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Found 4 results

  1. Another preview of Alaska and if she’s a good fit for you. For good players, She’ll Do good things but she’s not a DPM beast. Average players can make her work but it will be a struggle. Casual players should grab Musashi while she’s still around. Alaska wil give casual players nothing but frustration.
  2. Your first look at the USS Alaska. Stats. Armor. Modules...
  3. Sea Classics November issue is out, and it has an article on the Alaska-Class http://seaclassicsnow.com/assets/scnov18alaska.pdf
  4. There is no question that the community wants to see the USS Alaska. Hopefully, WG will bring it out soon. I want to take some time on the history of the USS Alaska because owning a famous ship is great, but knowing the history behind the ship makes owning the ship even better. At first look, Alaska looks like a battleship and a cruiser put together, and in a way it is. The United States planned several of these ships in the form of the Alaska large cruisers. Eventually, only two were made, Alaska and Guam. This was due to the large amount of materials, specifically steel, that was needed to build these ships. Why do they need large amounts of steel you might ask? It is as long as a battleship(807 feet), but her bow is as thin as cruiser. Her armor is not as strong as a battleship but nonetheless, her armor strong and is made up of 127-330 mm protection. USS Alaska was launched in 1943 and commissioned in June 1944. She was ready for battle in 1944 and traveled to the Pacific coast for training. She was commanded by Captain Kenneth H. Noble, who was promoted as rear admiral. In 1945, USS Alaska sailed to Pearl Harbor and started her first mission. Her first mission was dangerous. It was to escort the carriers Enterprise and Saratoga on nightly bombing missions on Tokyo and Iwo Jima. Her next mission landed her near the Japanese mainland and escorted Carriers Langley, Yorktown, Intrepid, and Independence. In this mission, the convoy got attacked by Japanese aircraft and Alaska participated in the anti-aircraft raid that downed 10 planes. Alaska got credit of shooting down 2 aircraft and was blamed on accidentally engaging in friendly fire at an allied plane. The very next day, Alaska participated in a rescue mission with several other cruisers and destroyers to rescue the carrier Franklin. She defended Franklin against the last of the Japanese aircraft that were trying to attack the retreating ships. Later in 1945, she made several bombings on Okino Daito Shima and made several scouting cruises near Okinawa and the East China Sea. While in the East China Sea, she conducted anti-shipping raids on the Japanese with her sister ship, USS Guam. After the war ended in Japan, Alaska remained in the vicinity of Japan and eventually contributed to the invasion of that country as well as China and Korea. She finally came home on December 1945 with commemorative acknowledgments with her support in the Pacific. In 1947, USS Alaska became decommissioned and was sent to reserve in Bayonne, New Jersey. Sadly, She was sold to a scrapping yard on June 1960. What would it have been like to step into this cruiser that had 9 305 mm guns? Unfortunately, we will never know. Hopefully, WarGaming will faithfully reproduce this ship for us to experience the awe that it gave many people when it was active during WW2. Sources: navalwarfare.blogspot.com ww2db.com