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Found 2 results

  1. Howdy sailors! so I've been seeing a number of USS California's swimming around. and given its been around 3 months since they were given to Super Testers, It shouldn't be too long before we are able to purchase one for ourselves for our collections! anyways I pondered an event idea to maybe let players get a chance to nab a free one.(assuming WG would be so generous) The event would be called "Gold Rush"! its be similar to the current RU cruiser event but you'd collect "Gold Nugget " Tokens. after you get 3,000, you get your ship! pretty simple right? As for the captain idea. I'd love it if WG were to make Joshua Norton AKA " The Emperor of the United States" as a captain for the ship. wiki link -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emperor_Norton it be a clever little nod to the history of California and would give players something unique like the Dusty Roads Captain did for the Wee-Vee. anyways, would you like either of these implemented? if not why not or what improvements would you make for them? until next time, I'll C'ya on the Seas! Edit: spelling and grammar errors
  2. So, I know that Modeling and Development takes time. I have commented on another post about the possibility of having USS Nevada with the post Pearl Harbor attack rebuild on her, and have the ship in the game. Now I discover that you have modeled the USS California in this fashion as a possible T-7 Battleship and I am foaming at the mouth wondering (WHEN) it might come to pass. I am guessing when they release the new Mulan Movie next year. I'm guessing another 100 dollar Admirals pack premium. I would most likely pay it for that ship. I do wish you would model Nevada, also but Eh, who knows. Anyway TY in advance for California.