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Found 3 results

  1. So I saw this on one of the post by WG: "" WG So seeing this leaves some options for buffing the US BB's I can think of that don't add a weird Consumable gimmick, Note I'm not saying all of these should be added. only a few of them as all of them together would make them OP. 1: Increasing the armor sides on the US BBs tier 5-7 to 30/32MM instead of the current 25 (like the Nelson for example) due to how easy it is to kill them with 25M everywhere. 2: Reload buff for Texas, New York, New Mexico, maybe Arizona, to about 30-32 seconds instead of the current 35 as this is way to slow for the current meta, (example is fuso has the same number of Guns as New Mexico but it has a 28 second reload) 3: Giving them their Original turning circles back, examples: South Carolina had a 390M Turning circle but now has 480M, Wyoming had a 490M turning circle but now it has a 590M, New York had a 490M Turning circle but now has a 600M, New Mexico had a 540M Turning circle but now has a 640. Colorado has the same as New Mexico (for Obvious reasons) This one would balance out the fact they are so much slower then the rest of the BB's though I feel this is the least likely one. 4: Give all the US BB's their end war hull upgrades, example being giving Colorado Maryland's hull ( i have a separate forum post about this) etc. 5: Giving them faster Acceleration. The US BB's never had a top speed of 18 knots, So I recommend making them hold the speed of 20-21 knots only make it that the upgrade gives them faster acceleration (basically a town down version for the British cruisers) 6 Buff their AA as the french and Germans should not have better performance AA then the US BBs and it has no historical backing along with the fast that AA was supposed to be one of the US BB lines "thing" I would just like to say as someone with Montana. The North Carolina and Iowa don't need any buffs. they are perfectly fine. Maybe Iowa to make it competitive with Missouri.
  2. jags_domain

    Tilliman class US BB?

    Idea for paper USA BB. The Tilliman class BB were desinged but never built in part because of Sentor Timmilmans death but they were somthing. One design had 15 or so inch armor and 15 18 inch guns! And went over 31 knots. 15 18 inch guns! Say good by Yammy there is a new ship in town. There were 4 desines in total but they would be very interesting indeed to have in game. Does anyone have any more info on them?
  3. Godweeno

    USS Massachusetts

    Does anyone know when this will hit the store? I'm looking forward to a secondary specced US bb!!