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Found 2 results

  1. So, here I am, looking for the right fit. Finally learned my lesson that I need to join a clan where it is a mutually beneficial, that we are looking for the same thing and will compliment each other well. Shame on me for past mistakes with searching for/joining clans, shame on me for having left OPG2 way back when (I was not playing much then due to work, should have asked to go to reserves instead of leaving clan - great group of people.) Let's get a few things out of the way since I have learned haters gonna hate with WoWs: After having been in a few different clans, having left some for good reason, sometimes not for good reasons, I am looking for a clan to join for the long haul. I want to make sure the fit is what I am looking for and what the clan is looking for. If that means I keep going solo for a while, so be it. I do not want to waste any ones time and vice versa. I did used to play this game on the same account I use for WoT (RogueAirborne if you feel so inclined to look it up). Back then, there were no clans in WoWs, so a lot of the "clans" for WoWs wanted you to join their WoT clan. I was in a top 10 clan for WoT and was not going to leave it for WoWs, so just started playing on a separate account - that was a little over 2 years ago. Alas, Ghatazhak came into being. I was told by one former clan leader they were warned about my poor attitude. Ironically, this came up AFTER I had left said clan and politely explained why I was leaving. What I found funny about my supposed attitude according to this person is that you will rarely hear me say a word in TS or Discord unless it is pertinent to the battle. I am 46, Not much of a raging player in game, veteran, TEAM player, mature on occasion, and DO NOT talk in game just for the sake of talking. I.E., you will not have any issues with my attitude. Now, if you play like a noob and get detonated, I may ridicule a bit, but come on, who wouldn't? I generally play this game 3-5 battles per night, 3-4 nights per week as I travel a lot for work (Actually been playing more than that as of late). I also play scenario battles and will play ranked till I reach rank 1 or grow weary of players complaining (Has always been the latter). That being said, when I do travel, I have a gaming laptop, will be available for CW battles as needed and will do what I do for you: kick a$$ and take names. I have experience with Hurricane level clans (OPG2, SF-3) If you look at the clans I have been in, SBS is a clan I formed. I formed it as I wanted the name SBS in case I ever wanted to have my own clan (Believe me I quickly realized I don't!) but figured might as well get it while I could. I have parked my account in SBS a couple of times to help earn oil to build up the resources is all. If you have ANY questions or concerns, please PM directly and I will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Just an FYI....I am not into Anime AT ALL. If that is your thing for your clan, all is well, just not for me.
  2. Welcome to KnightWatch Academy! We are a clan dedicated to helping newer players learn the ropes and providing a community to both veteran and new players to improve their captaining skills. We only have one requirement that is to be active at least once a week. If you are interested you can apply in game most of the core members are pretty active and are available to answer any questions! You don’t have to join the clan to become part of the community we do welcome players from other clans without any commitments other than to be mature and appropriate on our Discord Channel. To get onto our Discord Channel use this link: https://discord.gg/Hy9bZUA We also have a Facebook page for news about World of Warships as well as tips and tricks for the game at: https://www.facebook.com/navalknights