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Found 24 results

  1. What do you do when you make a huge mistake early in the game? You dont give up, you fight and do everything in your power to make an impact on the game. In this Indianapolis replay I show how to recover from a major mistake and how to use your ship's strengths to still contribute to your teams chances of winning.
  2. Hello friends, I recently got the iowa after a long grind, and the first thing I did was install the artillery plotting room 2 modules for that -11% bonus. However playing it in the past few games has been anything but accurate. I constantly struggle to get past 40k damage on average for a game with this ship. First I thought I was just bad, but I do very well with cruisers and even when I took out the New Mexico again for a spin. I've seen videos from Noster, etc. on youtube playing with the Iowa and their shot groupings are very tight, however when I shoot most of the time my shots end up all over the place. I try to limit my engagement range between 13 to 16km so I should not be having these problems. Did something change in recent updates, why is the Iowa so bad?
  3. Hello! I bought (somewhat on a whim) something that I need help authenticating. I got it for a good price ($40-ish dollars), but I'm wondering if the item is genuine. The seller described it as a brass urn that bears the markings of the USS San Jacinto. The item in question and its markings can be found at this link because they're too big for the forum: https://imgur.com/a/8ZcDR0U Below is the ship in real life. While the Independence-class light carriers aren't that famous, the USS Jacinto is known for having President Herbert Bush on-board. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross for his work on the vessel as a TBF Grumman Avenger pilot. So...these are my questions: -Is it authentic from the war-era? -What is it exactly? Was it a commemorative item of some sort? After all, 1943 is when the ship was commissioned and 1945 is when the war ended. -Not really related to the item in general, but I was thinking about cleaning the object up since it is dirty. Should I clean it and (if so) what should I use? Thanks!
  4. I really wanted to wait and see if Pigeon was going to bring back rewards for visiting museum ships, but my groupon was running out. So I went to visit the USS Hornet yesterday and had a pretty interesting trip, including a behind the scenes tour from a surprisingly generous and knowledgeable docent. I took some pictures in glorious 4k resolution if anyone is interested in seeing them (Except of the restricted areas. I didn't want to push my luck). The album can be viewed here. I also went to the USS Iowa back in December. If anyone is interested in those they can be found here.
  5. Buying USS Texas

    I wanted to buy USS texas. Can some one please send your referral event link to me at chantikomaravolu@gmail.com so that I can buy USS Texas. Referral event link https://playtogether.worldofwarships.com/ Please help me out. I am dying to buy USS Texas.
  6. When you reach maximum skill...cancer...you achieve cancer...
  7. I Got Me An Atlanta

    Yesterday, I got an Atlanta out of the premium shop. Took her out for a spin, did 32k damage, 106 shell hits, 3 fires, 7 base defenses, and a kill. Someone tell me: 1: Whether I was crazy. 2: What upgrades/captain skills go well with her. Thanks!
  8. Part 1 of my "American Piercing: Atlanta in Ranked" Series. Cinematics, Lolanta, HE cancer, triggering, and torpbeats. Enjoy!
  9. Part 1 of my "American Piercing: Atlanta in Ranked" Series. Cinematics, Lolanta, HE cancer, triggering, and torpbeats. Enjoy!
  10. Porta-aviões Estadunidenses

    Saudações, marinheiros(as)! Estou voltando ao World of Warships, depois de 5 meses sem jogar e estou querendo voltar direto para as Partidas Classificatórias. Na Season 05 terminei na 9ª colocação jogando apenas com Porta-aviões Estadunidenses (na época, Independence e Lexington). A partir da 8º colocação aparecia uma força invisível que me impedia de vencer contra um Shokaku, o que até então, mesmo com algumas dificuldades, eu conseguia fazer. Então, nessa nova Season, gostaria de saber como estão os Porta-aviões Estadunidenses no geral, tanto em Classificatória como nas Partidas Aleatórias mesmo, se ainda há uma exorbitante supremacia aérea japonesa ou está mais disputado? [EDIT] Gostaria também de saber se a WarGaming tem algum projeto de mudança para os Porta-aviões. Agradeço desde já a ajuda. E feliz Dia das Mulheres.
  11. Just a little teaser compilation/montage I made. I wasn't planning on making this but I really like the music and my subs are BBabies who can't be appealed until I make a video for them. /s Might as well share it on here. Enjoy!
  12. USS Black

    USS Black. USS Black.
  13. Premium Ship

    I would love to see WarGaming introduce a new US battleship. The USS West Virginia. The USS West Virginia is a Colorado class BB. I would like to see it at Tier 7. The West Virginia will make a great addition to the tier 7 BB line.
  14. In WW2 my grandfather served as an AA Battery Director on the USS Alabama. Every visit since I was about 12 years ago I would go down to Mississippi and we would road trip to Mobile Bay Alabama to venture around the museum ship for the day. I remember when my grandfather was there just early this year for a crew reunion. There were less than 30 left. 30 left out of the 1000+ crew member ship. I'm not mad at Wargaming for giving super testers a reward or putting out a South Dakota Class Battleship. I'm frustrated because, after being so hyped and getting filled with nostalgia from watching the Naval Legends video A YEAR AGO. I have longed to see this ship in game. It just brakes my heart to come to the conclusion that I cant sail my favorite warship in game but people who might not even appreciate the ship get it for free as a reward. Maybe give them something more legendary, something that doesn't have much personal nostalgia left. like... Musashi Hood Takao Guam Alaska Hawaii i'm sure there's many others that I cant think of. Something that wont affect people personally if players find out they cant get. Please WG just hear me out when I say that people don't want this ship because its an upgraded NC or the first South Dakota class Many people desire this ship for the nostalgia it brings and the excitement of realism. Its more than just another Warship
  15. Missouri stats

    HP 78300 gun angles 31° for all guns on target this is the angle you need to get all yoru guns firing 1° better then iowa secondary angles 16° for broad side this is the angle you need to achieve to get all your secondaries on that side firing. top speed 33knots AA long range same as iowa midrange 318 dps change in aa mounts is better by a little over the iowa close range 104 dps single barrel 20mms instead of double loss of 91 dps over iowa athwartship citadel armor (bow on citadel/lolpen citadel) 368mm top above waterline 297mm bottom below waterline this is 81mms thicker then iowa meaning she might be more resillient against kurfurst bow lolpens to the citadel taking normal pen dmg but maybe not citadel. missouri doesnt get a plane her catapult has been removed. she gets radar 9.4km 35 second uptime i think the bow citadel armor will make her resilient against the bb guns that can lolpen her front but arent 18 inch guns... IE the german tier9/10 bb guns and since the only functional difference is in close range aa i think her functional AA for not getting killed by cvs is unaffected.... i know i certainly dont rely on my close range aa to stop torp drops.... thats more of the aa you rely on to kill spotter planes or to help your cv when he drags pursuing fighters over your ship...i mean at most that clsoe range aa if you fully specced it would go out to 2.88kms ...and thats still not very good when you take into account the mid and long range aa increases and still takes most of the load.
  16. Ship Models

    starting this thread for the community to share scale models built that represent warships my completed model (more to come) HMS Nelson in 1/700 scale
  17. Some problems

    There are some problems with some US battleships. 1. Although heavy armor, they have quite low health even when upgraded. 2. On new york and Wyoming, turret 3 is derpy and won't turn, even if we can see that it will 3. New mexico has a VERY short range for those 14 inchers. Thats around it. This might be in the wrong section, I didn't find a topic to put this thread in. Also a problem is that some premium ships are quite expensive
  18. The Murmansk

    THE MURMANSK The Murmansk started as the USS Milwaukee CL-5 in 1922. It discovered the deepest part in the Atlantic Ocean named the "Milwaukee Deep". Russia acquired the ship in 1944. In 1949 the ship was returned to the states and scrapped. Photo collection of USS Milwaukee CL-5 http://www.navsource.org/archives/04/005/04005.htm Would anyone have more detailed info to share? Video clips? Rare photos? Logbooks? And what do you like or dislike about this ship? CONFUSION? This link shows the Sverdlov-class light cruiser also called Murmansk. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_cruiser_Murmansk Not the ship we are talking about on this post. Wikipedia has it linked to the USS Milwaukee page which is getting the info all mixed up.
  19. here is some nice video of USS.Wisconsin loading and fireing it's 16in Guns (hope its not a repost) enjoy
  20. Do watch the video in 720p60 to get the full effect.Enjoy it​! The Montana-class battleships of the United States Navy were planned as successors to the Iowa class, being slower but larger, better armored, and having superior firepower. Five were approved for construction during World War II, but changes in wartime building priorities resulted in their cancellation in favor of the Essex-class aircraft carriers and Iowa class before any Montana-class keels were laid. Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montana-class_battleship
  21. The Grey Ghost

    SHE IS FINALLY HERE!!! Hey everybody! After about 6 months of building her on and off I have finally completed building the USS Enterprise in Minecraft!!! Here are a few pictures of what she looks like. I used a Shaders Mod to get these awesome looking pictures since Minecraft doesn't have the best looks when it comes to lighting even with a texture pack. My next work will be the Yamato and should I be able to work on her without things coming up I should be able to spend my Spring break and build her. For now enjoy these beautiful pictures and some facts about the USS Enterprise. Hope you Enjoy this! So a little information about the USS. Enterprise (although there's probably a ton out there already)Displacement- As built: 19,800 tons; 25,500 tons fully loaded October 1943: 21,000; 32,060 fully loadedlength- As built: 770 ft (water line) 840 ft 9 in (overall) July 1942: 827 ft 5 in (overall)beam- As built: 83 ft 3 in 109 ft 6 in (overall) October 1942: 114 ft 5 in (overall) October 1943: 95 ft 5 in (waterline)draft- 25 ft 11.5 inspeed- 32.5 knotscomplement- 2217armament- As built: 8 × single 5 in/38 cal guns 4 × quad 1.1 in/75 cal guns 24 × .50 caliber machine guns From April 1942: 8 × 5 in/38 cal 4 × quad 1.1 in/75 cal 30 × 20 mm Oerlikon cannons From mid-June 1942 to mid-Sept 1942: 8 × 5"/38 cal 5 × quad 1.1"/75 cal 32 × 20 mm Oerlikons From Mid-Sept. 1942: 8 × 5 in/38 cal 4 × quad 40 mm Bofors guns 1 × quad 1.1 in/75 cal 44 × 20 mm Oerlikons(46 from 11/42) From October 1943: 8 × 5 in/38 cal 40 × 40 mm Bofors (8×2, 6×4) 50 × 20 mm Oerlikon From September 1945: 8 × 5 in/38 cal 54 × 40 mm Bofors (5×2, 11×4) 32 × 20 mm Oerlikons (16×2) Nicknames- "The Grey Ghost", "The Big E", "Lucky E", or "The Galloping GhostClass- Yorktown Awards- Campaign star, 20 battle stars, Presidential Unit Citation, Navy Unit Commendation, American Defense Service Medal, American Campaign Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign medal w/ 20 service stars, World War II Victory Medal, Philippine Presidential Unit Citation, Philippine Liberation Medal, British Admiralty Pennant The USS Enterprise (CV 6) Keel was laid down in on July 14 1934. She was launched October 3 1936. She was commissioned on May 12 1938. She is the most decorated ship America had during World War II with over 20 battle stars. She fought in just about every single engagement during the Pacific War from the Doolittle Raid to Okinawa Enterprise was there to see it all. After the battle at Midway she was at one point the only carrier America had left and would have take the brunt of the action until America could build up more forces. She was the first aircraft carrier to perform night operations making her a deadly surprise for the Japanese in the middle of the night. On May 14 1945 she was finally taken out of the war. With a single plane piloted by Lt. J.G. Shunsuke Tomiyasu, was able to slam into the Enterprise and blow her forward elevator sky high. Although she was wounded she continued to fight and was only forced to return to Puget Sound when she was no longer combat effect. With a destroyed elevator she sailed back to Puget Sound for repairs and spent the rest of the war in port. After the war was over she participated in Operation Magic Carpet which was to bring the soldiers from Europe back home. For her efforts in this Operation she received the British Admiralty Pennant. She is the only ship outside of the Royal Navy to ever receive such award. The USS Enterprise was sadly decommissioned on February 17 1947 and was further more scrapped which was completed in 1960. Several artifacts from USS Enterprise were kept though. Her bell is rung every time the midshipmen has a victory over West Point. She was succeeded by the first Nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS Enterprise (CV 65) which was commissioned in November 1961 and was officially retired on December 1, 2012. She will be revived again in the Gerald R Ford class carrier as USS Enterprise (CV 80). USS Enterprise (CV 6) Fighter Planes on her deck. USS Enterprise side by side to USS Missouri Bridge and deck of the USS Enterprise Side/Full view of the USS Enterprise Information Sources:http://www.navsource.org/archives/02/06a.htmhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Enterprise_%28CV-6%29 http://www.cv6.org/ http://www.theussenterprise.com/ Minecraft Sources:Sonic Ether's Shaders Mod- http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1280299-sonic-ethers-unbelievable-shaders-v10-1Chroma Hills Texture Pack- http://www.chromahills.com/forum/downloads.phpMinecraft- https://minecraft.net/ -Powerkilroy
  22. Hello, fellows! I have decided to create a serie of arts connected with our game. Today here is USS Erie gunboat. Enjoy! Original: http://i.imgur.com/dhScGHK.jpg
  23. Sample pic: More here - scroll down for pics