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Found 3 results

  1. Nine_Lives_

    Where is USS Wichita?

    USS Wichita was first announced on September 19 of last year, alongside USS Charleston, USS West Virginia, HMS Dreadnought and HMS Vanguard. It is now January 21 of the new year, and all those other ships are now available to the player community. What about the Wichita? Unlike some of the other ships (WV went through at least two name changes, Vanguard had her armor completely reworked) Wichita was a hit as soon as people got access to her to test. And there have been some changes but nothing too drastic. Does anyone have any idea when the Wichita will be arriving?
  2. Vanessaira

    USS Seattle

    So we have a new image showing a break down of the USN cruiser split, and one of these new cruisers on the light cruiser line is the USS Seattle at Tier 9. Since this is a paper ship and not a real historical lead ship class, it got me thinking and speculating as to what it might have and possibly contribute. So USS Seattle. Got to have torpedoes because well, fish, and we have good fish so they have to be overpowered. Yep, and well our guns. Totally going to be cheesy, because they will grill everyone. The cheese and fish would also be delivered promptly since you know, you have to have a Prime Membership to couple with your Premium Time. Any captain you put on the ship will get bonuses to High Alert. Drink that much coffee you should be... Ship handling, to borrow a term from Yuro. Epic Sound System. Yeah we got music lots of eclectic music so ship will be great for torpedo beat'n. Now as far as ship options go. Smoke, yeah totally going to have smoke cause Washington legalized the stickiest of the icky so good smoke. Seattle should have a spotter plane too, and it will be some paper monstrosity like a Boeing B-17 on floats or something crazy cause hey, if it ain't Boeing, I ain't going! It would also have to have a crazy good AA consumable because well Seattle Defensive would just intercept everything, and Wargaming could go over the top and draw silly animations of Sherman tanks being launched. They would be many, Legion if you will. Lots of Booming going on. Even if you did manage to get close to hitting USS Seattle, it would just scramble and score hits to your citadel. Finally USS Seattle would have a cool premium camo bonus. Clouds gather and at the start of the match rain falls, the rain turns off when everyone else is sunk or exits to port... So yeah, funs and puns aside. Interesting choice for ship name and light cruiser choice at this tier. Looking forward to seeing and testing this ship when Wargaming brings it out. Curious if it will actually have torpedoes because USS Buffalo does, and when you have the Tier 8 mirrors with USS Baltimore and USS Cleveland. Could Tier 9 be mirrors as well??? Would also be shocked if we get this line split before getting a USS Washington premium. Of all potential USN premium BB options. That one should have been one of the first. Anyway, anyone else curious as to what this ship might entail? Go Hawks!!!
  3. Darkmouse24


    This ships pretty good