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Found 1 result

  1. Scrolling through the forums over the last few weeks and months(and years for that matter) I have noticed that players of every type of ship come to the forums with complaints about balance and various reasons why other ship types are overpowered compared to theirs. Just a small sampling of complaints I've seen in the last week: DDs - "CVs are a cancer, I'm constantly spotted" and "too much radar, those cruisers make it impossible for me to do X" CAs/CLs - : "World of BBs" and "I'm a tier 7 cruiser in a match with several tier 9 BBs, how do you expect me to compete?" BBs - "World of torpedoes, it's too much" and "fast-firing HE cruisers are OP, I'm always on fire" CVs - 'AA is overpowered, I'm getting deplaned too fast" and "Ack the high tier CVs are useless, i can't do anything" So, philosophically speaking, if players of every ship type have complaints about being underpowered and other types being overpowered - might we actually have something close to balance? Discuss! (I don't actually believe we have perfect balance and the game certainly has issues, but the question is a legit one)