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Found 3 results

  1. landedkiller

    What should I do?

    I am looking to get USS Alaska and am dissatisfied with the current CV rework. I only have 12k in free xp, but could get 239,000 free xp back and 5,000 doubloons for trading in Shokaku. I really like that Halloween camo, but the ship is unplayable now. In addition, I was thinking about trading in Saipan for doubloons 9,700 and keeping Enterprize and Kaga. The carriers just seem vastly different from 8.0 in these new hot fixes. I am looking to make a decision by update 8.1 or soon after. The practice will continue in co-op for me, only getting 20k damage max out of the carriers since the rework. So In the end trade in Shokaku for 239,000 free xp and 5,000 doubloons and hope to grind out the rest of the free xp or trade in Shokaku and Saipan for 14,700 doubloons and 239,000 free xp? Again this is for USS Alaska Which is confirmed for 1,000,000 and I only have 12,000 in free xp.
  2. 0ldRichard

    Welcome our EU Vistors

    I've seen a lot of buzz on the EU server about installing the NA client instance to get an early peek at 8.0, since they won't get the update until late tonight NA time. Don't be surprised at seeing some different languages in chat once the servers come back up. The EU community is awesome. Make some new friends.
  3. K1ra_Yoshikage

    Magic 8 says...

    ... that the forum will be spammed tomorrow with the following topics: - why is the server down - where are my T5/7/9 CV - I clicked on my CV and there was someting wrong - did they changed the CV? - why there are so many CV's in the match? - why is my Kaga/Saipan T8? - I will ragequit over the CV change - why WG remove the Musashi/Kronsthadt without announcing it, I was just xxxx freeXP/coal away - where is the Alaska? Everyone thinks he is a special snowflake and will open his own post.