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Found 9 results

  1. Good evening gentlemen/gentlewomen of the WoWS community My name is Nightlock_ (also known as Hans) and I am one of the High Commanders of the clan GGWP. We are reaching out to the community in search of like-minded players to join us and grow with us. Let me give a brief description about us, and our recruitment process. Overall: GGWP is a clan focused on helping other players improve. Not only in randoms but also in competitive play. Our main goal is to improve ourselves and help others at the same time. We plan to partake in all possible competitive modes such as KoTS, shipstorm, Clan wars, Wargames etc as we have many players with experience ranging from hurricane level to typhoon and storm. Hence we do not accept Co-op/PVE/Randoms only players. We are looking for players with a positive mindset/attitude and looking to improve themselves (most important). We run divisions daily, have resources, guides, and demonstrations for improvement, offer a gameplay related QnA channel, as well as do replay reviews for those who are interested. Our clan base is almost at the maximum level (with steel and coal bonuses maxed out). Time and Language: All of us reside in North America and the most widely used time zone in the clan is EST. All players in the clan speak English and the ability to speak English in a game context is mandatory to join the clan as that will be the language in which CB will be conducted. Our prime time for clan battles is the North American Standard prime time of 7:30PM EST to 11:30 PM EST. Recruitment Policy: We are looking for skilled or improving players looking to play and gain experience in competitive. Hence, members are expected to have at least 1 or 2 T-10s that are viable in the current competitive scene. Same policy applies for rerolls/alts Requirements: - 2 competitive worthy T10 ships - Discord as well as a mic for communications - 54%+ WR - 1400+ PR - A positive/improvement oriented attitude: This is without a doubt the most important thing. Most of us come here to improve. If you’re insistent in your ways or are toxic then this is not the place for you How to apply: If you’re interested in applying, please private message me (Nightlock_) or SageLiev in discord or inside the game. I do not check the forums often so PMing me there may result in your application getting lost. All applications to the clan in game without any pretext will be rejected. In your PM please tell us: A: Self-introduction B: All IGN in this game, if you have other account (example: SEA IGN: Col_Dohtonbori, NA IGN: Col_Yodo, RU:none) C: Country of residence D. What class do you want to play in the Clan Battle/Team Battle mainly (DD/CA/BB/CV) E: If you have CB and/or tournament experience, please let us know the details. F: If you stream while you play this game (in youtube, twitch, etc...), let us know your channel's link. Within a day the clan will hold a vote (clan decisions are done through a democratic voting process) and will get back to you regarding your application status We have a trial-period system. When you join GGWP, you will start to play with us as trial-member. There is very few difference between trial and members. Here is the differences. a. You don't have the ability to vote in clan polls b. GGWP has right to remove you, if your personality has serious problem. Trial period will continue until the end of next season Example: If you join us in second CB season, your trial period continues until end of third CB season Clan stats and discord: https://na.wows-numbers.com/clan/1000051901,GGWP-GGWP/ https://discord.gg/rQ6uU6X Even if you are not looking to apply. Feel free to join our discord if you want a place for questions or for resources to improve. Diplomats are also welcome. If you would like to set up an alliance or do scrimmages with us contact a high commander on the discord Nightlock o7
  2. Then [RBMK] - "Mistakes. Were. Made." and [RBMK2] - "3.6 Roentgen. Not Great, Not Terrible" are just the clans for you! We have ACTIVE and CONSISTENT members that division and play DAILY. This enables us to place high in Clan Wars (currently top 20 Over-All NA). If this sounds like the clan for you then here is some more about us: We have a great community of active, mature players with strong and able leadership. Each of our members are provided with training and resources so that they, and the clan as a whole, can improve and grow. Several of our members are current and former Military and Law Enforcement. We also have players from all time zones including SEA. So there's always somebody on to division with. We division and play together daily which improves our effectiveness as a team, especially in competitive modes. This enables us to try out different things and exchange information about the game to improve each player's success. We provide invaluable training resources, updates, and guides through our Discord channel so that all our members have easy access to them. We even run training sessions and scrimmages with other clans! Our goal is to reduce the skill gap between our players by improving and growing them. This makes everyone a valuable team player and an asset to the clan. Here are some basic requirements to be considered for membership: Good average damage with good average experience and battles. Active in-game and Discord. Be a Team Player (willing to learn, improve, and teach). Participate in Clan activities. Hardcore - Always go out with a bang! IMPORTANT: We place great emphasis on the activity and personality of our members. If you are active in Discord, division with us, and have an affable attitude you will drastically improve your chances of membership. We would rather have a mediocre player who is fun to have around and we can teach to improve, than an inactive, toxic Unicum. If you want to check us out and get to know us before joining here is our Discord link: https://discord.gg/8v5XMgH Hop on in and see what you're missing out on! (I highly recommend our state-of-the-art Memes channel). If you have any questions or comments then leave them below or message @Ivan_Namirettov directly. And remember: It's not about your time in battle, it's about your impact in battle that makes the difference. Good luck and see you around!
  3. Clan Activity Sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1IZJwcolKNh-JqKiX_kVcwW-u0nRLWew2dorRRwtl7WU/edit#gid=9 Website: navygamingamerica.enjin.com
  4. The Pipe Hitters Union is currently looking for active players who want to participate in Clan Battles. We at PHU are a semi-competitive clan that focus in the fun of the daily grind, yet pull out all the stops when a Clan Battle season is announced. Get support in all manners of game play, div up with a multitude of friendly captains, and brag about any killer games you cross. We strive for Typhoon League and have achieved it in the past two consecutive seasons. We founded in summer of 2018 and have been a growing community ever since. We have a colorful cast of characters that includes people from all over the world, although possibly too many Canadians , a whole mess of lore and clan history that our founder will love to regale you in whether you want to hear it or not, and a swarm of custom emojis. What we are looking for: Active in game and on Discord(Mic required for CBs) Positive attitude with a willingness to learn and to teach others WR of 52% or higher/PR of 1400 or higher(Exceptions can be made if your recent stats show improvement) Progress towards meta T10 ships What we can offer: Fully upgraded port including full coal and steel bonuses Guaranteed Storm League level rewards if you show up for CBs regularly with a chance at Typhoon steel Very active Discord with daily discussions and divs Message me directly for details if you are interested
  5. 5D2 is is a high skilled and competitive team. If you are wanting to laugh your way into Typhoon then we are the team for you. We do have some minimum Stat requirements, but in reality we will look at what your most recent play skill sets look like and figure it out from there. We have a culture of inclusiveness with exception to drama and toxicity. We encourage inter fleet competition, helpful and happy attitudes, and building our community above all else. Join the new 5D2 and be a part of a winning experience. Contact me in game HERO425 - or apply directly to the clan in game. I will reach out to you
  6. Greetings and Welcome to RNG! Welcome! How are you doing today Captains! I wish to offer you a chance to join RNG family! We have 3 clans each with their own focus! RNG Competive 2000+ Battles 52% Winrate 40k DPG 2 Tier 10 ships + -RNG- Competitive/Training 1000+ Battles 47% Winrate 25k DPG 1 Tier 10 ship + _RNG_ Social 500 Battles 45% Winrate 1 Tier 6 ship In all clans we promote teamwork, competitiveness, and light-heartedness above all. We have a single discord server for all three clans and expect regular participation both in game and on discord. Discord info: https://discord.gg/Fk4S9fS If any of this interests you, please contact Myself, KonigstiverVII, DarkSteel77, jedichiks or any of our recruiters or officers! May RNGeus favor you and all your blind shots hit! ***** Content moderated by JayStark02
  7. [NADO] is now recruiting players https://discord.gg/ewkhCAR (Date: 11/05/19) Hi, you might know us from high tier random games, you might also very well for the first time read our name here. We are North Atlantic Detonation Organization. Established 2015 winter (clan founded 2016 April), we are one of the first WOWS NA player community made up of Chinese international students & workers. Before we continue Our current members are ALL of Chinese origins. If you are one of us, I suppose you will be interested in us. Whether you are or not, please read on: We do speak English, with or without noticeable accents. We wish to facilitate international communications between Chinese players reside on NA soil and native NA players, thus promoting friendly interactions both in WOWS and potentially many other games too. It means we are now looking for active players with decent understanding of the game that look to improve their experience in the game. Our story Same as some of the earliest clans, we have formed up during the first (and so far the only) season of Team Battles. Teams created by our founding members were among top 50 in the final rankings. We subsequently participated in 2016 Supremacy League Season 2 Summer Slaughter mini-tournament and made to final match in the loser bracket during that weekend. In 2017 spring, we formed up 2 teams (one of which in conjunction with RNF) and rounded 1st & 3rd places in Fight Night tournament. History aside, we founded the community even before in-game clan is a thing, in hope to collect like-minded players to help improving the experience and quality of high tier games. Playing competitive games was our priority before WG promised us clan warfare. Most of our current members and founding members have finished grinding tech trees and are yearning for clan contents long awaited in this game. That being said, teamwork is something we value greatly, even over general skills and such. It adds a tasteful spice to our games as there’s not much grinding most of us need to do at this point. Our value and ideology We started the show as a place for highly skilled players with a set of specific requirements for community admission, but throughout the time, neutrality and civilized behavior is necessary to invite acknowledgement to us from the crowd as well. As the general population of this game shifted over time, we have come to appreciate gaming in divisions in random mode, and we welcome people who have decent skills to get along with us, roaming the high seas together. Current organization We have 3 in-game clan titles: [NADO] is our main clan. Right now we are concentrating our most active players and forming first-line teams to level up in Clan Battles rating. Capacity has increased to 40 and is again reaching limit. [NAD0] is our second-line clan. We do not differ skills/stats from former, less active and legacy members are placed here. Regardless of our organization, we aim to bring both clans up there! [N4DO] right now is serving as our retirement club/reserve for inactive members. Application Step 1: before applying: You need to NOT hide your stats for the entire period of involvement with our clan, we appreciate honesty over ALL. Total PvP battles played 2500+. Tier 8-10 PvP win rate above 55%. Have at least 3 meta Tier X ships (E.X. : Currently Henri, Stalin, Des, Zao) Capable PC hardware, network that does not throw you off the cliff. We will schedule voice interview(s) with each eligible applicant in a timely fashion, on our Discord server. We will ignore in-game application to all of our 3 clans unless contacted via Discord. You may find the link at the end of this post. Step 2: At recruitment interview, we look for qualities such as: Maturity, good enough that we don’t know you are underaged or not fit for adult content & chatters. No matter how mature we think you are, WOWS is PG13. This covers a LOT of aspects and why we wish to talk to you before admitting to our clan. Willingness and ability to adapt to divisional teamwork and/or competitive teamwork. Moral compatibility. Contact us Our Discord server is our primary platform and our ONLY official node for inter-clan communications. We are in friendly relationship with multiple clans. The server is open to public and are organized to house membership-only sections as well. If you are interested in joining us, please get in our Discord and message me. If you wish to remain independent or loyal to your current clan while making new friends with us, we respect you and kindly remind you that our server is open to public! https://discord.gg/ewkhCAR P.S. : This thread devleoped from old thread by Chair: Cabbforth
  8. Why should you consider joining KAG? Well, simply put, we are the funnest and most active clan you can ever hope to join! We are a Typhoon League, competitive organization. Currently ranked 5th in Naval Battles on the NA server and 16th globally!!😱 We have multiple divisions running every night and weekend, and sync drop into Random Battles. We have had up to 28 members on Discord all gaming with and against each other. We have even got 9 of us in the same game! We encourage and help train our members to improve and have a huge pool of experience and resources you can learn from. We also run mock Clan Battles in training rooms to test and fine tune our strategies. If you want to take your game experience to the next level then KAG is the best clan to do it! Some requirements are: 50% Win rate, 45,000 avg damage, and a desire to learn. Be active on Discord and participate in clan events. If you would like to join or learn more just message @Ivan_Namirettov. I look forward to meeting you!
  9. Sea Renegades is Recruiting! We're looking for casual and competitive players that are active and looking to join a tight community. We typically will run an alpha (Typhoon CB S2) and/or beta team every evening of clan battles. Check us out in game, we have all port additions giving benefits to repairs, XP, and research discounts. We have loads of oil saved up and will be able to afford all the new additions to the port coming in 0.7.9. Basic criteria for admission: Friendly 1200+ PR (using wows-numbers) 55+% WR Casual players welcome Interested? Hop on our discord server (https://discord.gg/VYDwfm3) to receive a friendly welcome or contact @FreshSqueezedfor additional information about our recruitment process. Fair winds and a following sea!