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Found 7 results

  1. Up tiering/Manual drops

    Why do i have to go up against up tiered aircraft carriers as a tier 5 carrier being that im not allowed to manual drop or strafe i am not able to solo carry when placed with any up tiers in my game for example if I (zuiho) and another carrier on my team lets say independence go up against a mirror match why do i get destroyed because my fighters cannot strafe and my teammate is a complete potato and doesent know how to do either even though claiming to have hakuryu he can never seem to do anything. This senario has gone to much and i would like an explanation and maybe even a fix to this problem Sincerely, Nemo_45
  2. US Carriers *Update*

    So it has come to my attention while playing the US carrier line that the new update has limited how a player can, play. The options have been reduced for a generic load out and what I presume is an attempt to stream line the grind. However, this is meant to allow for more flexibility within the battle itself without the need of deciding what load out you want, or expend the XP earned from previous battle to decide on how you'd like to contribute to the teams play style in future battles. On to final part. This has reduced the US carriers effectiveness at dealing with Jap carriers overwhelming number of squads it launches into the air from 2, to 1, for a linear/flexible play though. If this was for balancing reasons, it has shifted the meta of carrier setups and play style to that of only one option, play Jap Carriers to inflict higher damage onto the enemy at less cost to your squads. There is little to be desired for the US carrier line at this stage of the game.
  3. My last match had our team's Bogue matched against red's Ryujo? Seriously - WTH? No way this is ever gonna be called a fair matchup. I'm not sure how it happened... maybe the carrier div'd with a T6 or higher ship? It blew chunks - we got decimated. The Bogue ran off to a corner and hid - and was the only one to survive the steamroll. How's carrier MM supposed to work? tiafyc
  4. Bring back 2 CVs?

    I know people complained that 2 CVs in a high tier match was op, but now, with only 1 CV a match, at high tier, the average IJN CV wrecks the average USN CV no problem. Instead of making life difficult for the high tier CV players, could we please bring back 2 CVs, one IJN and one USN, compensating the op-ness by adding more ships to the battle?
  5. For a while now the only place I've really been able to have fun in WoWS, being a CV player, was ranked battles. Only in ranked battles were the ships limited to few enough that the AA had holes and could be worked around. It was balanced. Only in ranked battles was the enemy team and your team limited to just a single CV, this made the matches much more consistent in what you have to face instead of rolling the dice on absolute air domination, a balance, or getting clubbed by 6 enemy fighters with only 3 or 4 on your own team total. Only in ranked battles could I feel as if I actually made my contribution. Until Rank 10, it was amazing. Working my way up - facing a greater and greater challenge each time, testing the limits of my skill as a CV player, but then came Rank 10, and this is where it becomes painfully obvious that CVs are not in any way balanced as soon as the Saipan is allowed into matches, and more than that there was also a certain Colorado captain I'll need to discuss. The problem with the Saipan is really quite simple: It's similar to the Bogue, however still retains a decent striking ability because of it's massive 8, or more commonly, 9 planes in the squadron and their 1000lb high penetration HE bombs. Like the Bogue, however, it retains it's ability to absolutely control the skies unless faced with it's kin. The biggest problem is the Saipan's tier 9 fighters that are fast enough to catch even dive bombers who dropped their bombs, fast enough to pick exactly where and when any and every engagement happens, and with the ability to move in, destroy, and then run from a Hiryu's planes with even as little at 5 or 6 km between the squadrons. Worse, however, is the issue of the Saipan's overwhelming power advantage when compared to the Ranger and especially the Hiryu in terms of fighter power. More on the Saipan's power difference and why Air Supremecy also plays a part. But enough of this, where's the real proof that I'm not just a simpleton who got lucky to make it to rank 10? Well, there's the last 2 matches I played and cold, hard numbers that tell you how good or bad I am. Against my own ship of someone who should be my skill level I dealt 9 times more damage and killed more than twice and many planes compared to an equally skilled player who used a Saipan. If this does not scream imbalance, I'm not sure what will, but I'll give it a try with some stats. As of right now in ranked battles, I have 50 battles played, a 68% win rate, 1868 average xp per battle and a 6.42 destruction ratio. My average game sees me dealing 73,923 damage and destroying 1.5 ships. Additionally, Warships.today lists me as being Unicum in ranked battles. A Unicum shouldn't hit an absolute brick wall because of a ship and not player skill. The Colorado story and ship AA Enough is enough. Remove CVs, rework CVs, or take time to properly balance them.
  6. Probably not going to be a popular idea with all the pocket warriors but I am in favor of not allowing premium ships in ranked matches. They are superior better than their tier equivalents (hence why they're premium) and should no be allowed to compete on that playground. Saipan's rule over the Ranger/IJN CV, Sims and Wicas are crazy OP vs Hatsus and other DDs. It should not be so.
  7. US cv VS JP

    why are us cv's so underated compared to jp for those with sensitive eyes omg for instance im t7 and i got 1F/1T/B in my fighter package yet they get 3F/3T/2B? absolutley no friggin way you defend against that.it doesnt matter if i had 8 planes in a group its way to overpowered of a lineup.has anybody read a book on how quickly the jappanese navy went down once they pissed the giant off?secondly why are torpedoes for aircraft so slow that a battleship can do 2 trips around them untill they peter out lol? shouldnt a dropped torpedoe at close range directly into a target be faster?i mean you should be able to get atleast 1 hit on a damn turtle with that i would think.not much point in getting a cv unless your going jap.and the whole server has nothing but jap(again omg jp) cv's and makes it completley boring at that point.major over haul needed i just hope when its done the weed guy doesn't show up for work that day.