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Found 3 results

  1. Even after the reload buff this ship has no role or purpose. I despise this thing. And don't give that "oh you're just not playing it right" [edited]. Any ship can made "good" by shear circumstance. It cant brawl (turning radius and vulnerability to torps), it can't BARELY even engage in medium range fire fights because of its gold awful dispersion, and its armor scheme allows 20k salvos even with good angling, turtleback be damned. You combine all of this with a massive bloated ship with mediocre AA and you have the most hated BB in the game. To add insult to injury, all other BBs had their Cits lowered so the relevancy of turtleback armor is now near useless. WG. Buff. This. Ships. Dispersion.
  2. eagle_lance

    Kleber buffs when?

    The ship has no defense against cv's and has horrible dpm. Additionally, it gets out spotted by every dd except the overpowered khaba. It needs better dpm, longer range torps, better concealment, better aa, or smoke. The speed is nice, but you can't break contact or survive against cv's for too long. This ship needs help and makes the Yueyang look strong.
  3. This ship: What is the point? I mean, even after her nerfs Minekaze is still way better with her torpedoes and a bit better with her guns than Mutsuki. The one good thing Mutsuki has access to(by virtue of being a modified variant of a Tokyo Express Mutsuki class configuration) is AA, but it's all well and good until you go to try to defend anyone, including yourself, with her AA. Any CVs will still easily hit her and/or whatever it is she is guarding because she has no Def AA option. Fail. Her speed is lower than the Minekaze, her torp reload is way longer, she's practically a sitting duck if spotted, she doesn't have a huge amount of HP... Actually, though, for once, I commend WG for the way she is against Tier V. She's pretty well balanced at Tier V. But with her seeing Radar now, 8 km just doesn't cut it. She at least needs her 10 km torps back, although that only gives her a 100 meter buffer against Indianapolis. 11 at least would be good. Mutsuki in my experience is much like Emerald: she can't afford to be ever spotted because everyone loves to turn her into merely a pile of FREE xp and credits. I don't know how to balance this against Tier IVs, but then again, lower tiers are supposed to be bait for higher tiers. I suppose the way to balance her against Tier Vs, though,would be to increase the reload a bit and increase the detection range of her torpedoes by 100 or 200 meters. 11 km torpedeoes on the Mutsuki would go a long way to making her actually relevant and a threat. Right now, no matter the buff, she really needs one, as she's just a joke as she is currently. What do you think? Could Mutsuki be owed 11 km torps for her suckiness? Let me know in the comments!