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Found 1 result

  1. CVs... They have many roles, but it's either nearly all surface, or nearly all dogfights. Some games, the CVs pretty much only attack surface ships,(causing lots of salty surface ship players) only dodging and trapping each other's fighters when necessary. Other games, it's all Dogfights and trying to win control of the air, and barely any anti-surface ship attacks are done because the bombers keep getting intercepted and annihilated long before they reach their target.(Here, surface players are angry that they aren't getting any support from the CV) Good luck getting any help from a CV in the latter situation. Oh, and you better pray, and pray hard that YOUR TEAM doesn't get the WORSE PLAYER in the latter situation, or lose the team's Tier VI CV in a Tier VI CV + Tier V CV v Tier VI CV + Tier V CV match-up, because it's pretty much game over if one of those things things happen. If both happen, well... out of the frying pan, into the fire end of the line kiss your butt goodbye ...and THAT is why I think most people hate CVs. Discuss.