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Found 26 results

  1. MidnightPhoenix07

    New Twitch Code

    New twitch code for the Santa’s mansion windows ITMAKESNOSCENTS And for the link brigade: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=ITMAKESNOSCENTS https://eu.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=ITMAKESNOSCENTS https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?bonus_mode=ITMAKESNOSCENTS Edit: if you already completed the twitch mission, it’s apparently the same window. This is just for people that missed the mission to help them catch up.
  2. I work retail and as you know this is the busy season. I don't have any spare time to watch twitch streams and would like somebody to share the official twitch code to get the pirate Santa's twitch window unlocked. Thanks in advance.
  3. While watching the 24 hour event on Twitch, I received notification that I had obtained the Twitch container which I accepted. I noticed the container was marked 'faulty' and still is. Nothing has turned up in my game account. Has anyone else had this problem?
  4. I think we know the name of the new WoWS studio now supporting CIS WoWS. However I am confused why they are on the Wargaming WoWS Twitch channel if they are a separate company. Is there an agreement of using Wargaming resources for promoting their version of WoWS? I am grateful in getting the Twitch rewards from watching, however will they work for Wargaming WoWS product for the NA region? I know their CIS codes are specific for their region. Will there be a memo to explain how this plays out in the future when watching the WoWS Twitch channel? I would like feedback if anyone knows the deal with the new changes.
  5. Welcome Home everyone, A little about my self. I am a Twitch streamer and a CC for World of Warships. I stream everyday at 9pm PST. My goal is to grow my community and have fun doing so. I have 14 clans over two servers at the moment that being NA/EU which i am planning on growing into the other two servers sooner then later. I have zero tolerance for toxicity in game and in my community. I am trying to make a 3rd Home for people to be able to come in and hangout and div up with others to have fun. Everyone is welcome just follow my rules. I am also an advocate for mental health which is a big problem with society that needs to be addressed and helped with. I also have a Stream Team dedicated to helping streamers grow they channels and communities. If you are looking for a team to join as a streamer Dm me in discord for more info. Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/wookie_legend Hi all, Check out my Z-46 game play taken from my live stream which you can find below. I had a great game with a division and would love to see you in Stream with me soon. What do you think of the game play? Want to see me play live? Check out the links below. Our Training Room events help players improve their game play and avoid common mistakes will all ship types. You can watch Training Room events every Saturday night (PST) on https://www.twitch.tv/wookie_legend! If you, or your entire clan, are interested in joining the Wookie Empire, please join our Discord server and inquire in the Recruitment channel! Wookie Links! Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/wookie_legend Discord - https://discord.gg/ZQDJbP4 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/wookie_legend/ We are very proud to support our veterans and anyone in need of emotional or mental support: The Valhalla Project - https://tilvalhallaproject.com/ StackUP.org - https://stackup.org/ The Legion - https://www.legion.ca/support-for-vet... Veteran's Crisis Line - 1-800-273-8255 or http://www.veteranscrisisline.net/ Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program - https://yellowribbon.org/ Crisis Services Canada - https://www.crisisservicescanada.ca/en/ Music: StreamBeats @spotify
  6. As ultrawide monitors become more common with users and streamers, it would be nice if the UI elements could be scaled or moved to correspond to the typical streaming window / display. I have noticed different games (like Snowrunner) do this well by giving you the ability to play the game on the ultrawide, but also have the UI limited to the screen extents that allow for display while streaming. It is understood that ultrawide users still make a up a small portion of the userbase, but is this something that Wargaming could look into / implement as they are becoming more and more common?
  7. Rusty_Bucket__

    Help With Twitch

    I need a bit of guidance with Twitch. I've already picked up my weekly drop. It's the second package that I am having trouble with. I received the message "You are now eligible to get Update 0.10.7 mission #1. You get your loot on the inventory page". I've looked at the Combat Missions. Is this the "Common" Mission? I've looked at my Inventory and find nothing connected to Twitch. Pardon my ignorance regarding Twitch and thanks for your guidance.
  8. ¡Buenas Capitanes! Vengan a disfrutar unas partidas en nuestro tiempo de comunidad para Latino America con @JulianHeafy y @Jav0105 . 🙌🙌🙌 👉 El jueves 29 de Abril a las 6pm CDMX/8PM Buenos Aires 👈 www.twitch.tv/worldofwarships VAMOS A TENER UN ANUNCIO ESPECIAL SOBRE UN EVENTO QUE SE APROXIMA ;] ¡Espero verlos ahí!
  9. I'm hoping someone can help me. The past few days I noticed I was not getting any Twitch drops so I did a little research. Today, I watched a channel (drops enabled) from 11:15 until 12:20 and did not receive a drop. I went into Account Management and unlinked my Amazon and Twitch accounts, then relinked them. I watched a second channel (drops enabled) from 12:30 - 13:40, but still no twitch drop. But this time I did see the Combat Mission for the Tirpitz "Twitch Prime" (or whatever Amazon is calling it these days. My understanding was that watching a channel with drops enabled for 60 minutes would generate a twitch drop, and it has in the past. I'll try going for 90 minutes, but can anyone suggest why I am not receiving the twitch drops? Thanks! Jim
  10. Tpaktop2_1

    Twitch stream message LoL

    I just got a Twitch drop from the English stream a little while ago and they (Twitch) wanted you to post the results. I see this result in chat when I tried to post. Did someone get this wrong or is it just me?
  11. Howdy everyone, A little bit about myself first. I'm an Australian content creator who loves strategy games. Growing up, I've spent countless hours on stuff like Age of Empires II, EU4, CIV5 and various Total War games, figuring out how to think strategically and overcome obstacles is one of my passions, which means it should come as no surprise that my favorite books are works of classical strategic theory. Sun Tzu's The Art of War, Machiavelli's Prince, and Clauswitz's Vom Kriege are some of my favourite ones (even though I haven't quite finished all of them yet). World of Warships has been my recent obsession, with 12K battles accumulated since 2016 over two servers (SEA and NA). I approach this game in the same manner as I would one of my other strategy game. Finding the slower pace of battle to be refreshing, where every decision has consequences whose effect may be felt much later down the line. I'd love to show that passion through the content I create, and I'm making this thread to catalogue and share some of that with the community here who might find it interesting. I stream every Fortnight on Saturday over at Twitch. Full disclosure, I cosplay on camera (to keep things interesting and light-hearted). Usually as Kongou, if I'm doing a World of Warships stream. Link can be found here: https://www.twitch.tv/logistic_llama The Youtube channel already has a couple of Warships video, and can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLxwZ3w1mLfCumk64XtR3pA Finally, If you'd like to chat or say hi, either drop by when I'm streaming or join me over on my discord here: https://discord.gg/yWe3YKf Thanks everyone, catch you all out there... Good luck and Fair Seas! - Logistic Lama (aka. Sherper)
  12. We're going hardcore tonight: I'm unlocking the German Tier 4 carrier. Gonna do some Midway and GZ games...and will be opening containers. May very very very well offer some loot today for subscribers. Open to divs as well, lets have some fun people!
  13. Standby for words from the Chief. Shipmates, today starting at 4PM CENTRAL TIME @Kalvothe and myself will be live on the official World of Warships Twitch channel with @ShanghaiSix, Founder and CEO of Stackup.Org, to discuss Stackup and Operation Lifeboat! Join us on twitch and help raise awareness for this very important topic, discuss the game, some antics and maybe give some stuff away! The channel link is below! That is all. Mahalo, -Hapa
  14. I am learning IJN CV (slowly...). Have watched @Eurobeat (Yuro) videos on Yotube about slingshot and Ryujo. Very entertaining but I need more serious information and examples. Are there some other good channel for learning Japan CV?
  15. he is almost done with free2rico grind, lots of good camo and signals spent, so he is a seasoned potato player he came as a tomato, but he improved a lot
  16. I am a new EU and NA player and Streamer I upload Highlights to youtube most days . My Twitch Have Fun Captains and I hope to see you on the High Seas .
  17. Stage 1: No problem in understanding Stage 2: Tough, but no problem. You want it tough going in understanding the capabilities of Italian CAs. Stage 3: WTH?? Why did you guys pick that number? Did the mission monkey used a dart board to come up with that number? Why no significant number related to any Italian historical event? Or am I missing the insider joke? I ask these questions, because to me it seems that you guys (Devs) are having a hard time coming up with mission parameters. Have you tried asking the WoWS community for ideas on the Twitch missions? Because sometimes these missions do not seem logical. Do you guys (Devs) play these missions BTW when they are designed for practicability? I ask because I want to understand. BTW, I like the WG Twitch streams. The Evil Twins and their substitutes are great in giving information to the WoWS community.
  18. chilibeanz

    Twitch Channel

    Hi Everyone My name is chilibeanz aka chilibohnes A new twitch and youtuber . I would like to welcome you to enjoy my content and my game play. I have been playing since the start and have enjoyed it since I have been with AFK almost a year and there a great bunch of people I also want to welcome you to visit us as well If your interested in joining me on twitch here's the link also for my youtube if you want to come and visit us at AFK https://discord.gg/kAuJzT Thanks guys and happy hunting
  19. Hey guys quick questions about twitch drops I know they said "You can receive up to 5 of these during Update 0.8.8 " Is that just in reference to the containers? Like once I have got my 5 do I no longer have a chance at one of the epic drops? or that I would have a chance at it only after I have gotten my 5 drops? It's quite unclear.
  20. Received this on login this morning ... Included a Port Slot and 0 Point Commander ...
  21. ¿Quién sos, Adam? ¿Quién te conoce? ¡Hola! Mi nombre es Adam, tengo 26 años y vivo en Argentina. Soy estudiante de psicología, adiestrador de perros, fui actor, escribo para medios y tengo pensado hacer un posgrado en sexología. Además de eso, fui jugador de esport en World of Tanks con el equipo internacional Lincoln Brigade, luego hice "coaching" para equipos que recién arrancaban tanto en Latinoamérica como en Estados Unidos. Y como si todo eso fuese poco, estoy al frente de Reporte de Batalla. ¡Ah, casi me olvido! Además, soy organizador del único emprendimiento de esport con sponsoreo oficial de Wargaming.net (y sí, hay que presumirlo) en latinoamérica hispanohablante: la Liga Latina de World of Tanks (es un enlace). También fui relator de la WGLNA Bronze League en los años 2015-2016, produciendo la primer transmisión en español para América Latina; mientras que en el año 2018 fui relator de la anteriormente mencionada, Liga Latina. Como jugador, al momento de escribir esto, poseo alrededor de 1500 batallas y fluctúo entre 53-54% de win rate. No me preocupo mucho por eso, pero sé que a algunos les interesa, así que por qué no mencionarlo. ¿En qué horarios y días hacés transmisiones/cosas? Por ahora no tengo momentos definidos, todo depende de cómo se maneje el público. Pero como pauta: a la noche. Por otra parte, el Podcast de Batalla (podcast de Reporte de Batalla) sale en vivo los sábados a las 14(13 con horario de verano) mex/16arg/21esp; y cuenta con miembros como vergara21 (cc de WoT), Lunhav (streamer de WoT), YamiKai (a quienes ya conocen por aquí), Torenico (ex jugador de esport en WGLNA y actual estudiante de historia) y, a veces, tenemos a Talleyransud (cc de WoWS). ¿Qué podés esperar en mi stream? El tiempo del esport me ha abandonado, pero eso no quiere decir que no tenga ánimos en mejorar mi calidad de juego y de shows en vivo. Apunto a crear un ambiente abierto y afectivo para crear una comunidad agradable para todos. En otras palabras: son bienvenidos a charlar, preguntar e intercambiar; seas de Marte, de Júpiter, de Neptuno o de las oscuridades del conurbano de Buenos Aires, sos bienvenido. Lo que más me interesa es que encuentres un lugar para compartir y divertirte. Un stream sin público es como una pintura en un placard: puede ser muy buena, pero si nadie la ve, es lo mismo que nada. ¿Jugás otros juegos además de barquitos? ¡Sí! Muchos. La cuestión es que ustedes quieran verlo. Por ahora, me voy a enfocar más que nada en barquitos, pero estoy pensando en alternar un poco los fines de semana, veremos si vale la pena o no. ¿Y los links? ¡¿EL ZELDA?! Links! Y no te olvides que podés ver las transmisiones en diferido en la pestaña de "videos". Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/adam_vulpes Prepárense una taza de su bebida preferida y súmense a observar mis patéticos intentos en ser un jugador relevante. Si están aburridos y quieren pasar un buen momento, pásense. Y mientras estén en eso, hagan click en "seguir" y a la campanita, así saben exactamente cuando salgo en vivo. Además, se rumorea que la gente que observa mi stream tiene 70% menos probabilidad de perder el pelo y engordar. No lo digo yo, lo dice la ciencia. Saludos y ¡Buenas partidas!
  22. Heyo Captains! Want to get your hands on a Twitch Container? Look how pretty in purple it looks: To be eligible to obtain Twitch Drops make sure you link your Twitch Account to your Game account by: Log into your account Go to your Account Management Page Link your Twitch Account (Right hand side) ... and get watching your favorite streamers! (You will need to watch for at least an hour before having a chance to receive a container). Don't have a favorite streamer? Find one here. Or even watch the Official World of Warships streams here.
  23. I have my Twitch account linked to my Login for Wargaming, am a Twitch Prime member, yet the port is still grayed out. Is there something I'm missing? Do I need to link something in addition?
  24. Hey Everyone! Its C0L0NEL_MUSTARD announcing another giveaway on my stream today starting at 8pm EST (5pm PST)! I am celebrating my inclusion into the Twitch Affiliate Program and what better way to do that than give things away to those who watch my channel. What am I giving away? Glad you asked. I will be giving away a minimum of 4 Black Friday Premium Containers throughout the stream (possibly more if my wallet allows for it). I will be raffling them off every 2 games or so. Last week was a really fun stream and I hope to make this one even better for me and, more importantly, for those watching. Come check it out and feel free to leave feedback on the stream in this Topic. Hope to see you all later tonight! Here is the link for my channel: https://www.twitch.tv/c0l0nel_mustard