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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Everyone, This brief annotated bibliography will act as a guide for anyone looking to read up on the Asia-Pacific War. Keeping up with the current historiography of the Asia-Pacific War, or any historical subject for that matter, is almost impossible for the casual observer. Hopefully this will help those of you that are intimidated by the sheer volume of works available and don't even know where to start. I will do my best to continually update the list, but keep in mind that it will never be exhaustive, nor is that the intention. This is only a starting point, with a few highlighted works on each topic. Please do not hesitate to ask me for more specific book/article recommendations on a given subject. I may not always have an answer, but the list below is barely the tip of the iceberg. Single-volume Surveys Multi-volume Surveys 2nd Sino-Japanese War/CBI Theatre/War of Resistance Pacific Theatre Japanese-Soviet Border Incidents and "August Storm" Additional Reading
  2. Trying to find out what to buy after the Nicholas. Specs: Surviv: 20 ; Artillery 26 ; Torpedoes 21 ; AA 21 ; Manuv. 87 ; Concealment 92. The direct upgrade to Tier VI is the Farragut, but it is a marginal upgrade with Torpedoes = 12 (!). I really love the Nicholas torps... two banks per side, with three torpedoes each. Yeah the reload time could be better, but I can deliver 12 by doing a circle without reloading. I really want to keep a torpedo armament just a strong, but the US vessel upgrade path seems to be going downhill in torpedo strength. But I'm wondering if / how the centerline torpedo mounts work? Do they reload relatively fast? Also I see the IJN Tier VII Akatsuki has Torpedoes = 30. That sounds like something I would be interested in.....anyone have experience in it? >>> and, not having an IJN vessel so far, can I jump straight to a Tier V/VI/VII IJN destroyer (Fubuki or Akatsuki) without playing the Tier 1/2/3/4 under them ? (never tired this before) Thanks in advance for your advice! Allen
  3. Looking for a big WoWs discord community? Than feel free to join the U.S. National World of Warships Discord club https://discord.gg/EjR92FA feel free to join us! we are growing in number! and fast! Thank you! :)