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Found 1 result

  1. I really don’t understand why Wargaming won’t list vital detailed statistics such as shell penetration, sigma values, Krupp figures, and other values that are very important to understanding your ships capabilities. World of tanks list shell penetration and dispersion values for all tanks, why can’t wows do the same? I hate how we have all these hidden stats that can only be found out through testing or devblogs, as WG doesn’t list them in the game where they could be easily accessible. Why can’t we list he pen and AP overmatch angles for all guns in the game without having to enter it into a formula? Why can’t I know the AP pen of my battleships and cruisers at different ranges so I know what broadsides I can pen and where? And don’t give me the excuse of “it’s too confusing for new players”. Yeah well devs get off your fat asses and actually make good detailed tutorials that can teach new players how to actually play and understand the game. This is not very hard. You have all the stats, why don’t you list them in the game UI? WoT is listing more and more stats every patch, what is so hard about doing the same for WoWs? These quality of life improvements would really improve the game much more than another round of forgettable premiums. To me there is no excuse for not listing stats as essential as shell penetration in the game. All we have is a rough idea and the rare armada video that actually tells us pen values. This is ridiculous. Wargaming please add these stats and stop hiding them for no logical reason.