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Found 4 results

  1. I selected only Try Your Luck containers for patches 11.7, 11.8, and 11.9 just to see what percentage of them were Super Containers. NOTE: These results do NOT include reward or monthly SC's. From the Wiki - How Standard containers become Super containers Each player account starts with a progress counter that advances from zero to 100. A Super container drop number between zero and 100 is randomly generated. When the counter exceeds the drop number, the container that advanced the counter past the number becomes a Super container. When the counter reaches 100, it is reset and a new drop number is randomly generated.[1] The counter value and drop number are persistent across log-ins. Obtaining one of four of the types of Standard container { More Economic Bonuses, More Signals, More Camouflages, More Coal } advances the counter by 1.5. Try Your Luck or the receipt of a Small container advances the counter by 4.5. Thus there is no "percent roll" to obtain a Super container in place of a Standard container. Each of the four Standard container types advances the counter at a steady pace. Since Try Your Luck advances the counter much more quickly, it is more likely to encounter the drop point and become a Super container. Nevertheless, by simulating a very large number of Standard containers, we find that 4.5% of TYL and 1.5% of other Standard containers do, on average, become Super containers. My results were a bit above average, overall. 11.7 - 67 containers collected, 4 were SC. 5.97% SC drop rate. 11.8 - 77 containers collected, 5 were SC. 6.49% SC drop rate. 11.9 - 68 containers collected, 2 were SC. 2.94% SC drop rate. Overall - 424 containers collected, 22 were SC. 5.19% SC drop rate. Admittedly, three patches worth of containers doesn't necessarily make a large sample size. I just wanted to see what drop rates I got and share the info, What was in the containers? Of course, YMMV!
  2. If you receive a "Try Your Luck"/"Small" container from one of the following sources, do you have any chance that it could be a Supercontainer; or will these always be just a "Small" container? Daily Login Reward Mission Reward Website "click" gift Very curious; and I don't have nearly enough data to say anything other than they'll always be "Small"s.
  3. I decided to collect Try Your Luck containers for the month of July. Results are surprising - especially regarding Supercontainers. 87 of 93 containers collected. 80 were TYL, 6 were SC, 1 was Resources (oops). The gory details below... I know I exceeded the draw rate for SC. Three of them showed up in the first three days. (Tin Hat Theory says RNG caught me up since I haven't drawn an SC in over 6 months.) The only complaint I have is that I still haven't drawn a ship in a daily container... Your mileage may vary but I hope y'all've done well!
  4. bubbleboy264

    Supercontainer help/luck

    Ive unlocked over 100 containers so far, a mix of try your luck and the other options. So far I've gotten only 2 super containers, and with both of them I wasn't using the try your luck containers. And the rewards in the 2 containers? 50k free xp and 250 flags of some type I can't remember. Meanwhile I see posts of people getting multiple super containers each week, getting free Nikolai's and gremyaschy's while I get rotten luck. I've opened several dozen try your luck containers, gotten NOTHING. The most I got was 5 premium camos. Why does this happen? Why is my luck so bad? Even when I get all 3 containers in 1 day i still get crap. Please help me...