged into DIscord and in a TSG4 channel room any time that you are in-game… even if you are just “blowing steam and blasting ships”, and we have a room set-up on our Discord server designated specifically for “Solo Grinding”! However, NOT being on Discord while in-game is viewed as an unwillingness to be an integral part of an overall team and is completely contrary to our core value of “Family of Friends”. (Refer to #1 and #4 above) Racism, Sexism, Bigotry and Bullying is not allowed… and will NOT be tolerated! Discrimination of *any* type is prohibited within Tactical Strike Group 4, which includes (but not limited to): Race Age National Origin Sexual Orientation Religion Sexual Gender / Gender Identity Pregnancy Disability Understand that Religion and Politics are not games, so please do not discuss them on DIscord or the forums. We feel that friendly competition is healthy, but please curtail your "game rage" when things don't go as planned! WHY SHOULD YOU JOIN [TSG4] TACTICAL STRIKE GROUP 4? (What's in it for you) Our objective is simple: build a strong “Family Of Friends” that are willing (and capable) of practicing the mantra of "One Team, One Fight!" that our members can rely on for teamwork, camaraderie, and trust in battle! You don’t have to be “the best”, but you must be able to accept observational constructive criticism and be willing to learn! You must also have the proper attitude and positive personality. SALTY and NEGATIVE behavior/comments are not conducive to a supportive environment!! PERSONAL BONUSES! Here is the current progress of our clan base that shows the available bonuses offered to you through clan membership (click to enlarge) (pull up the actual base in-game to view the most recent updates)........... 10% to Commander XP bonus (5 of 5 Academy modules) 5% XP per battle on ships of all tiers (6 of 6 Research Center modules) 25% Free XP per battle on ships of all tiers (6 of 6 Design Bureau modules) 15% discount to cost of researchable ships of all tiers (6 of 6 Shipbuilding modules) 15% discount to post-battle service on ships of all tiers (6 of 6 Dry Dock modules) 7% increase to coal received (2 of 3 Coal Port modules)(coming very soon) 0% increase to steel received (o of 3 Steel Port modules)(comnig very soon) WHAT WE ARE OFFERING: As detailed above, the individual and personal bonuses from the clan base A Military-styled gaming community with A fully functional Rank Structure A "Family of Friends" and a sense of "Brotherhood" - as stated in our motto (whether you are male or female) Exclusive inclusion into a select membership of a very selective organization a 50-channel Discord server - to service all aspects and modes of our gaming Leadership opportunities - detailed on our Operations Server website (OpServ) True Teamwork Participation in Clan Wars and other in-game activities in each of our companies (sub-clans) In-house Promotions, Awards and decorations to showcase and acknowledge your personal achievements in TSG4 and in the game! In-house Tournaments and Competitions for gold... and other prizes! Personal Leadership development and advancement through our Chief Petty Officer course that can also be applied outside of the game (real life learning). an organization of Top-notch, Quality People who have been screened and vetted through our Recruiting Process! We offer a "learning environment" for players of ALL skill levels through online self-taught training modules on our OpServ as well as numerous "hands-on" in-game FTX's (Focused Training Exercises) that are hosted and led by more knowledgeable and adept members in the particular topic of training. We are not a group of Unicum players.... but we do like to WIN! Additionally, the majority of our members are willing to work with newer/lower tiered members in any tier ship in which they are trying to improve! We value open and timely communication, as well as the ability to remain silent in order to listen to instruction and follow direction/guidance. We offer several ways to maintain contact with our members. We have our own Discord server, OpServ and Facebook page! We also offer a very organized Military hierarchy that includes a clear timeline and criteria for Promotion. It is "based on" the actual US military (but scaled-back a little for gaming purposes) and an expansive Awards and Recognition system (with clearly defined criteria for each award). Each of these systems are designed as pathways for not only individual improvement and progression, but also as a means to grow and improve with the clan! Using these methods of Training, Promotion and Awards, members can watch themselves grow and rise through the ranks within the clan without the typical "politics" and "favorite's Game" that is prevalent in most other clans. Above all else, we offer a fun environment that is based on the concepts of "Family" and "Friendship" where "bad attitudes", "game raging", "stat trolling" and "performance pressure" have no place! All that we ask in return is that you comply with the above requirements, carry within yourself a strong desire to work closely with your friends and clan-mates, and be a personal representative of TSG4... at all times! [TSG4} Tactical Strike Group 4 encourages all of its members to have fun and engage themselves in an atmosphere of Friendship. We accept all players, as long as they meet the requirements as set forth above. Come show what you're made of... and earn your stripes! Mickey joined the sea-faring pollywogs.... you can, too! To get the ball rolling with joining TSG4... Visit our OpServ (website), register an account using your in-game name and submit an official application through the "Join Us... Become A Member" button on the top menu bar. Join our Discord server and speak to someone on our Command Staff or one of our Clan Recruiters (see membership requirement #3 above). **Important: Do NOT click "apply to clan" in the game. Application to become a member: http://www.tsg4.org/recruitingprocess TSG4 - Tactical Strike Group 4 OpServ: http://www.tsg4.org/ Our Discord server address is: https://discord.gg/KWMevp Our clan page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1595220933839955/ For “general” clan information, look us up on the WOWS clan page by typing TSG4 into the search box, send a message to any clan member in-game or visit our OpServ! Tactical Strike Group 4 A Family of Friends: One Team, One Fight! We look forward to welcoming you aboard!
  2. VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) PSA (The place to ask an experience CV player what the heck the changes did, what it's doing, how to play them...that's me, TexJapan) I'm a Veteran and of course I like vets, but that doesn't mean you can't join. I'm primarily looking at getting motivated gamers. The VFW clan's aim is to get good, competitive folk to join within a Division and Clan Battles. Goal is to Play and be competitive in Clan Battles. So, if you like to game with folks then come along, if you're a Lone Wolf, or want a Clan tag but don't want to be social...this is not your clan. As for VFW Port* benefits: - 25% Free XP per battle. Great help in getting ship modules and upgrades. - 12% discount on all ships. Helps with the progression up the tiers on ship lines. - 10% reduced Service cost on all ships. This is a big credit earner for members. - 10% Captain XP bonus. Great for captain training. - 3% XP bonus on all ships. Nice for ship and captain xp grind. - 5% Coal bonus. Nice for Arsenal purchases. *Note: Patch 7.9 brought new port changes, features, and bonuses. Below are VFW rules listed within the clan description which are enforced. Must Be/Have: 1. Team and Competitive player. 2. At or near VFW Clan averages (lower stats make it difficult for encouraging Division/Team play). 3. TeamSpeak3 MUST HAVE and on/use during game. (Seems this is hard to follow). 4. Active WoWS Player on at least 2x a week (unless coordinated). Prolong absence will lead to dismissal. 5. Civil and mature individual (doesn't always tie with age...). 6. Willing to LEARN and IMPROVE. Desired: 1. Vet of any 5 services (but not a requirement) 2. Have ships in T6-10 (possible to waive, but not having these ships makes it very difficult to Division , play Clan Battles or Ranked ) HIGHLY Discouraged: 1. Not playing the objective(s) 2. Lone wolf, YOLO'r, sniper, TK'r, island hugger, line humper, squirrel chaser, Wallflower...etc How to Join? Well, if interested, place an application on the VFW clan base and Private Message me...I'll try to answer soonest. I'm usually gaming in the morning and sometimes in the evening. P.S. No hidden stats. V/R, TexJapan
  3. Armored Knights is now accepting recruits to join our World of Warships division. The Armored Knights has been very active in the Wargaming community for almost six years. We are a social clan of over 100 players in 7 divisions, across all three platforms (tanks, ships, planes). We are a clan that prefers a fun, mature environment. Our vision is one of creating a CLAN that is based on friendship, camaraderie, fair play and respect for others; win or lose. We strive to adhere to this founding vision. A lot of us are military (active, prior or retired) so military members are most welcome! While we do compete in Clan Battles, our "bread and butter" comes more in the form of clan activities outside of CB time-frames. We enjoy having a lot of fun, dropping in together, aiding in those bothersome grinds, and offering training environments for those looking to up their skillsets! What the Armored Knights Offer: A fun casual environment where people learn to play together both individually and as a group. Our own Discord server and website for our members to use. Clan events as well as tournament play. Clan Battles - Steady performances with fully outfitted bases! Training sessions Requirements: 1. Discord: All Knights will be logged onto our Discord server while in-game. Discord is what allows a clan to maintain its camaraderie and tactical communications during the game. 2. Game Activity: Must be active in-game at least 4 times a week. This is self explanatory. 3. Website/Forums: Not a requirement, we post links within Discord to our forums to help with information pushed to the entire clan. 4. Participation: All Knights will want to participate in Clan Events. Clan Events are typically 1-2 weeks in length allowing for maximum time for all knights to be able to participate. Active participation is necessary for individual Knights to improve their skills and for -AK- as a clan to maintain its close knit nature.Benefits: 1. Competitive environment: environment designed to maximize learning, grinding and teamwork. 2. Clan Events: Multiple clan events usually supported by GOLD/GIFT SHOP prizes and/or Clan ribbons. We are looking forward to adding to our ranks those who wish to take part in a drama free environment and get the most out of what Warships will have to offer. For more information check out or website at www.armoredknights.us or join us on Discord. Our Discord server information is on our website. Our Discord Server info is as follows: https://discord.gg/XFPqgv7 In game contacts: Tutty29 AJ_Squared_Away Seloth Ayrok Joboooo Danno_ Azanthriel Feardanube -AK- Hammer
  4. Avast, me ‘earties, welcome to The Bloody Buccaneer’s (TBB). Arrr! We are a mature group of buccaneer’s that sail the seven seas pillaging and taking any scalawag along our way. We leave the drama at the door or in this case at the dock before we sail. Requirements to join TBB is listed below and stowaways (squeakers) are highly encouraged to look elsewhere or be forced to walk the plank - Arrr!! Minimum: 2 tier 10 ships with 2k or more battles under your belt, Teamspeak is a must for Comms, Must attend Division activities and real life always comes first and foremost. Reach out to one of our recruiters or WOPmasterG, Drpepperman, Rulzz, Jas7755, Skiruss1, NoSalvation, C1TIZEN_X or just come by our TS and ask to speak to one of the officers. TS: TGBU.typefrag.com We look forward to speaking and shipping with you matie.
  5. Task Force 62 [TF-62] is looking for casual and competitive players who are active to join our ranks. We choose to remain a smaller clan in order to maintain the personal feel that comes with close knit group gaming (we see it as having an extended family since many of us have either met each other or know each other in real life) however we have many other allied clans that we will play with consistently. While statistics are nice, we prefer to have players that will be active, available to battle (clan or casual), are drama free, but most importantly are wanting to just have fun in this great video game expanse with people of the same interests. If you're an active player and are concerned about statistics but unsure how to break that barrier, we offer training sessions, based on your skill set and play style, to hone your skills in order to get the most from your vessel of choice. We are a clan of adults who are commercial and military of background. Given most of our flexible schedules, we play all times of the day and week, but often together each evening. We are competitive in clan, ranked, and have casual game nights where we sync drop or open a training room and run Tier 1s at each other. What's in it for me? Great question! Like with most clans by now, we have maxed out port so you get all of those normal benefits. But mostly TF-62 is a place where you can unwind after a long day, sip on your drink of choice, division up, and expect to have a good time. We don't always win battles, but we definitely have a blast (pun intended) sailing together. During clan and ranked battles we are competitive and always looking to climb the ranks. Do I have to have a tier 10 ship to join? Absolutely not. If you're still learning or grinding but want to contribute to our clan, feel free to apply and send Gunslinger (our CO) a message in game. We will be happy to communicate and assist you with getting those final frustrating tiers. What communication tools do you use? We communicate through Discord and have a facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1748481465450293/?ref=bookmarks If you have any further questions please feel free to message Gunslinger_97, Battleborn, or myself in game. Happy sailing and hope to see you on the waters soon!
  6. Hello fellow captains! My name is Paine Norcross, Deputy Commander of the [TRIG] Warships clan and one of the Creators of the Trinity Gaming Community. ---- WHO ARE WE? ---- Trinity Gaming is an up and coming community of gamers focused on making friends, having fun, and always having someone to play games with. World of Warships is one of our Primary Focus games, but we also play a wide variety of multiplayer games, including PUBG, Overwatch, Rocket League, EVE Online, and many more! In World of Warships, our members range from experienced veterans and supertesters with numerous Tier X ships, to mid-level casual players, to brand new captains still playing Tier I-IV and getting the hang of the game. We don't track WTR or other indicators of skill. All that we ask is that you make your best effort to always play well and learn the game mechanics. Our group is built on a foundation of friendship, a sense of community, and mutual respect. ---- WHAT WE OFFER ---- A friendly, welcoming, and laid-back community to hang out and game with. Clan events and activities to keep our players engaged and having fun. A Discord server featuring lounges and text/voice channels for a wide variety of multiplayer games, including "Looking for Players" channels. Several DJ bots on Discord to help you find that perfect game ambiance. A game tag system to easily browse the games of other community members and find people that you can play with. ---- REQUIREMENTS ---- Be at least 16 years old. Always try to be civil and sportsmanlike when you are wearing the [TRIG] tag. A microphone is recommended, and willingness to use Discord is a must. Be active in our community. We don't have strict attendance requirements, but visiting the Discord server and/or divisioning up with clanmates at least once a week is HIGHLY recommended. If you are a high-tier player, it is recommended (but not required) that you maintain some lower-tier ships so that you can also enjoy the game with our less experienced captains. You must speak English. Bi-lingual or multi-lingual members are welcome. ---- CONTACT INFORMATION ---- If we've caught your attention and you are interested in applying, please either leave a response to this thread, send a PM, or contact our Commanders on Discord or in game: Discord: Paine Norcross#4224, FuzzyTwinkles#6540, or DarkAngelsCurse#6768 Warships: [TRIG]PaineNorcross, [TRIG]Sarita_Ferleaux, or [TRIG]DarkAngelsCurse If you have any questions or want to get a feel for our community before you commit to joining, don't hesitate to reach out as well! Thank you. I look forward to sailing the high seas with you soon!
  7. http://www.staradvertiser.com/2018/11/21/breaking-news/ray-chavez-nations-oldest-pearl-harbor-survivor-dies-at-106/ (but there are plenty other outlets) Today on Wednesday, November 21, 2018, the oldest survivor of the Pearl Harbor attack has died in his sleep after battling pneumonia. Ray Chavez was born March 12, 1912 in San Bernardino, California, to Mexican immigrant parents, who later moved to San Diego and operated a wholesale flower business. He joined the US Navy in 1938. Ray was 29 years old when he was a crew member of the minesweeper USS Condor which, at 3:45 am that day, discovered a Japanese mini-submarine at the east entrance of Pearl Harbor. The vessel notified a destroyer (the Wickes-class USS Ward DD-139) which later attacked and sunk said submarine. Exhausted, he went to sleep, only to be woken at around 8:10 am by his wife as the main attack began. He then spent more than a week assisting in the post-attack operations, witnessing things that left him with terrible mental scars and PTSD. He was later assigned to the transport ship USS La Salle (AP-102), which ferried equipment and troops for various operations across the Pacific from Luzon to Okinawa. Leaving the navy after the war, he became a landscaper and groundskeeper, as plants in general were his passion, and retired at the age of 95. Although he did not initially attend the Pearl Harbor attack memorial ceremonies or even speak of it for decades, he did finally attend the 50th anniversary, attending sporadically but finally going to every ceremony since 2011. He always insisted that the events were not about him, despite having much publicity directed at him, instead stating that it was about those who gave their lives. According to his daughter, "he’d just shrug his shoulders and shake his head and say, ‘I was just doing my job.'" He is preceded in death by his wife Margaret, leaving his daughter as the only survivor. God bless him, his service to the nation, and his sacrifices. May he rest in peace. Edit: corrected from last to oldest
  8. Xidax_Gamer

    Honor and Gratititude

    Here's to the warriors who served with honor. Raise a glass to those who fell doing their duty. Have a care for those who serve today. We all served as best we could. Not for money, not for glory, not for pleasure. The country, the branch of service, which war don't matter. Ultimately, we have one thing in common: each other. Thank you for the privilege of standing with you. You are never forgotten.
  9. Fog_Carrier_Intrepid

    Veteran Player Discount

    Should be something like: "5% discount per Service Level on the first purchase you make during the event". For those at Service Level 15, that would be a one time 75% discount. I feel like that would be an acceptable "Player Appreciation Event". Seems only fair after first time buyers got a 66% discount when no similar standard was available for earlier players. Remember, Wargaming: "Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them." ~W. Edwards Deming
  10. Just wanted to say Happy Father's day to all you dads out there and especially to all those fathers that are serving in the military and may not be able to be at home with their family to celebrate today. A special shout out and man hug for those that have lost their dad and this day might be tough on the old ticker. A very special shout-out to my dad. Miss you more every year. Thank you for helping me be the man I am today.