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Found 7 results

  1. Just got through playing a co op game with subs in it! Awful game play! In the real world everyone was on the same page but this is a game, and the team play in random battles is awful, just awful and to intorduce a sub into the game where alot of ships do not even have the means to fight or kill a sub other[and this is real lame] than wait for it to surface! Every ship in the game needs a means to fight everyother ship in the game! Why don't you get this? Then in ranked battlers at tier 6 not many ships have sonar/depth charges at all? This is the most stupid addition you have done so far! I play the game as well as you all, if it seems that way to me it is enough! You all do not make the decisions thank God!
  2. MadMaderia

    T10 vrs T7

    Fairly new to the game. Everyone seems to complain about the same thing. WHY would a T10 ship be pitted against a T7 or 8??? Makes no sense. This NEEDS to be fixed!
  3. SgtFtKnox


    Ok, maybe I am overreacting but when a bot can torp me and shells me three times and I accidentally torp the bot. I get a penalty. It seems like a double standard.
  4. Hey WeeGee, Can you change the BOT AI for CV's? All they do is pick one DD at the beginning and head right at him regardless if they are spotted or not and harass him the WHOLE DAMN GAME. DD sits in smoke, planes hover over the smoke cloud and continues. Yeah yeah I know they don't normally hit anything but as a low level DD beginning the game it is annoying to not get the opportunity to utilize your stealth to move about the map tactfully with out these buzzards ALWAYS AROUND. No I'm not talking about Co_Op's that one I can avoid, it's the low tier randoms that spawn two AI CV's (for some dumb reason)
  5. This is the reason why we need to have a mechanic put in the game turning off the guns of line runners. This guy actually told me "its part of the game bro". For those of you who can't see the replay, here is the short of it. Tier 10 CL runs to the line with me in a BB chasing. Goes into the line and keeps at a shallow angle so he is moving right and left with no ship angle change. Salvo after salvo into him and the aiming system can't target them because he is not moving like he is supposed to. He continues to fire with no detriment and burns me to the waterline. When I call him on it, he says its part of the game. Yes it is, its called an exploit and here is the evidence. This guy thinks these exploits are perfectly fine to use and I remember that the devs "corrected" the problem. SO the correction was to reduce the offending players engine power significantly. Crap idea; all that does is make it easier to stay on the line and confuse the others players aim mechanics. I say this is what should happen; after 10 seconds, the guns no longer fire after 20 seconds, one instance of flooding with an additional flood each additional 10 seconds. keep the engine power at full so players who inadvertently run into the line can correct themselves quickly. So if you aren't a total D Bag that likes to line run, give this some support so we keep this game a good and fair game to play. I know that many of us left World of Tanks because of clowns like this and the toxic community. Well, this kind of play CREATES a toxic community and we don't want that stuff here. I also realize that I will probably get a chat ban for this post because I used some inappropriate language. I accept that, however, I only call out these guys as they deserve! 20190710_195849_PRSB109-Sovetsky-Soyuz_28_naval_mission.wowsreplay
  6. I personally feel that a battle between ships of 3 tiers is an uneven event. When I'm using a tier VIII and I'm in a battle with tier X ships, that's just ridiculously one-sided. Not only do they have the firepower superiority but the armor superiority, as well. Since there are 10 tiers, why not have tier I and tier II ships battle, tier III and tier IV ships battle, tier V and tier VI ships battle, and so on? These incredibly stupid battles with tier X ships sinking tier VIII ships with one salvo is just not my idea of fun, AT ALL. Granted, I've had my share of one-salvo kills but I've NEVER felt good about sinking a ship TWO TIERS beneath mine. There's just no...HONOR in it.
  7. It's been over a year since I've had to wear pink in this game. Now twice in one week I'm getting shellacked by the Pink because of [edited] penalties and situations I cannot control. First my game crashes. Three battles until I'm no longer pink. The next day WoWS gives free camo because the client is messed up and this happens to, like, everyone... Then I'm playing in a low tier match (Derzki, I'll never leave you and your ten second torp reload...) and some buffoon drags me halfway across the map AND I GET PENALIZED AND END UP PINK. What in the everloving HELL are they thinking??? Stop penalizing players that aren't [edited]. (I've checked, I'm definitely not an [edited]. Proof; My dog says so) [edited] = but whole person