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Found 1 result

  1. I remember when I first started how bad this game was until I got to tier 4. Even then the game isn't even good until tier 5. It's like WoT except much much worse in that regard. Nothing but slow, hunkering masses of ships that steam along at a maximum speed of 15 knots like the St. Louis or whatever. It's actively pushing away new players. I tried to get my friends to play this game but they were just bored. I couldn't get them past tier 3. I sound like a crazy old man when I try to tell them, "but it gets good later! I promise!" How many times were we told that about certain books but never read them because it took too long for them to get good? Same for WoWs. Now you could make the argument that they don't have patience or are too ADHD or whatever, but this game should align with human nature, and that being, low attention span. I don't think you should get to steam through the tiers and get TX in a day, but getting to T4 and T5 ought to be faster. The game simply isn't fun in tiers 1 through 3. I don't have a solution. But I certainly know anything lower than tier 4 is basically unfun and unplayable.