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Found 2 results

  1. havinagreattime

    WoWs beginner tips

    Hello I am MSG2007 and I will be posting tips and tricks.
  2. Being an older gentleman, I found early on in the game when I fired my main guns, the mere action of doing that LMB clicking caused my mouse aiming point to shift. God how I grew so aggravated over it. Well, long ago, WoWS gave me/us an option. I like to lay claim to it because I beeched so much about it. But they gave the SPACEBAR the ability to be assigned as a trigger for the main battery. For me this works like a charm. You might want to try it. You steer with your WASD, you aim with your mouse and when you want to fire main batteries, you just hit the spacebar with your thumb. Smooth. Like a lemon jello, but frozen. No more jiggles on the aims. Almost immediately, my accuracy and cit counts went up. So I encourage you to consider this aiming method. Initially yes, it takes a bit of getting used to... but once you got it down, I think you'll really enjoy it. A second tip has to do with ammo loadouts. At the start of a match, if there are more than two DDs or some squishy targets which I can burn down, during the countdown period to the start, I'll make sure my HE is the select ammo to load. But if I only want one round of HE but then want to switch to AP, this will work nicely for you. You ensure you tap the 1 key enough times that it is the selected ammo to load. You then press the 2 key ONCE. Just once. This preloads the ammo change. Your first load will be HE. As soon as you fire your main battery, the ammo type loaded will be AP. It is important to remember firing just one main battery round will trigger the ammo change. I do enjoy starting matches this way when I'm playing something like the Kremlin and a low red dd count. You can do it all game long. As a side note - if you want to switch ammo types, unless you're desperate, wait until you are fully loaded, then switch. It costs what, 50% less time to load the new stuff? Finally - targeting. Since most of us use Priority Target, the option that not only tells us we're targeted, but how many ships are targeting us, this can help increase your number of kills. Here's the scenario. Red ship is sailing into battle. They get an indication someone is targeting them. It stays on, so they alter course. Now let's try a redo. Red ship is sailing into battle. They get an indication someone is targeting them. It flickers off not more than a second after it flashed on. Not a problem thinks the red player. Suddenly their ship gets hammered by the enemy team. Even though they weren't locked, apparently, as there was no indication of anyone targeting them. You can probably imagine what happened, right? Generally speaking, you want to drive around without any targets selected. In fact, the only time you want to target a ship is when you are ready to fire. Try to imagine it like this: You see a target you think you can citadel. You get guns and your ship ready to fire. You target the ship so they are the locked target. You fire. You immediately unlock the target by locking on another ship or no ship at all. You have some travel time for your rounds, so you can change your course accordingly for escape or for the next anticipated round. If you get into this as a habit, you might ocassionally get the "hack" comment. Because unless you know what's happening, it does appear to the target you are hitting them without targeting them. BTW - targeting a ship does indeed increase the accuracy of your shot. Myself, I discovered this when using torpedoes in coop. I found targeting, untargeting and launching resulted in a lot more torps hitting home. It works even better with non-bots and main batteries. If you have any other tips, toss them in here. We all need some fresh ideas to hone our skills!