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Found 1 result

  1. I think that all CV players can agree that the Italian carrier line's gimmick needs to be SAP weapons. However, I don't see that in Aquila. So, I am proposing that Aquila's AP rockets get changed to SAP rockets for three reasons: Aquila's AP rocket damage is about 1,000 less than A. Parseval's AP rocket damage and is actually even less than the US Hvar rocket so since the damage is less than all other rockets and since Aquila's rockets can't set fires it would be ideal to change the rocket type name to SAP to show the rocket's damage capabilities Premium CVs should reflect their line's gimmick (like how Bearn has the fighter gimmick and how Hornet has the HE bomb gimmick) and if the Italian CV line's gimmick is SAP weapons, then Aquila should show that somehow WG literally has to change NOTHING besides insert an S and change the rocket icon (and maybe change rocket pen/stats) If the rockets have the same strafing time as the german CV line that plus the number of rockets currently listed in the devblog will enable Aquila to hit fast, maneuverable targets (even with a longer strafing time the user would still be able to hit such targets due to the sheer amount of rockets). However, there is the obvious issue of attacking DDs and unless the AP pen is somehow extremely low, your just going to get a bunch of overpens on lightly armored targets (or riochets on maneuverable targets). With SAP, Aquila would be able to deal damage to all ships due to the lower penetration of the SAP arament type (DDs and light cruisers because of their weak armor, heavy cruisers because of their weak deck, superstructure and sometimes bow/stern and BBs with their weak superstructure and CVs with their overall weak armor. Not to mention, the sheer amount of rockets that Aquila's planes carry would still cause a lot of damage, just on a different area on the targeted ship. I am proposing this super early into Aquila's announcement mainly due to the long development proccess for proposals. The use of this proposal will most likely be determined based on Aquila's AP rocket performance. What do you think? Let me know in the poll above!