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Found 18 results

  1. So, the current system only permits certain equipment types to be mounted in certain slots. But what if we could mount a piece of equipment in a slot of equal or lesser value than the slot selected? So, if I wanted to take turret traverse and accuracy upgrades, but didn't care about the reload upgrade, what if you could replace it with one of the aforementioned upgrades? Edit #1: So, one could mount the concealment upgrade in slot 5 (where it is now) or in slot 6 (if it's a tier 9 or 10 ship). My apologies for my initial question being unclear. The idea here is to provide players with a greater variety of builds than currently available. They may not be optimal, but it would give the player more degrees of freedom in the build they want to run. Edit #2: Only one of each upgrade may be mounted. For example, no double secondary upgrades, and no double concealments.
  2. Just got the DM after a long grind through the Buff. Hard way, but I made it. Obviously on the Buffalo you want to run the Reload mod, but on the DM its a different story, as the range could come in handy some times, since ur DPM is already so good. Can anyone give me some suggestions?
  3. Smoke Generator Modification says: +30% Action Time of the Consumable -5% Smoke Dispersion Time Does that mean the smoke will continue to come out from the ship for 30% longer, but it will last for 5% less time, or is it the other way around?
  4. Haven't been able to find this in the forum so the question I'm asking is: if upgrades are put on one of these temporary Clan Battle ships, like the Montana, Moskva, or Shimakaze, what happens once those are removed again (looks to be in 4 days)? I've not done a clan battle, nor upgraded one of these ships. But a thought comes to mind that if I were to put upgrades on one of these ships, might they be returned to inventory once the ship is no longer available? If that were the case, that would mean I'd have upgrades bought at the current discounted prices, banked in my inventory for future use which would be some kind of nice.
  5. WG seems to be nerfing quite a few UU (Unique Upgrades) to the ground. While the intentions might be good, but the measures are BRUTAL to those who grinded hard for the UU. Really, I would humble suggest that WG focus on buffing weak UU's, and leave the stronger ones AS THEY ARE. -For the very same reason WG did not nerf Giulio Cesare into T6. -People GRINDED hard (UU campaign / Research Bureau) to earn certain upgrades -People even PAID in last year's April fool's event to get certain upgrade. I would not claim to be some sort of elite, but I do play a fair bit of competitive including KotS, owned 250+ ships, and contributed slightly to supertesting ships. From my understanding, Yamato/Zao/Moskva/DM/Groz UU are some of the strongest, and even theirs DO NOT deserve much nerf. Make it so that UU should moderately outcompete existing upgrades, albeit just very slightly. -Nerfing UU upgrades, even a slight one, might really screw up with player's effort of easily >50-100 games and even REAL-MONEY purchases. -With the UU now sold in Research Bureau, they share the same valuable resource as a RB reward ship, and should be heavily considered to be mostly nerf-proof, the same way as any premium/reward ships. And seriously, if UU has been behind such a high grind/pay wall all along, why not just make it slightly pay/play to win? Would be a win-win for WG's marketing, and players would feel rewarded to have a nice UU after all the efforts :D
  6. So, here is my bid to help continue the growth of the Clan Naval Base. Please be advised these ideas are merely that, spaghetti thrown at the Wall of Wargaming Ideas and hoping something sticks. I am really open to other ideas, input and general considerations from players who may see different benefits from such structures (even if 180 degrees in the opposite direction.) WG Devs...please keep the Clan Base interesting, I love the concept and actually think it should be integrated into/with the Dockyard/Research Bureau (since they are both here to stay). Currently, clans can build the following structures; Officer's Club, Dry Dock, Shipbuilding Yard, Research Center, Design Bureau, Coal Port, Steel Port, Academy, Treasury, and a Rostral Column. My proposal would be to add the following structures; Headquarters Building, Intelligence and Signals Office, Facilities Engineering Bay, Magazines and or Ammunition Depot, Naval Gunnery and Proving Grounds, Machine and or Mechanics Shop, Naval Petroleum Reserve, Oil Refinery, and an Improved Tool Production Shop. Possible Benefits: (Again very open to other ideas to feed to WG Devs) Headquarters Building (Stages 5) - Stage 1 (Clan Leader + 1 Subordinate Officer) Stage 2-5 (+1 Subordinate Officer) each may benefit by receiving a 1 to 5 percent bonus equivalent, whenever giving out Treasury Rewards to Line Officer players. For example, the The Headquarters Building is at Stage 5, and the clan elects to give a Line Officer (Junior Member) 1,000 steel as a reward from the Treasury for a job well done during clan battles. When this is done, each officer in the Headquarters group would receive a five percent bonus to their own steel. So each would receive 50 steel. The same would work for coal. Intelligence and Signals Office (Stages 5) - Cost 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, and 40,000 oil - Reduce Coal/Silver Costs for the purchase of signals by X percentage with each stage complete in the Armory or Research Bureau. Facilities Engineering Bay (Stages 5) - Cost 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, and 40,000 oil - Engineers are renown for their ability to develop systems and shortcuts to save money and time. This could be tied directly to future dockyard events. If a dockyard event requires 50,000,000 points to complete within 30 days (example), then perhaps each stage would either reduce the speed at which points tick by 1 percent or reduce the overall completion points number by 1 percent. So a stage 5 Bay would reduce the 50,000,000 requirement to 2,500,000 points (or increase the tick rate of the journey by ~58 points per a minute (round up and make it 60) over the span of 30 days (+2.5 mil points). This would still make events such as the Puerto Rico (challenging) but would provide more incentive to join active clans, play the game, and perhaps, get more players to participate in challenges knowing they have a five percent bonus right off the top. Magazines and Ammunition Depot (Stages 5) - Cost 10,000, 20,000, 40,000, 60,000, 90,000 oil - Naval Battles are an interesting concept to earn oil, but seem static and players have lost interest as clan bases are completed. How about these stages help reduce the minimum requirements for the clan to earn the next stage. Each stage completion reduces it the minimum by 2 to 3 percentage points. Therefore, a Stage 5 Depot would reduce the damage requirement from 10,000 minimum to receive a Naval Battles Star to 9,000 to 8,500 and so on. Naval Gunnery & Proving Grounds (Stages 5) - Cost 10,000, 20,000, 40,000, 60,000, 90,000 oil -The proving ground would reduce the cost of ships for sale for resources in the Armory (as these two ideas seem to have a common theme) by a few thousand coal or steel for each structure built. And each stage increases the maximum tier the benefit helps with Stage 5 maxing out at Tier X ships. Again, not sure what percentage maybe 1 percent per a stage. Machine and Mechanics Shop (Stages 5) - Cost 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, and 40,000 oil - Enables the construction of Premium Consumables (either permanent for ships that can be built by tier or mass production of the current format). Once complete, these would make X amount of premium consumables a week and they would be added to the clan treasury for distribution by the leadership to other clan members. This would help reduce silver costs for players and reward those who want to be active/clan members/players with better resources. Naval Petroleum Reserve (Stages 4) - Cost 1,000, 2,500, 5,000 and 10,000 oil - A stockpile of reserves is helpful in times of crisis. Each stage allows a clan to "invest" saved oil, steel or coal for a set period of time and upon realizing this time, it will mature and provide a bonus. For example, the clan invests 20k oil, steel (in treasury), and coal (in treasury) for two months. After two months, those items increase in value by 10 percent. Each stage increases the maximum amount of a certain resource that can be put into investment. For example, Stage 1 is 20,000 oil, 20,000 coal, and 2,000 steel. Stage 2-4 provide an additional 10,000 oil, 5,000 coal, and 500 steel that can be invested (or something along these lines). Oil Refinery (Stages 3) - Cost 80,000 Oil each - Refined oil is better than crude. Each Crate opened provides an additional 1 oil. Each stage improves this by +1. Improved Tool Production Shop (Stages 4) - Cost 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, and 40,000 oil - New tools keep ships moving and help engineers maximize their time. Reduces the time in which Unique Upgrades or other Research Bureau items can be purchased/completed. Again, not sure on the percentage as WG has been elusive on details of how this transition will happen. However, if they are not tying it into the Clan Naval Base, they are missing an opportunity for cohesive team play. In conclusion, the benefits to these additions would get more clan interested in competitive play again as oil is best farmed in Clan and Naval Battles. I think, a few additions would spark renewed interest in clan activities and again give leadership decision challenges moving forward. Thanks for reading.
  7. With the rework to CV's and AA I find my aircraft recovery time being more and more important. (yes yes I get resource management) My question is this - Is it even worth uprading. I'm looking at the stats- Attack = +86 hp (4.6%) increase /// Speed +9 (4.4%) increase. However.... Restoration is +7 (10.44%) loss Bombers = +97 hp (4.6%) /// Speed +4 (2%) But again... Restoration is +8 (13.1%) loss Torps are better no question but with the other two... less than 100hp is 1/2 a second under the new AA and the speed is negligable but 7 and 8 more seconds per plane over the course of an entire match? Thats a lot of lost time especially with AA being brutally punishing of even minor mistakes. Am I missing something here becasue to me these "upgrades" seem like alot more like downgrades to me. Seriously asking, I really feel like I must be missing something or interpreting something wrong.
  8. nastydamnanimal


    If I could design my mino it would be something like this.... muhahahaha.....muh...muhahahahahah kill youzzz!!!
  9. slokill_1

    Brawling Bougogne?

    Is a Brawling Bourgogne viable? I've got the Massachusetts which is a lot of fun. My favorite BB right now. Halsey's got AFT, manual 2ndary control and IFHE and the crew really like him. I read somewhere that Bourgogne can also get 11.3 km 2ndaries. I'm tempted to try it since I have one more free respec left. I've got J. Honore in there with a survivability build right now, which is reliable. The main battery hits to 24 km or so, and with signal flag and speed boost she hits 38.5 knots! But even so, with the main battery reload, a brawling build could be a menace... Has anyone tried this? Do you like it?
  10. Just earned my Tash and Im not sure what upgrades fit best for the post-hotfix game. What builds are you Tashy captains running lately?
  11. so from the website: End of WWII in Europe Start: Sun. May 05 10:00 PM PT / your local time: Mon. May 06 7:00 AM End: Thu. May 09 10:00 PM PT / your local time: Fri. May 10 7:00 AM We’ll be paying homage to all veterans of the war—those who were ready to sacrifice everything to provide each one of us with a recognizable future. Blessed memory of the fallen heroes; the eternal glory of those who fought and won! On the occasion of the Anniversary of Victory, take advantage of an array of glorious discounts in the game client and complete the dedicated chain of combat missions. Discounts and bonuses: −60% to the cost of consumables in credits. −50% to the cost of upgrades in credits. You can convert Elite Commander XP into Free XP at the cost of 1 doubloon for each 25 35 Free XP. You can convert associated ship XP into Free XP at the cost of 1 doubloon for each 25 35 Free XP. −50% to the cost of Tier II–V Soviet, British, American, and French ships in credits. −30% to the cost of Tier VI–VII Soviet, British, American, and French ships in credits. −15% to the cost of Tier VIII–X Soviet, British, American, and French ships in credits. NOT SEEING THIS IN GAME @Kami@Radar@Gneisenau013 any thoughts?
  12. I just got my Gearing. Now comes the hardest part. How to Build it. My Captain skills are (PT), (LS), (SE), (CE), (RPF or Radio Location), (AR) and my final three points will be either in BFT or Torpedo Acceleration (TA) depending upon my Gearing upgrades. Now, my upgrades I currently have are MA1, Def. AA, blank, blank, concealment, blank. I am debating between: Aiming Systems Mod 1 OR AA Mod 1 for the first blank, Propulsion Mod 2 OR Steering Gear Mod 2 for the second blank Main Battery, AA guns or Torps for the third blank. I would like your advice and reason for choosing. P.S. I have a great dislike for CV's (mainly coming from my Shima).
  13. With the arrival of the new discount for captain skill resets, upgrade dismounts, etc., I decided to take a look at the upgrade setups for my ships. For the most part, I am content with them. However, with the exception of destroyers (for which I always take propulsion mod 2) and carriers, I am constantly torn between steering gears mod 2 and damage control system mod 2 for just about all of my tier 6+ battleships and cruisers. On one hand, DCM 2 seems useful for reducing the overall impact of DOT and thus more generally useful, but on the other hand SGM2 seems to offer the ability to angle more quickly after firing, better control for torpedo beats, etc. Which upgrade is better and for what class? Is it generally a "one size fits all" scenario or are there certain battleships/cruisers for which DCM2 is better than SGM2 and vice versa?
  14. Although it's been more than a month now since the CV rework, I still have not been able to any comprehensive guides on the recommended captain skills for the different classes thus far. All I've heard so far is that concealment has been somewhat reduced in importance compared to before the rework, but nothing solid. What are the new builds for carriers in this post-rework environment, and how have the old builds for the other classes changed as well, if at all? In addition, has concealment expert been rendered obsolete? Is AA-spec the new optimal build?
  15. After a bit of a spending spree, I have officially got enough credits and free XP to buy the Iowa with all the upgrades researched. When I do, she will be my first tier 9 and I'm very much looking forward to seeing how she performs. However, herein lies the rub: I've crunched the numbers and I've found that after I sell the NC with all its modules and upgrades, purchasing the Iowa will leave me with exactly 8,859,553 credits. Is this enough to buy and equip all her upgrades, fill all of her equipment modules, and retrain my 19 point captain for her without having to buy any more gold or credits from the premium shop? I would figure this out myself, but I can't see the costs of her upgrades without actually buying the ship. Thank you in advance, 1Sherman.
  16. Gramzon_the_Dragon

    Tirpitz - Upgrade Choices

    Heyo, looking for opinions. Running my German BB skipper in my tirpitz and specced for secondaries because that's fun. But for that purpose of close range brawling, what upgrades should i take? Slot 1: main armaments mod 1 to try and keep my torpedoes from getting sniped 2 km from the haymaker to another BB, or keep on aux. armaments mod 1 for double secondary gun HP. currently have secondary mod. Slot 4: Damage control for lower fire duration, or rudder shift to wiggle better? Some might even argue for propulsion mod for better stop n go but I'd probably disagree. Currently have damage control. Slot 5: Target acquisition or concealment. I'm not running concealment on my commander, so I figure it won't help much and went for target acquisition to help spot torps a little better and push smoke a little better since tirp has no hydro. Ruynning target acq. Suggestions, thoughts, concerns?
  17. Are the upgrades that we buy at the arsenal permanent? Do we buy once and does it unlock the upgrades for all available and apropriate ships? Or is it an item we have to buy it for every ship and demount and mount it?
  18. anonym_JEJgAhN5LeMR

    Guide to Equipment Upgrades

    The Guide to Equipment Upgrades in WoWS by Dirty Deeds Upon reaching Account Level 6, players will get the option to modernize their ships with equipment that you can purchase and mount in special upgrade slots. The number of slots on each ship is unique, depending on the tier and class, with a maximum number of six. Normally, the higher tier ships will get more slots up to the maximum of six, however, some premium ships like the Arkansas Beta reward can also get the full set of six upgrade slots. Account Level 6 is necessary to use upgrades. You can find these upgrade slots under the “Modules” tab for each of your ships in game and each slot has a unique set of equipment for that particular slot. In all, there are 27 different upgrades that you can purchase for mounting, if you have the available slots. The 6 Upgrade slots under the MODULES tab. Depending on the tier of the slot, the price for upgrades can be anywhere from 125,000 credits (Tier I) up to 3 million credits (Tier X) Once purchased, the equipment becomes a permanent part of that ship and the only way to remove it without destroying it is to spend 25 gold doubloons. If you want to change the type of equipment in a certain slot, you will either have to spend the doubloons to remove it or destroy it. Equipment that was removed using doubloons will go into a depot where it can be used again whenever you want. Just remember, when you go to sell your ship, if you don't have the doubloons to remove equipment, you do get the option to sell the ship with the equipment still installed and you will get 50% of your credits back that you spent to buy that equipment. TIP: Do not sell ships and/or equipment during special game event weekends when they are on sale as you will only get 50% of the CURRENT price and can lose a substantial amount of credits. Instead, wait until the prices go back to normal before selling. Selling a ship using 25 doubloons to demount your equipment and save in the depot. Second choice, selling your ship with equipment installed (you get 50% of the credit cost of the modules added to the total) Full Equipment List by Slot Main Battery Modification 1: -20% chance to magazine detonation, -20% chance to critical damage to main battery, -20% to main battery repair time. Secondary Battery Modification 1: +20% to secondary battery survivability. AA Guns Modification 1: +20% to AA mounts survivability. Torpedo Tubes Modification 1: -20% to torpedo tubes repair time, -20% to chance of critical damage to torpedo tubes. Air Groups Modification 1: +10% to aircraft guns effectiveness. *Main Battery Modification 2: +10% to main battery loading time, +15% to main battery aiming speed. Secondary Battery Modification 2: +20% to secondary battery maximum firing range, increases secondary battery firing accuracy. AA Guns Modification 2: +20% to AA mounts maximum firing range *Torpedo Tubes Modification 2: -10% to torpedo tubes repair time, +20% to torpedo tubes aiming speed. Air Groups Modification 2: +20% to fighter survivability. Flight Control Modification 1: -10% to aircraft servicing time. **Gun Fire Control System Modification 1: +16% to main battery maximum firing range. *TIP: Some upgrades improve one system while having a penalty with another system. Choose wisely! **NOTE: The Gun Fire Control shown above is for Battleships. On all other ships, Mod 1 and 2 are reversed with the Slot two version being accuracy and the slot three one being range boost. To tell the difference, look at the icon. The one for range has arrow against a wall and the accuracy one has crosshairs. For some reason, the devs changed the names on the Battleship version. *Main Battery Modification 3: -12% to main battery loading time, +17% to main battery aiming speed. Secondary Battery Modification 3: -20% to secondary battery loading time. AA Guns Modification 3: +20% to AA mounts effectiveness. *Torpedo Tubes Modification 3: -15% to torpedo tubes reload time, +50% chance of critical damage to torpedo tubes. Air Groups Modification 3: +15% to attack aircraft survivability. Flight Control Modification 2: +5% to maximum aircraft speed. **Gun Fire Control System Modification 2: Increase main battery firing accuracy. *TIP: Some upgrades improve one system while having a penalty with another system. Choose wisely! **NOTE: The Gun Fire Control shown above is for Battleships. On all other ships, Mod 1 and 2 are reversed with the Slot two version being accuracy and the slot three one being range boost. To tell the difference, look at the icon. The one for range has arrow against a wall and the accuracy one has crosshairs. For some reason, the devs changed the names on the Battleship version. Damage Control System Modification 1: -3% to chance of flooding, -5% to chance of fire. Propulsion Modification 1: -20% chance of critical damage to engine, -20% to engine repair time. Steering Gears Modification 1: -20% to steering gears repair time, -20% to chance of critical damage to steering gears. Damage Control System Modification 2: -15% to flooding recovery time, -15% to time of fire extinguishing. Propulsion Modification 2: -20% to time for reaching full power. Steering Gears Modification 2: -20% to rudder shift time. Concealment System Modification 1: -10% to detectability. Target Acquisition System Modification 1: +20% to maximum acquisition range.