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Found 1 result

  1. World of Warships Ship Opinions Groꞵer Kurfurst I’m the Juggernaut, [edited]! Juggernaut, indeed. The Groꞵer Kurfurst is the original unstoppable wrecking ball battleship. Packing a titanic HP pool, incredible armor, and enough firepower for a battleship and a pair of light cruisers. It truly exemplifies the mantra “Too big to stop rolling”. These days, the Kurfurst has lost much of it’s credit, due to the meta favoring long range combat with High explosive, instead of a jousting match at close range with AP shells, and thus, is labelled by bellyaching players as a useless HP pinata. Despite the fact that I am indeed a former Kurfurst player, I’ll try my best and be unbiased in this review. Let’s see then, is the German Juggernaut still as good as it has always been, or has it lost its edge lately? Armor : Turtleback [edited] Like with the Montana, the Armor is the most vital part of any good battleship. The HP pool of 105,800 points is protected by over 700mm of armor plating, starting with the 380mm main belt, 200mm upper and lower belts, 50mm of citadel plating, and 120mm of Turtleback that makes German battleships,like I said with the Gneisenau, incredibly difficult to do citadel damage to. While the Kurfurst does eat massive amounts of penetration damage, it is impossible to delete this thing with one salvo of shells from any battleship. Even if a Lyon lands ALL 16 of its 340mm shells for full penetrations, it will deal around 50-60k at most, while most other battleships would get deleted or take 90-95k. And of that 50-60k, the Kurfurst can heal 25-30k of that over two heals or so. No other battleship has better durability than this ship, and while the Kremlin has more HP, it will eat citadel hits for days if it shows broadside, even to the likes of Zao and Henri, thanks to the fantastic penetration of both ship’s AP shells. Other little foibles on the Juggernaut include a heavily sloped citadel, 50mm deck armor, and almost no 32mm plating on the nose of the ship. Seriously, the entire nose is comprised of a sloped 60mm plate, which makes bow-overmatch shots from the Yamato impossible.The Kremlin also has this, but the whole upper part of the bow is 32mm, which means Yama can overmatch it, leading to penetrations or potential citadel hits. It’s only weakness here comes in the form of torpedoes, but the Kurfurst does have a tool up its sleeve to counteract that threat. Like I said, you aint killing this thing easy. Armaments: I did say table for three, right? And that last part comes if you manage to survive long enough to deliver a payload of shells or torpedoes to hurt it. The German Sledgehammer comes with 12, 406mm/52 caliber L/52 SK C/38 primary armament rifles standard, which can be upgraded to 420mm/48 caliber L/48 SK C/42 rifles. The turret traverse of 39 seconds is quick, but the guns themselves will surprise you. The 406mm guns have a reload of 29 seconds, though they deal less damage than the Montana 406s. The 420mm guns have a 3 second longer reload (for some inexplicable reason), but have some of the heaviest BB shells in the game, at around 1220 kg, and some of the best penetration for 16.5 inch guns, with 883mm of initial penetration, though that is lower than the Republique, Kremlin, or any of the 17/18 inch armed BBs. Regardless, despite the fact that this thing has some pretty wonky dispersion ( typical German BB aim ), if this thing lands a clean shot on you, you ain’t escaping. The guns also have a stupid quick shell speed that barely drops, even at range, making for easier shots and better lead times than your average BB. And let’s not forget secondaries either. On each side, this thing packs 5 dual 128mm L/61 SK C/42 turrets and 2 dual 150mm L/61 SK C/38 turrets, for a total of 14 secondary turrets. Fully specced, they throw out over 5 tons of HE-Laden metal per minute out to a maximum range of 11.6 kilometers with lethal accuracy. While the American secondaries found on Ohio boast better accuracy, the Kurfurst trades the use of a 14 point captain for ¼ HE penetration capacity that allows it to chew through cruisers like its no big deal, with IFHE, they will chew up all ships ( except the Russians and Germans ), with 41mm penetration on the 128s. Ohio, meanwhile, just works by setting fires, not arguably the best choice when most Kurfursts run BoS and high alert instead of IFHE and something else. The price for this is a heavily specialized captain, such as the 17 point one I use. Still, MFC is better because you can easily smash DDs and cruisers with ease at even longer ranges than the Americans. Only other weakness here are the terrible firing arcs on her main guns, but that’s nothing new for balanced-layout battleships. AA: Dakka, I guess AA wise, not much here. The Kurfurst has a monster Long and Mid-range AA ring, with 201 and 359 DPS, respectively, but a pretty poor short range. Regardless, most carriers will prefer to avoid the Kurfurst when possible, as they will get their squadrons shredded pretty quickly. All other Battleships (save Yamato) boast better AA defenses, but none have the spread out AA mount layout that prevents the AA from being dismembered so quickly by a Thunderer in the early stages of the battle. Still, AA is AA, I guess. Handling: Muscle Car, indeed In terms of turning, she’s clumsy as heck. Yeah, she does 30 knots, which is pretty impressive for an 85,000 ton or so battleship, but she turns like a brick. Her 17 second rudder shift is hampered by a 1,050 meter turning circle that can over-expose her at the worst of times. Only the Kremlin has a longer turning circle, and even she has a faster rudder than this thing. Everyone else has a better turning circle, or is faster than it in a straight line.Still, it’s hilarious when a DD thinks they’re safe in their smoke and all of a sudden they get run down by this thing. Concealment: Insert overused "Yo Mama so Fat" joke But that last thing may be difficult. It’s also hard to hide this thing, with a base surface detection radius of 18.1 kilometers, the best it can reach is 14.3 kilometers, same as Republique and Yamato. Kremlin and Montana beat it by a kilometer or so, and the Conqueror by around two or three (then again, it’s the Conqueror, what did you expect). The aerial detection is also horrid, but it’s somewhat forgivable, because CVs prefer to ignore you anyways, unless it’s Hakuryu. Even if you fully specialize, people are NOT going to ignore a chance to farm some damage off of you. The best way to hide in this thing is behind your waifu or in a smokescreen. Remember,though, Smokescreens are torpedo magnets, so maybe not a smokescreen Consumable-wise, mostly bog-standard, with the exception of the 6km German Hydroacoustic Search consumable, which is what makes that torpedo threat largely nonexistent for the duration of it’s uptime. Build: How to customise your sausage. Build-wise ( new thing i’m adding ), I went with a hybrid secondary specification Captain Preventative Maintenance ( 1 point ) Adrenaline Rush ( 2 points ) Basic Firing Training ( 3 points ) Advanced Firing Training ( 4 points ) Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament ( 4 points ) Basics of Survivability ( 3 points ) Jack of All Trades ( 2 points ) Modules Slot 1: Auxiliary Armaments Modification 1 Slot 2: Damage Control Modification 1 Slot 3: Secondary Battery Modification 2 Slot 4: Damage Control System Modification 2 Slot 5: Concealment Systems Modification 1 Slot 6: Main Battery Modification 3 I chose this build to maximize close-range endurance and firepower, forgoing IFHE and Priority Target to go with Basics of Survivability and Jack of all trades to minimize Damage over Time. Conclusion To conclude on this review, I guess it’s safe to say that the Kurfurst is indeed losing the edge it once had. The German Battleship Dispersion Buff in 0.8.11 certainly helped it a little, but it still struggles in the current meta. Regardless, it is certainly not a dumb ship to play, it requires time and skill to master, but the rewards are well worth it when you trample your enemies and leave Wargaming pondering whether or not they should have given more to the Ohio, such as buffed side armor. Because at the end of the day, the Kurfust hurts more, hits harder, faster, and doesn’t need any special gimmick ( Large cruiser dispersion ) to make it special. It’s all guts, glory, no pain-no gain mentality and brute force firepower. You have a Smolensk? That’s cute. Russia can run, sure, but can it stop an 85,000 tonne steel avalanche of guns and steel? I don’t think so ))))))) ( Eh, maybe a Stalingrad can- NO, NO STALINGRAD REVIEW YOU UTTER [edited]) (Maybe the Grand old lady, though, that sounds fun)