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Found 2 results

  1. I have been a Co-op player for quite some time now, used to only do random battles, but as soon as i got to t7-t8 randoms were no longer fun as i would get slapped within the first two minutes of the match (Doesnt matter the angle i always get slapped/focus fired) and with the desync its not a good idea for me. I have noticed that playing co-op for one takes long as hell to grind anything out, and for two theres barely ANY missions for Co-op mode. Its sort of ridiculous. I shouldn't have to play randoms to get rewards, or even grind. I want to play, well how i want to play right? Its my account, my money that im spending on these PREMIUM expensive ships, most importantly my TIME! Although they don't let you grind in co-op? the random battle grind is hard enough. Just make co-op even with it. Everyone has their own play-style. Let them play whatever mode they want to get up to t10. I am now a T9 player, but still find it tough. Its not bad with premium time about 1500 exp a battle for co-op. But the lower ships are tough to grind co-op i find myself only getting 300 exp at times. I would love it if they would treat the PVE players fairly, as we are spending TONS and TONS of hours grinding (more than pvp players would EVER spend getting to T10) and money on your game. Give us more ways to play/easier to grind the way the PLAYER wants to. The lack of Co-op campaign missions is very frustrating. I would like the rewards that EVERY other player gets. No matter how i get them. If i want to get these rewards doing co-op why cant i? Whats so special about random battles. I hate having to play against players. I would rather have a good time, AND get sweet rewards while doing it! There is so much more i could say, but this is long enough. Hopefully they improve the PVE experience. Even having T9-T10 Operations would be amazing ! <----(Idea) Let the PVE community THRIVE! EDIT: Thanks to all replying, and addressing your issues as well. I am going to try my hardest to have them view this, and bring some love to the PVE community! Just really hoping they can manage to bring some TLC to Co-op. (Suggestions) A few changes that should be looked into: More missions for Co-op/PVE players. Raise the co-op games from 9v9, to 12v12 just like regular battles. Improve the exp and credits in co-op. My ship costs 90k for service, and another 90k for consumables. I dont even make that much in a battle. (Even with premium time) Add operations available for T6, T7, T8, T9, T10 Give PVE the loving it needs and deserves. More operations while being solo meaning more than 1 public matchmaking operation at a time. (I should see 4 of these) We are all players of your game. Wether we play randoms, co-op, operations. We all spend time into your game. Make it fair, for everyone in anyway. Cant give one kid a candy-bar and not the other. Reply with your suggestions! Lets get them to see this thread
  2. It doesn't open past the launcher. Pressing play on the launcher simply results in that little window appearing. Please help, I just wanna try out the new CVs.