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Found 1 result

  1. Having played the high-tier USN BBs and then dropped back down to try out the tier 5 and 6s, it seems to me that the USN standard BBs (tier 7 and below) have fallen behind the times and the introduction of new lines. Their speed proves a mighty weakness both strategically and tactically, making them hard to switch flanks, retreat, angle after firing their guns, or even dodge torpedoes. Their armor grows less and less effective with every new line that ignores angling, like Pan-Asian destroyers and French cruisers (I'm aware that it's less so for them, but more a case of HE ignoring angling in general), or simply overmatches them, like Bayern and Queen Elizabeth. The inaccuracy of their guns isn't compensated for by any noticeable increase in reload, penetration, damage, or even volume, and is an incredible liability when fighting maneuverable ships. As for anti-air, the so-vaunted AA of the USN seems to be entirely absent on these ships with the exception of the premium Texas; heck, Colorado gets quite outmatched AA-wise by Gneisenau, despite AA being the so-called "national flavor" of the USN New York and Texas never were held in too high of a regard, and these days it seems that literally any tier 5 BB outclasses them (though at least Texas has the benefit of good AA) and anything above simply stomps on them; heck, I'd say even some tier 4 BBs like Orion outclass them. New Mexico and Arizona have been regarded as the high point of the USN standards, and I still think they can hold their own pretty well, but the new lines have meant that they aren't nearly as powerful as they used to be, their armor angling either overmatched or ignored and their torpedo belts only prolonging the inevitable; at least they can somewhat compete with tiers 7 and 8, if not much Colorado made a comeback with the health buff and slow shedding of her reputation, but her slow speed, relative lack of firepower, and complete inability to compete with tier 8s and 9s (not that I ever expected it to do so) made sure that she never was among the top BBs of the tier.