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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all! This mod changes ALL camouflage schemes and color schemes on ALL SHIPS, including: "Type 1", "Type 2", "Type 5", "Type 6", permanent camouflage, New Year's camouflage and many others. In this collection there are more than 250 historical camouflage. The collection is constantly updated and supplemented. Screenshots: DOWNLOAD: Yandex.Disk Installation: 1.1. Download, unzip; 1.2. Copy the unpacked folder 'res_mods' to the root directory of the game or the address 'you disk/World_of_Warships\' Donate: PayPal - mebius.luftwaffe@gmail.com
  2. Huang He: Do you like British cruisers? Flanking, or being a team player providing close support for your destroyers in a cruiser? Are you adept in destroyers and capable of utilizing stealth and cat and mouse tactics? If so Huang He may be for you. Huang He is a short, agile cruiser. She is able to out maneuver many destroyers. This vessel has the best stealth out of any tier 6 cruiser. Huang He features some of the most interesting consumables in the game; a Perth like smoke generator which allows her to emit smoke and cruiser in it for a good 90 seconds, choice of either hydro-acoustic search, or torpedo reload booster for a nearly instant 8 second reload on her torpedoes. Indeed Huang He can be a very potent threat if not taken seriously. Many people criticize the ship for only having six 152mm guns, however the artillery is easy to handle and are among the highest performing six inch cannons. They are Russian guns, the same found on the tier 6 Budyonni, as such they exceed at striking the citadel of targets and setting fires. While Huang He may only have six guns, what makes her shine is utilizing them while in a moving smoke cloud. These cannons will make short work of any destroyer or broadside cruiser. However they will be unable to do much more than harass a battleship. They also have very poor range at 13.2km, but because of this I have found myself often in range to land citadels on cruisers Because of the lesser number of guns Huang He should avoid a straight up gunfight with any ship her own tier, unless it is at close quarters, in which case her quick turning circle and rapid fire torpedoes may allow her to win the fight, at likely a great cost. This is not exactly a con a much as a standard issue that smoking cruisers face. A Fiji, for example is at a disadvantage against a Myoko in a straight up gun fight, assuming there is no smoke and no one else interferes, and both ships angle wisely. Huang He has 2x3 torpedo launchers, 3 per side loaded with very impressive 8km range, 60 knot speed 14,400 damage torpedoes, these torpedoes hit less hard individually than Perth's torpedoes, however have 100 meters less detection range. Unfortunately they only have one firing option, which is a tight spread. I really wish this ship also had a wide option as well. My tactical recommendations for any Huang He captain would be to plan to fight in bursts. With each smoke use have a attack and retreat plan in mind. After the smoke is used try to lay low, scout, and take pot shots from behind islands, while requisitioning for your next in smoke attack. Lack of spotter plane and hydro acoustic search may leave you blind if you do not have a ship available to spot for you when you are in your smoke, keep this in mind when planning your attack runs. Huang He has a great anti air suite of 2x4 closely packed Russian 100mm secondaries as well as 2x8 37mm anti air guns and 1x8 20mm guns. Unfortunately she does not receive defensive fire as a option, if she did she would rival a Cleveland in AA damage. However she is still above average. For those of you who are into history, the Huang He was the HMS Aurora, a very famous British cruiser, as there is already a ship in game called the Aurora it sadly, nixes the chance for us to get that famous ship, so I do not mind this fantasy British style cruiser in my fleet. In brief Huang He's Pros and Cons Pros Cons Mobile Smoke Fragile Stealth One, tight torpedo spread option Agility Only 6 cannons, 13.2km firing range Russian 152mm guns Poor recon tools Great AA and secondaries Requires 14 point captain, IFHE for best performance Is she a good boat to own? If you like British light cruisers and want to have something that is incredibly stealthy and agile for that role? Also she is the only ship that you can presently purchase with Perth smoke, if you have not experienced this smoke it is very fun. Unfortunately you need a 14 point captain with IFHE and concealment expert to really make this ship shine. Compared to Perth, In general I will say Huang He scores citadels on targets way. way easier, her gun handling is really good too and honestly looking at my actual gun hits I will say she does a comparable damage with her six guns as Perth can do with her eight. It is useful that four of Huang He's cannons are upfront. Unfortunately, Huang He lacks the recon tools that Perth has, but Huang He is stealthier, shorter, and more agile, allowing her to weave through fire and torpedoes with great ease. Overall both are fun ships and it is hard to pick a favorite, but Perth is more versatile, Huang He turns so tightly, making her a joy to drive. On the plus side, she is available on the North American premium shop for just $26.49, a reasonable price for a fun little cruiser.
  3. Halloween Unique Camo

    Okay, I get the unique camo for tree ships (Benson, Bismarck, etc.), but why Tirpitz? Help me understand.
  4. Future Unique Commanders

    So now that we have 3 unique commanders in the game already, for the US, Japan, and the UK, which historic naval figures may potentially become future unique commanders for any of the other nations that are currently in the game? For the record, you may name as many people as you like, but just keep it relevant to their respective nations and don't think about coming up with potential unique commanders for nations that already have one since I feel like it'll be limited to one unique commander per nation, and it is only fair if we give the other nations a chance and not have an overflow of either US, Japanese, or British captains since wargaming has already implemented them and they probably won't be adding anymore to those nations.
  5. Potential Unique German Commander

    Since we now have both a US and a Japanese unique commander, I suppose the next thing to do is for wargaming to create a unique commander for Germany. Why, you might ask? Well for just one reason as to why: It is one of the most developed tech tree so far in the game, excluding the US and the Japanese tech trees of course, so it only makes sense for one of the more developed nations to get a unique commander as oppose to any of the other nations thus far. But anyway, the German Admiral who I believe should be wargaming's next unique commander is Erich Raeder, as he was the grand admiral of the German Navy from the beginning of World War II, and served in the German Navy from 1894 to 1943, and was the Chief of Staff for Admiral Hipper in 1912 and served alongside him throughout World War I, and even played a major role in the Battle of Jutland with Hipper's battlecruiser force. For that reason, I feel like he would make an excellent choice as a unique commander for Germany, as he played a major role in the naval history of World War II.