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Found 5 results

  1. Navalpride33

    Some Comedic WOWS (Replay),

    If anyone would like to use this replay in their youtube channel, please forward me the link as well ... TY. 20210730_225524_PRSC107-Schors_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay intermittently, the game was over at the 14 min mark.. But, it was the must boring up the middle charge I've seen on two brothers... Those who love a laugh, will love this short feature... I would like to thank Popcorn from TNG for the comedy along with, the other 22 players in the match. We all need a chuckle or a belly laugh... So enjoy...
  2. black_hull4

    "Backline Useless"

    So I just got HMS Emerald, and my first game was...weird. 2 Brothers, bottom tier, I quickly find out she can reach 34.4 knots, nice! I'm doing my on thing on the east flank, firing into perfect broadside targets. Pretty soon the last enemy ship is a Colorado. Our Zed-31 now decides to rush him through open water, with predictable results. He is then followed by our Nelson, who gets citadeled out of existence pretty quickly. And that's when a player begins screaming at me in chat for being "BACKLINE USELESS." I'm still whittling the Colorado down for one of my teammates to take him out. Then I tell that player that I've done 24000 damage so he can shut the up. He says something else that I don't even understand After the game ends I look & I have 65 hits on target & 2 defends, now well over 24K damage. Guess who that was? Is it any surprise that it was the Zed-31? He scored above me by...4 XP. Now, I was going to blacklist the guy, but the Discord mates wanted to see exactly how his chat would get. So I reminded him that he was the one who charged an open-water Colorado in the first place. One Hosho game later: So was I really "BACKLINE USELESS?" I'm inviting all of you forumites to analyze my game and tell me yes, no, why, and what I could've done better. Please let me know if the replay file doesn't work. backlineUseless.wowsreplay ♦
  3. AMajor

    A teachable battle

    Attached is a replay video that I wanted to share with those of you who play mid-tier BBs (I am a dd main player). My intent is NOT to shame any player, but the battle was classic in that I've seen the same gameplay before so I want you BB drivers to see both the mistakes and the great gameplay so that we will be worthy adversaries if we meet in battle. The map is Two Brothers. The start is standard (flank movements). Forward to 16:20. The Red team pushes hard down the gap and almost takes us by surprise. We fight back and take out the red push team. Here is my first teachable moment. The QE BB starts pushing down the gap. Let's think about this for a moment. Your team sent lost multiple ships at the lower end of the gap and they spotted a British dd during the fight. This is a ship that can single fire torps in very narrow places. The British dd is not reported killed. Never, EVER, is it advisable to try and drive a BB down the middle gap of Two Brothers if there are ANY possible dds on the lower end to say NOTHING about single torp launching dds. I felt rather guilty about killing that BB. In more positive news, watch the great play of Fox_31 in a Bayern dodging my torps towards the end of the game. The player responded correctly by coming back to contest the Cap, he/she dodged every fish that I threw at the ship. Study the replay to learn how to defeat torpedos. I am a dd player. I am your counter in the game. I want our team to win because BOTH you and I played well, we just played a little better. NO more sending single BBs down the gap in Two Brothers unless they are sure that there are no dds waiting for them on the lower end, OK? 20181018_221107_PBSD106-Icarus_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  4. anonym_LreZfNvihoej

    Another two bites the dust

    Meeting 2 battleships incoming from channel in Two Brothers... Never expected Chappy to perform well in this role