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Found 4 results

  1. A few minutes in I realized my NdJ turrets weren't animating, anyone else with this problem? All else behaved normally Replay attached below. Once in a while one turret would move.... 20201225_192527_PVSC507-Nueve-de-Julio-1951_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay
  2. I was doing some reading on the French battleships and I found out that the turrets for Normandie, Dunkerque, Lyon, Richelieu, Gascogne, Alsace, Jean Bart, Republic, and Bourgogne had the divided internal bulkhead for their turrets to prevent all four guns from being knocked out by critical hits. So when guns are incapacitated on these ships listed above, it should be only two guns and not four guns that are affected. That is why the turret render looks off with these ships. Are the WoWS developers aware of this fact? Would you like to see the dual bulkheads in WoWS?
  3. I've been playing my Jean Bart a lot recently. I've noticed a strange sort of behavior which, logically, does not make sense to me. Suppose you have your turrets (When looking forward, toward the bow of a ship, port and starboard refer to the left and right sides, respectively) cranked all the way to PORT (left looking forwards). They are at their maximum left turn. Now you turn hard to starboard, all the way full starboard. At the same time, you also turn your main guns towards bow planning to rotate them full STARBOARD. Have you noticed, at least some of the time, the turrets sort of just stop short of full bow-on in the turn. You watch them then suddenly, as if they know you are watching, they take off where they should have been going. Theoretically - I think this makes sense - if a ship is dead in the water, turning the turrets from PORT to STARBOARD should take X seconds. If the ship it turning counter to the main guns, that is the turrets are turning STARBOARD while the ship is turning PORT, would the guns take much less than X to get to full STARBOARD? Directly above, the guns and ship would look like a pair of scissors closing. Whereas ... if the ship and the guns are both turning hard to STARBOARD wouldn't the guns take longer to reach full STARBOARD? I know it's silly of course - but I've been watching turret rotations on the JB during combat and often it does not seem like a smooth, steady traverse. tia fyc
  4. As it is now - you only have one AIM for ALL the guns on any Battleship. You have to pre-aim them and anticipate your enemy when you get into any position as if an enemy gets behind you and they start firing your secondaries will not always be a great asset to defend you as compared to your main guns. This survey queries the players into thinking about MORE than one AIM control to mitigate this scenario. If you had two controls you could (on a four gun ship) to aim your forward guns as well as aim your rear guns individually. If your control was then four guns you could aim the gun so that you would have guns every 90 degrees all around you for 360 deg protection. Any enemy ships would know that if they were in between those aiming points the BB's turrets would only have to turn only 45 deg to aim two guns at you. Basically the idea is to make the BB a lot more versitile than the model as played now. It would also make BB's play more in the open areas as their turrets would be quicker to home in on their target time wise.