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Found 1 result

  1. super_noob_boi

    Tier 5 Aircraft Unbalanced

    lets say you`re playing an IJN cv, you try to set up a good torpedo drop on a battleship but all but one or two torpedo bombers die before they can release... then the second bombing squad also takes some losses at the same time, you try and pull them out of the aa but even more dies trying to flee, now the majority of my torpedo bombers are dead and their fighters are coming to finish the job, so you send your fighters to defend, you manage to get the enemy fighters in a dogfight above friendly cruiser aa, neither fighters strafed, so they`re dog fighting above friendly cruiser aa, you would think that you would win right? No, you lose all your fighters and only took down half of theirs. Your ship has all the upgraded modules and your commander only has two perks within the amount of time you`ve been grinding carriers. Your fighters are back in the air and you spot the enemy fighters about to engage with your other carriers fighters, so you group up and 2v1 his fighters, but he still comes out ontop and you lose two friendly fighter squadrons, and all of your fighters are now dead. That has been my experience, reguardless of tier, he could be the same tier, same ship, and my fighters always lose, and when you ask why? Because of skill points, they spent money for 10 upgrade skill points. The only reason why my fighters and bombers cant take any beatings is because they spent money on this game, my cruisers and battleships can shoot at enemy bombers all day and maybe shoot down one enemy plane, one plane, and they drop torpedoes from two squads and bomb me, and all i get is two fighters if i`m lucky. And yet other peoples planes seem to be nearly un-affected by aa. I just don`t get it. Am i missing something that magically makes my planes more tankier? makes my fighters do more damage and not die instantly? My strafing runs sometimes are pretty solid, but in a dogfight, I cant do anything but watch them die and not hit a single enemy. Or are you just going to tell me what every one else says; Git Gud... like that`s gonna magically make my planes better... American fighters... I don`t even want to try and engage them at all, but I do get more torpedoes, which are useless when said fighters destroy them all and battleship aa tears them to shreds.