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Found 1 result

  1. ArIskandir

    Unplayable Game Rant

    This is a Rant. (and WG is not the cause) Somedays I find extremelly frustrating to play this game, to the point of desperation and wanting to break stuff... the reason... The game takes fu ages to load and when it loads it is laggy, desync'd, screen freezes for an 5-10 seconds or acting plain weird, like ships actually not being where they are shown or shells landing wherever they want... like this group right here So finishing a single DD becomes an Odyssey that cost me my ship and the match, and the star, blah blah blah... Mothethird world internet providers, how I hate those guys right now... One moment your connection is OK, next time your bandwith gets hijacked by goblins or the neighbours streaming Netflix or something... About to Rank out? ... no you, lag says no... Wanna play something serious like CB?... no you, unstable connection says no (btw @eviltane this is why I haven't been showing up lately, thinking about this happening in a CB match just makes me sick of embarrasment). Can't even play Coop because the matches finish before I load up. The worst is this is totally unpredictable and goes from perfect to unplayable instantly and is making me crazy. it, I'm off to play Expeditions:Rome. See y'all tomorrow