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Found 2 results

  1. Avenge_December_7

    Midway AP or HE Dive Bombers?

    As I'm currently grinding through the Midway modules in co-op (I may be that one guy that likes Pensacola and Emerald, but even I'm not crazy enough to grind a stock tier 10 CV in randoms or ranked), I'm wondering exactly what type of dive bomber should I use? I realize that HE dive bombers are more versatile and can do things like break modules (especially AA modules) and stack DOT, but AP dive bombers can are less affected by AA and can nuke certain AA-heavy ships like Des Moines and Worcester, which HE dive bombers cannot do, not to mention you can sometimes force opponents to choose between using defensive fire on torpedo bombers or AP bombers. Which one is more worthwhile?
  2. *** Attention The Information In This Post Is Obsolete And No Longer Relevant To The Planed / Implemented CV Changes *** Original post ( Caution wall of text ) Revised post: P.S.( If your ship is on that list, you better have Defensive AA or mash the F6 key "like it owns you money" when you see AP dive bombers ) Explanation and Testing: