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Found 2 results

  1. oldrustygunz

    Sell the BB's

    It seems as the game has evolved into torpedo spamming with no friendly fire forfeit, and some poor matchmaking has made BB's all but useless. Gone are the brawls for the most part. I play half the battles I used to and see no reason to increase frequency. Enjoyment, for myself and clan mates is severely lacking.
  2. Everyone already griped about how bad AFT was for AA prior to the recent patch ... but then it got nerfed even more. And now, you have the Massive AA Fire skill that increases the very tiny instant damage when reinforcing sectors ... at the cost of increasing the cooldown between uses. In fact, the cooldown penalty is much worse than the buff to instant damage. Remember, these are four point skills, people. Supposedly on par with skills like CE and Fire Prevention. Yet AFT is now only good for some DDs and Secondary gun builds (and even there ... I'm actually switching my German captain to a zombie build now). And Massive AA Fire makes your ship *weaker* for some reason than not spending those four points at all. Looks like BFT remains the one and only decent AA skill now. And only three points to boot. This should open up some possibilities for captain builds.