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Found 1 result

  1. intro So, I've realized that everyone has been having different opinions on how strong(or not) the stalingrad is, but I dont see any actual stat comparison of stalingrad, mainly because we all know how the stalingrad playerbase compare to all players i decided to do a "stalingrad owner stat comparison" myself. i went to wows-numbers's stalingrad leaderboard and got the 53 names on there, and add 6 more people that i know that have stalingrad (i dont know how else to obtain a list of stalingrad owners) this is a very limited sample size, but this is the best i can do so this comparison has a total of 59 people, 59 possible data points next, i went to warships.today to get recent stats. all time stats are severely skewed depending what each person's first tech tree line is, recent stat is a far better evaluation of a person's performance wows-numbers doesnt offer "stats of a specific time period" function, i had to use warship.today (and for whatever reason i have severe connection issue to warships.today, more than half the time i spent was on spamming F5 button) i mostly choose periods of between 90 and 365 days, within 90 days i think there's too little battle, over 365 days i think the person improved too much and it's not fair to include the ancient stats in the comparison but sometimes warships.today decide to do this and i had no choice but to use the 2.5 years old data skewed heavily in favour of stalingrad (there is one person that i just skipped him because warships.today wouldnt cooperate, leaving me with 58 data points) therefore some of the data points are somewhat skewed in favour of stalingrad only ships with more than 10 battles over the period is included also, keep in mind all the buffs/nerfs to these ships within last year hindenburg received a HE pen buff, several patches later a ROF nerf, very recently a repair party buff(this is the most complicated case, stats could either be stronger or weaker what it should be in its current state) henri IV received main battery reload booster(stats are mostly weaker than what it should be in its current state) zao received 12km torp(stats are mostly weaker than what it should be in its current state) moskva received bow armour buff(impact should be minimal) the actual comparison(summary) ok here we go the summary the "any ship" is kind of a "stalingrad versus everyone else" thing, for each person i chose the highest damage from all other ships, and treat all that as a separate ship salem is exclude because too little people own it of these 58 people, more than 60% has at least a ship with higher average damage than their stalingrad, less than 40% has stalingrad as their highest average damage cruiser if we look closely, only hindenburg has a higher average damage than stalingrad. but like stated above, hindenburg is very complicated, i have no way of telling when most people played their hindenburg. i guess this could only be answered by WG themselves, but let's just say damage-wise, hindenburg ≈ stalingrad zao and henri are both only lower than stalingrad by less than 4000, but like mentioned above, both zao and and henri received buffs during this 300 day period, i dont think every single person only played those 2 ships after their buff, so i do believe there are a significant amount of pre-buff data mixed within(at least for myself, i played both henri and zao before the buff, and those stats are counted toward the comparison) therefore in their current state, both zao and henri should be stronger than what their stats showed, so again let's just say damage-wise, both (current) zao and henri IV ≈ stalingrad and then the other 4 ships are a significant distance behind hindenburg stalingrad zao and henri. worcester is lower by ~10k, moskva and des moines by 15k, minotaur by 27k conclusion: in the list of stalingrad players, in terms of damage, hindenburg ≈ stalingrad ≈ zao ≈ henri IV > worcester > moskva ≈ des moines > minotaur the actual comparison(ship by ship) in this part, i plotted the average of stalingrad agaisnt another ship, person by person take zao for example, a person's stalingrad average damage is the X value, the same person's zao average damage is the Y value the amount of data point for each plot is listed above in the "total people with both....." row how to read the plots (interpretation might include strong personal opinion) i'm kind of just providing a quick guide as to how to understand the plots, it contains a lot of my personal opinion. the plots however are not affected by my personal opinion, so you can interpret the data any way your want and here are the plots for each ship zao is interesting, i dont know if the 12xk stlg/80k zao outlier affect the plot too much, but the trendline seems to show that zao is a lot more noob friendly than stalingrad but if we remove the few outliers, they are pretty clustered around the x=y line, meaning zao and stlg are roughly equal, with more points bottom right than top left if we remove the outlier at 14xk stlg/11kx hind, it's again pretty much clustered around the x=y line, with more points top left than bottom right no significant outlier there, fit line almost perfectly overlap with x=y. dmg of stlg and HIV almost grow at the same pace with skill, and overall their damage is also almost identical interestingly though, all 5 out of the 6 data points in the top right corner(both ships avg dmg above 120k) have higher HIV avg dmg than stlg. the last point have almost identical avg dmg in both ships the rest are just straight out inferior, nothing worth mentioning here a bunch of stuff so....here's all the plots i can come up with from this limited set of data, if you learned something new, good. if you didnt, welp ╮(╯▽╰)╭ why did i do damage? because this is the easist trackable value. for win rate id need to look at solo que/2man div/3man div. average kill? could work, but today only gives kill to 1 decimal place. numbers give it to 2 decimal place, but numbers cant isolate data over a period of time so i'd end up working with a value ranging from 0 to ~2 with increments of 0.1.............no, i dont want to do that so, this is just a comparison in terms of raw damage delt of stalingrad vs another ship from people that own both, in random battles only this is not meant to show how "good" stalingrad is overall. the performance of a ship is a very complicated thing, and raw damage number cant represent it all, but at least it's a rough reflection of its performances i dont want to draw conclusion on whether it's overpowered or what not, i'd rather just present to plots and let you guys decide the link to all the images are here https://imgur.com/a/2hO03ft Ive also upload the excel chart https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UjTortu2NfQ97J385pHrVYbwAmN2I_ZN feel free to take the data i recorded from warships.today and do whatever analysis you want with it. just remember to post your result back here