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Found 22 results

  1. Hey, I've noticed for awhile that for most unpurchased ships in the tech tree, mostly from tier II-V, when you preview a modification or upgrade, it wont show what new AA weapons it has, new torpedoes, or no new top speed on the sidebar in the Menu.
  2. Clan ranking was bugged out tonight when playing, made for a very confusing experience that has lead to some uncertainty about whether or not tonight's games have been properly accounted. Some background on this, both Alpha and Bravo are in the struggle to enter Storm, Alpha had one game left of 5, Bravo had just entered the struggle First we could not select between the Alpha and Bravo groups, being stuck on Bravo. Then as we enter queue, the ranking display on the right hand side was missing. After the match, the ranking pulled up a Gale 1, 99, ranking unchanged. attempted with a different clan member leading the div, same result. On the clan battles page of the Clan tab, the ranking was still changing showing stars. Steel was still being credited. this leads to the suspicion that this is a UI bug rather than gameplay. However the inability to switch back to Alpha is concerning. No Mods are present on my game, and since this bug was observed by all player in the div, I would expect this to be Client side or a messed up file from the new update.
  3. I know that the popular opinion is to "just minimize the chat windows" or "find a mod," but I wanted to explore ideas to improve the port UI without the use of mods. To that end, I threw some screen captures together for ways to improve the port UI slightly. These ideas' main focus was on preventing elements from getting in the way of each other and the ship that is selected. The first idea is to utilize a smaller & dynamic ship carousel. The main feature of this setup would be a ship carousel that grows or shrinks dynamically with the user's choice to display or hide the clan and div chats. Furthermore, the clan chat window would serve as a 'main' chat window, and be anchored to the bottom left. Any whispers to the player could populate as tabs in the header of this 'main chat' window. If a player is not in a clan, this anchor point would just be used for player-to-player whispers. The division window would then be anchored to the bottom right and function as it does currently. This setup solves one of the biggest complaints with the port UI, the chat windows getting in the way of everything else, and doesn't alter the window too much from what we know today. Screenshot with captions: Screenshot without captions: The second idea focuses on having anchored chat windows and a dynamic centerpiece, but with a twist. I toyed with the idea of a vertical ship carousel taking the position that would normally be occupied by the dockyard and other buttons, and using the bottom centerpiece as a means to display combat missions without having to leave the port screen to see what missions you have available. The dynamic portion of this setup would be the combat mission section with either the details/criteria becoming larger or other mission sections could become visible such as selected campaign mission details/criteria. This one was just a what-if idea and looks a good bit different from what we know in the game. I liked the concept behind it enough that I just wanted to share it too. With captions: Without captions: Again these are just ideas I had, and I wanted to share them. I don't have any expectation that they will go beyond this post. Thanks for your time if you checked it out.
  4. As ultrawide monitors become more common with users and streamers, it would be nice if the UI elements could be scaled or moved to correspond to the typical streaming window / display. I have noticed different games (like Snowrunner) do this well by giving you the ability to play the game on the ultrawide, but also have the UI limited to the screen extents that allow for display while streaming. It is understood that ultrawide users still make a up a small portion of the userbase, but is this something that Wargaming could look into / implement as they are becoming more and more common?
  5. garfield001

    [Tutorial] UI Mod

    I promised a while back that I would make a tutorial to help people make their own UI mod or to update ones that have been abandoned. This tutorial is aimed at doing a cosmetic UI mod ( such as the outdated one I made here ). It does NOT help with any complex mods that require coding knowledge. In this tutorial, I assume that you know how to use mods and how to install them. I also assume you have some knowledge of an image editing software (such as Photoshop), so you can edit your picture. This tutorial do not show how to actually edit the pictures, but rather how to have them appear in the game. What you will need: Resourcefulness. Not everything is spelled out here. You will need to test and explore things by yourself. Patience. You'll need it. WoWs Unpacker tools JPEXS Flash Decompiler (Free) or Sothink SWF Decompiler ($) Notepad++ (Free) An image editing software, such as Photoshop ($), paint.net (Free) or GIMP (Free) Resourcefulness. I cannot stress this enough. You will need to be able to look things up by yourself and test things out. You will not always find the answer ready for you. Starting tips A good way to find out how things are modded is to download other people’s mods and try to emulate what they do. This will help you figure out how to change some things. Incidentally, this is also how I learned how to do a UI mod. Do not hesitate to ask for help! It is my experience that most modders are happy to help and even provide with modified files when asked properly. However, do not steal their work... Lastly, share the knowledge! Find something new to mod or a new way to do it? Why not share the knowledge so more people can do it? Others will then be even more prone to help you or others when the time comes! The modding community is great, let’s continue this way! Extracting files To start modding, you will need to access the needed files. In World of Warships, almost everything is packed and needs a special unpacker to get access to. MajorRenegade has been very helpful in providing the link to the unpacker here! Major has also kindly added a small tutorial to use the unpacker. You’ll realize that it is very easy to use and allow you to find everything you need. Do note that from now on, I will assume that you have unpacked the files mentioned and needed to make the mod. Backgrounds A lot of things in the UI are very easy to change. For example, most of the background pictures are just jpg or png files that can be swapped. Just find a picture you want to use or craft one in your picture editing software and put them in the right folder. As a small note, when making or picking a background picture, I recommend taking into consideration what will be shown above it. You may not want to use pictures that will catch the attention more than the actual content of the page. Here is a small list of some of what I think most people will want to change first and their location: Tech Tree and Profile Tabs Background /gui/bg/ Maps Loading Screens /gui/maps_bg/ Operations Loading Screens /gui/pve/ Of course, there is a lot more stuff that can be changed easily just by changing the picture. You will have to explore by yourself and find what you need. Commanders Pictures Very similar to the background pictures, changing the commander pictures is done by swapping the picture used. Commanders can be found in /gui/crew_commander/. The “base” subfolder is the actual picture, while the “overlay” one is where the medals of the commander are shown. Base Change the pictures shown to what you want. Each nation has its own set of commanders and some nations have more than others. Special commanders have unique names and they will not be in the “pool” of pictures when recruiting a new commander. Overlay As mentioned above, those are the medals that change depending on the rank/level of the commander. Chances are you will want to change all of them to empty png so that they do not show. Ship Preview /gui/ship_previews/ and /gui/ship_previews_ds/ These two folders are used to change the picture of the ship at the bottom of the screen in Port and in the Tech Tree. The “ds” folder is used for the gray’d out pictures of ship you have not unlocked yet in the Tech Tree. These are very easy to change since you only need to swap the picture for the one you made. ship_previews_ds is a darken version of the picture that is used on unresearched ship in the tech tree To help you find the proper picture you can find a list of all the ship at the root of the unpacker, file named contentPackages.xml. However, below are the basic rules for the IDs to help you identify what you’re looking for (please note that some ships, mostly older ones, do not follow those rules). Alternatively, you can use the text file (global.mo) to find the corresponding ID. Ship Icons /gui/ship_icons/ /gui/ship_dead_icons/ /gui/ship_own_icons/ Ship Icons are very similar to Ship Previews. They have the same IDs and you only need to change the pictures to have them work. However, there is 3 sets of icons. The basic “ship_icons” folder is the one with the grey silhouette. They are the ones you see on the roster during battle and in port when using the compact carousel mode. The “ship_dead_icons” are obviously used for dead ship. Lastly, the “ship_own_icons” are used to identify the player, with the gold color. In some cases, when adding text to the icons for example, you will want to keep the icons from flipping in battles. To do this, you will need to mod a few xml files that can be found in /gui/unbound/. battle_loading.xml battle_stats.xml results_screen.xml team_structure.xml I will not go into details about what exactly needs to be changed, because I’m not sure how to explain it. However, I recommend getting an icon mod from an established modder (such as MajorRenegade's or hakabase's) and compare their files with your unmodified ones (using Notepad++). This way, you can see what gets changed and you can understand why they do so. Extra By default, ship icons have different sizes depending on class of ships. However, most Icon mods use similar size rectangle icons. This makes them unaligned in port when using the Compact Carousel. To align them, you need to mod the dock.xml found in the unbound folder. Find these lines and delete them. The icons will now be aligned properly in port! Find these lines and delete them to align ship icons in port. Do note that the line numbers may not be the same as they change everytime this files gets updated. Randomized Loading Screens To change the game loading screens (the ones when you boot up the game, not the battle loading ones), you can download the basic files for it here. All you have to do is change the pictures in the gameloading_res subfolder. When you start the game up, it will pick one of the pictures at random. Randomized Loading Screen Download Note: I did not make this and was provide by WG a while back. I did not find the original link so I'm hosting the files I used. Flash Files This is where the more “complicated” work starts. You will first needto get JPEXS Flash Decompiler, which is free. This will allow you to open the swf files and change the pictures in it. All the flash files are found in /gui/flash/. Basic JPEXS tutorial Open the swf file with JPEXS. Go in the “images” folder of the swf Locate the picture you want to edit Right-click on it and select “Export selection”. Save as PNG where you want. Edit the picture and save it as PNG again In JPEXS, right-click the picture again and select “Replace…” Select you edited picture. Save This is pretty much all there is to it. You export the pictures you want to mod. You do any editing you want to do and then you import the modded ones back in. Lossless2 vs JPEG3 JPEXS does a great job, but for some reason, it is not compatible with JPEG3 compression. This means that if you try to change JPEG3 pictures in it, they will break and not appear properly. To change those pictures, we have to use a special trick… Export and edit the picture normally Put the swf file and the picture in the PJEXS folder. It needs to be in the same location as the “ffdec.bat” file. Shift + Right-click in the folder and select Open command prompt ffdec.bat -replace filename.swf filename.swf # #.png lossless2 Hit enter Example: To change picture 529 (Clan battle icon in this example) in the service_lib.swf file, export it and mod it as wanted. Put service_lib.swf and 529.png in the PJEXS folder. Shift+Right-click in the folder and Open Command Prompt. Write ffdec.bat -replace service_lib.swf service_lib.swf 529 529.png lossless2 Hit Enter. You can open the service_lib.swf file and check the change. The file is now ready to use! There is an alternative to JPEXS that can deal with JPEG3 compression fine without using any of the coding trick. Sothink SWF Decompiler is another decompiler, however it is NOT free. So you guys can see if you think it is worth getting. Flash files of interest hud_lib.swf Contains many of the in-battle icons and the ribbons. lobby_graphics_lib.swf This is where the Port header is located. login.swf Contains the blurry background of the WoWs logo in the login screen (that red picture). options.swf Not whole lot in this one, but it contains the items found in the option screen. service_lib.swf This is the big file. It contains almost everything related to the UI in Port. Ressource List of modding tutorials NA Modding tutorial section EU Modding tutorial section
  6. Hello So I came across a bug when watching replays. I don't know what triggers it but whenever I watch a replay of mine the cursor is enabled by default, I can't get it off (CTRL doesn't do anything) and I can't click on anything, pressing ESC to bring up the menu doesn't do anything. The replays runs just fine but nothing else happens, I can't hide the UI, I can't look in free camera, I can't pause or speed up/down the game, nothing at all. It was working just fine a couple of weeks ago, no problems at all. I'm using replays because I need to take some screenshots for a guide I'm preparing, so it's quite important now. Yes, I know that if you click on "Join Battle" when looking at the pre-match team comp can glitch the UI, but I just leave it to enter automatically. And no, I'm not running any mods. Help?! Cheers!
  7. AbyssAngkor

    UI Bug

    Screenshot taken from a game in patch 0.9.9. UI is showing Azuma with 127mm shell values when mousing over the HE shell icon. Same bug with AP shells showing 127mm values.
  8. I just recently (a couple of months ago) started playing WoWs again after about 2 years off. There are a few things that really annoy me about the current game, most notably the HE spam meta that seems to plague higher tier games (I'd rather a CV than HE spam any day of the week). However, the ONE thing that is so simple and yet so frustrating is the fact that we now have an edge to edge equipment/upgrade tab that covers up your ship. I can't stand it. Why would you put this small group of configuration options into a full-screen UI?? Please, PLEASE bring back the old UI so I don't have to look at a massive blurred screen while selecting my upgrades and equipment. Am I alone in this? I mean, the Exterior tab still has the classic side UI.
  9. Two items: 1) Use of main battle display mini-map to designate autopilot route. We USED to have this. You just held down the CTRL key then LMB clicked on the minimap WHEN you were playing a carrier. It may have worked for any ship but I know it worked for carriers. Why do this? To my knowledge, carriers are typically the only ships using autopilot. As nice as the "M" key map is to look at, in the middle of battle, having to use it takes time away from the player's combat actions, breaks game focus and often must be performed at the worst of times. Please bring BACK the use of autopilot on the main battle display mini-map. 2) The "M" map needs options. There is no zoom option for the map display. I cannot move the map about, it is a static display. Zoom PLUS map movement would add great value to the map. No configuration options. Oft times ships are so close together the text overlays make the map well, useless. Autopilot waypoints/routes need a COLOR option. If I plot a route on this map I want to choose a color that stands out to me. I also want the option to make it bold, bright - maybe even blink once every second or so. Of these two requests, the first should be an easy-peasy deal as it was coded up during the RTS days. I've said it before but I will say it again. It is a PITA being forced to open the overhead map just to designate a waypoint. The alternative, CTRL + LMB on the minimap would be excellent. There is one other thing that needs to work in a consistent manner - assigning way points. I'm not sure it does, currently. If I LMB click the overhead map, a way point should drop. If I move my mouse and LMB click elsewhere, the previous point should be erased. The new point is placed with a path to that point. If I LMB click again, the previous point will be erased. A new point and path should be drawn. Over and over, just one point. If I LMB with the shift key held, my points should stack/accumulate, so I can build a longer route, up to five way points. If I LMB click after placing five waypoints, everything should be erased and I will have only one point. I believe that's the way it is kind of designed to work... what I'd like to see is a more clearer method, perhaps using the shift in one scenario and the ctrl in another, so placing/removing way points functions every single time.
  10. The UI is ridiculously laggy after 0.8 I can hardly move my mouse before the port just freezes and then goes black for a couple of seconds before I can use my mouse again. I can alt-tab out perfectly fine however when it is black. Its not even using all my computers resources in task manager. Don't even get me started on how unusable the training room is after the most recent patch.
  11. In world of tanks when you move your aim reticle on an enemy it will be green, red or orange based on the calculated probability of penetrating armour where you aim. In this game, some ships can have troll armour, where you think your HE for example can pen/not shatter but in reality it can't. The Khaba and Gearing are great examples of this but so is the Kutuzov, as it's the only CL with 26mm instead of 25mm plating. Showing a new player that their HE shells can't pen parts of a ship with troll armour is still trollish but will removed much of the potential confusion and frustration, especially as you can't always look to your right to track the number of shatters when you're fighting someone else. Doing this for AP shells will also show in real time how much angling can change a ship's effective armour in a way that will make the game more newbie friendly imo. The only downside is when brawling and doing a drive-by, otherwise bad players (who also happen to not use the mods that show ship angles) who would shoot you too soon can now have a better chance at blapping you. So from the experienced brawler's perspective (or from the perspective of someone using the angle indicator mod) this is a negative but otherwise I'd say this change would be mostly positive, and in theory because WoT and WoWS use the same game engine it should be easy to implement (they'll have to redesign how the reticle looks like/works since right now colours are used for reloading time) This feature would work the best when fighting someone really close up, where you're aiming near the ship already (since you need to mouse over parts of the ship for the indicator to give you information). This could arguably 'dumb down' the game but it would also make it easier for newbies to learn fairly simple game mechanics that we take for granted, like the fact that a ship's extremities are weaker.
  12. Hello all. Does anybody know how to get around this problem ? In the thick of battle, I can't check - at a glance - how my rudder is positioned as the indicator bar just fades away after a few seconds. To get my bearings - literally- I have to hit a direction key to make the bar visible, figure out where the arrow indicator is and then, frantically batter the key I need to go in the direction I really want... ...phew ! This is all going on whilst I'm being shot at... Cheers.
  13. The port screen keeps on defaulting to the black sea port. I prefer the Hawaii port and I hit the save changes button and it doesn't save. Every time I log out and than log back in I have to change it back
  14. I can understand how it is helpful, especially for newer or easily distracted folks. But it sure would be nice to disable it, or just somehow reduce it to 1/2 or 1/3rd as many notifications. It can be pretty repetitive in matches and often the information is triggered when it isn't accurate either. It sure would be nice and I think a simple tweak to code in. BTW - if this belongs in one of the sub forums, please relocate it there. Tnx.
  15. bootysoup

    UI lag is unbearable

    I know their has been heavy focus on the CV rework and rightfully so. But the patches have introduced incredible UI lag and the occasional crash. Training room is laggy as baggones.
  16. Capt_Spudchipper

    WOW...Answer me this plz..

    Is there a reason that the chat window cannot remain open and up all the time.. Also can we have a setting to increase the font size? TKS..
  17. My MS Paint edited screenshot says it all, really. Mass container opening option is being implement, doing this as well would make things even easier.
  18. Commandant_Cousteau

    Targeted ship info mod?

    Hi guys! I've seen mods giving info on the ship you target, like gun range. I'm wondering if there's a mod that tells you the speed. I'm not talking about the current speed of the target, but the top speed. Like telling me an Akizuki top speed is 33 knt, a Dmitri Donskoi goes 36 knt or a Charles Martel goes 32.5 knt.
  19. Finally got annoyed enough to take the time to make a request for a change to the Game Client UI regarding how signals are mounted and dismounted. It seems as though the "WoWs Game Client User Interface" (UI) communicates with one or more servers each time a signal is mounted or demounted (dismounted). This appears to cause the time for switching from an "economy signal configuration" to a "performance/combat signal configuration" to be much longer than is necessary. For me, it takes ~30 seconds to "demount" 8 signals, and about the same (edited) a amount of time to mount 8 signals -- or about one minute to switch configurations (on a good day). I'm thinking that is approximately ten times longer than it should be. If at all possible, please consider the following changes to the UI's signal mounting/demounting mechanics: Provide a "demount all signals" button (or popup menu option/action) -- this may not be needed if the following changes are implemented. Allow signals to be "selected for mounting" and "unselected for demounting". Provide an "apply changes" button. This would allow any "final checks with the back-end database server" to be performed in essentially one transaction. Thank you for your consideration!
  20. Whenever WOWs downloads a new update on my PC the Windows UI (mouse pointing) etc. gets very unresponsive (during the update process). Basically I can't browse the internet during the download. It's probably more of a Windows issue than WOWs but does this happen to anybody else? My internet is only 8mb down but I have a powerful PC with tons of memory and a good CPU. You would think my PC would be powerful enough to handle the mouse positioning during a WOWs update (but it can't). Basically I can't use my PC during a WOWs download. Once the download is done, poof, everything is back to normal. Anybody else experience this?
  21. com a 0.7.8 foi dada a opção de aumentar a escala da HUD/UI de Batalha, para melhor adequação dos jogares que jogam em resoluções gráficas elevadas (4K), porém os Devs não deram a opção de diminuir esta escala, resultando em problemas como este (Imagem anexada) das Fitas/Ribbons encobrir parcialmente o Alerta de que seu navio esta sendo detectado. meu jogo roda com a seguintes configurações: 1366x728px (resolução máxima disponível do meu PC) e com e tela em: "Maximizado, sem bordas". poder diminuir para uns 85~90% já seria uma maravilha... eu sei que existe um Mod do Aslain que resolveria parcialmente esse meu problema das fitas, mas eu preferiria por uma solução definitiva vinda da própria WG que resolveria este e o problema do tamanho da bússola...
  22. Several of us have suggested a mothball fleet for ships we no longer play. I have a whole slew of T5s and T6s I don't play because WG destroyed those tiers by restricting the T4 MM, and T8s I dont play because I dont uptier well in them. I also have a slew of T3s and T2s I never play. Certain oddballs, like Blys, I have retired. Why not simply add a DESIGNATE MOTHBALLED to the menu that comes up when you right-click on a ship? The one that has SET AS PRIMARY SHIP, MODULES, SELL SHIP, etc. Then you could just add a filter to the port for MOTHBALLED SHIPS and when that is checked, you would not be able to see the ships in port, which would vastly reduce scrolling time for those of us with many ships in port.