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Found 1 result

  1. So, look - I want UK CV's. Us CV players have been climbing up and down the walls doing exorcist head spins waiting on a new line. Hell, I still have my suggestions for RTS UK and German CV's in my signature, till I get some more done on my insane "If it can have a line, a premium or whatever I'mma suggest it here" thread. Which will include 1-2 UK lines, full lines, with odd tiers, and same with Germany. But with how this rework has gone and all, and what I've seen relating to their development - they need to be tossed on the back burner for a bit. First off, you lot need to get the rework sorted out, and I highly doubt, unless 8.2/3 is more than 6 months out, you will have this fixed by then. And even then, we, the players, need to get settled in on whatever the hell this finally looks like. Before you throw another line and whatever it will entail. Second, aside from you guys needing to crack open some history books, throwing in it's (incorrect unless your using the ice CV) level carpet bombing thing as flavour, is just not a good idea to do full line and base it around that and hope it works. Especially when it's a nation known more for using rockets and TB's off CV's not DB's. Third is we do not need another "well we didn't have enough data" fiasco like this rework. Now, if your going to end in the smaller version of the ice carrier for a line that carries some bigger aircraft that level bomb and/or carpet bomb, somewhat begrudgingly on the others that aren't mini ice island, fine. Current line I've seen on the other hand I'll fight you on that even after you release them. But test these 2 things on live server before you dedicate UK as having them. You've used premiums as test beds before, time to do it again. When it comes to level bombing in general, I can think of no better ship to test this with than Kaga. I am vehemently against IJN line having AP bombs, and nothing but AP bombs, but Kaga is one of the few ships that should really have the option. Add the option to have C6N's (as it lacks the correct B5N's) swap in place of the D4Y using the AP bombs in level attacks - which is exactly what happened in history as the B5N and C6N were the only ones that could carry them and use them only in a level bombing flight. I'd say have a torp swap out option but I feel that would likely get used far too little. But this can let us try it out and give feedback, and get data, and see if players actually respond to it well. What's better - an option on a CV you've already made your money on going unused because players aren't keen on it, or developing an entire line that goes unused because of it? When it comes to the carpet bombing idea, well, I've got 2 suggestions for that, both of which use some existing resources that can speed up dev time and get it out faster. The first, seeing as not only do you have a stock hull but the entire ship sitting unused now, is USS Shangri-La, an Essex class carrier, sporting PBJ-H's armed with say 4x 500 pound bombs per plane, and used also as the TB's, with P-51D's with rockets, at tier 8. Stock hull Essex, and tweaks you need to make her Shangri-La, then it's really just modeling the new planes. The other is what helped lead to that name being used, Hornet, a Yorktown Class, from the Doolittle raid. No TB's, but 4 B-25's with I think it was 4x 500 pound bombs, which you can have 16 on deck (number used) with 4 launching each time and either attacking in 1 run of 4 or 8 launch with 2 runs of 4. And F4F wildcat's - which Hornet had that day, just stored below decks that you can throw rockets on, as inaccurate as it would be, or have them serve as actual DB's. Shangri-La as a tier 8, Hornet as 6 (given it's not anywhere near as modified as E), and if you didn't want to change Kaga at all both could also test level bombing in general and see response as a one off ship before making a line based on the concept. Bonus points if you make them free xp/coal so more of us can get our hands on them to test, and so we have less reason to revolt at any changes cause technically free ship (unlike the GC). After what you've pulled with the rework, don't just double down on this UK CV "flavour" and push it out on yet another deadline. Sideline the line for now, give us 1 or 2 depending on what route you go here ships that are at least for now, one offs of the idea to prove that it can work, be fun, and be balanced. Because when AP was brought in on E sure, it was annoying as hell when it showed up, we said AP bombs needed to be nerfed, but it was one ship - it wasn't really a problem till you didn't nerf it but added it to the line. Iwaki Alpha proved smoke based cruisers could work, with some tweaks to make them a tad less op. Scharnhorst proved torps on a BB and undergunned BB's, a list of premium ships and evens that proved a future concept for a ship, a line, whatever, could work. Give us even just 1 ship as a demo of what you wanna do with UK's line so we can give you feedback so that your not adding nearly as much to the fire or starting anew one. There were 32 planned, 24 built, Essex class carriers. Aside from Essex as the tier representative, I think we can easily spare 1 or 6 of them as test beds for ideas, let alone Independence class, or better yet, another sidelined ship - Bogue, of which UK had 34 as Attacker and Ruler class, with TBF/M's that carried multiple bombs, or even Swordfish with numerous smaller ones. HMS Attacker, Arbiter, Hunter, or Reaper, with Seafires equipped with single bombs, or F4F's and Sea Hurricanes with rockets or bombs, and the TBF's or Swordfish with multiple bombs, or torpedoes, or rockets or being completely interchangeable. An open live server test, on a larger scale, of the concepts.