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Found 1 result

  1. Just in the last few days I have noticed this, not sure if it has been going on longer or if it is a bug/intended feature but today I started monitoring the situation. I usually log in around 5:30AM EST just before the NA server starts a new day, sometimes play a few battles and finish up the daily crates from the day before. At 6AM the day for the server resets and the Sharks vs Eagles screen appears, and I choose what side I want. After playing 2 games (first @ 6:15AM, second at 6:59AM) with the DD Sims, to which I get 1029 then 798 base exp,. In the end battle screen, I notice that I am not getting confirmations on the first daily challenge chain 1 mission (to get 250, 500, and 1000 base exp), I check the combat missions area in port and only one is shown, the daily challenge hard of which I have 13/20 completed as of today. I figure that they will update in time and go get a shower, make/eat breakfast and feed my cat while still logged into the game client. I come back almost an hour later and still nothing changed in combat missions, I go get some errands done around the house and check back again at around 8:13AM EST and there are the Daily hard, along with the 2 daily missions listed day 11 chain 1 and 2 but not updated for the two battles with the Sims from earlier. I figure after reading some other posts on this forum to go play another battle and check again. I then take the Monagham out for a spin @8:35AM and get 816 base xp, come back to port and I only have the 1 battle credited from the Monagham for Day 11 chain one. Is there a problem from 6AM to 8 AM battles that the Daily chains are not appearing nor players getting credit for completing them? Thank you, and please look into this.