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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All! Hangglide42 here w/ a quick summary on info that has been posted before a number of times, but since we have a Clan focus in 6.11 (and we may start getting newer player members) - I'm consolidating this information for newer players who very commonly want to know how to enable: [ UPDATE: As of Release 7.0, Training Rooms will now be part of the UI and the procedure outlined below for enabling Training Rooms will no longer be necessary ] Replays - "Boy I wish I could send that game to <insert your favorite YouTuber here>!" Training Room - "If only I had a way to try out the vulnerabilites of ships so I know where to shoot before - Random Battles is a tough learning lesson...." The solution is to have your replays defaulted so all your games are captured! You can rewatch your performance to evaluate tactical or strategic mistakes which affected your game or when you have that spectacular game, can send it to your favorite YouTuber or even WG for its Sea Smackdown video series and get your doubloon reward! The other common desire is to have a safe practice patch of ocean that allows you to try out your ships capabilities against other ships in a more controlled setting where you can apply the advice you got from your favorite YouTuber and more experimentally test your results. For those unfamiliar w/ the Training Room, when enabled, it will give you a new option below the main options (i.e. Co-op, Random, Ranked....) when you choose your Battle Type from your main port screen. Once in the Training Room, you can: Select an arbitrary number of friendly and enemy ships Select specific ship types Select the game map you want to use Select the actions you want enemy ships to take. This can range from doing nothing (i.e. if you want to practice where to shoot a specific ship type & observe damage results) to having the enemy ship Bots act like a co-op scenario where they will actively attack you. If you've ever seen some Flamu's videos where he demos the AA capability of a particular ship against a number of enemy CVs in a 1 vs N scenario, he's recording a Training Room. [ Note: As of the 7.0 release w/ the integrated UI to enable training rooms, this AI Bot feature has apparently been disabled - the new inegrated UI no longer offers this capability. A UI update in 7.4 will reintroduce a variation of this feature when Patch 7.4 drops, likely towards the latter part of April 2018 ] What You'll be Doing WG uses 2 XML configuration files that tells the game what personal preferences and capabilities your game allows when you are in your UI or playing. These are: preferences.xml (located in your main installation directory where you installed WOWS) scripts_config.xml (located in a subdirectory called "res" to your main installation directory where you installed WOWS) You will be editing these files to enable Replays (preferences.xml) and Training Rooms (scripts_config.xml) As a side note, for those who are interested, everyone has bought products on the internet. When a company like Amazon fulfills your order, its purchase/fulfillment messaging system (i.e. how it talks to other computers from other companies) uses a technology called Web Services which is nothing more than a structured set of messages in the form of XML files similar to the ones you will be editing. Step 1: Absolutely Essential You Save a Master Copy of Your Configuration Locate the 2 files described previously and save a copy of these files before you edit anything! This step is absolutely essential because you don't want your game to stop working if you make a typo or insert the changes in the wrong location or accidentally delete something unknowingly. If this does happen, restore the file from the saved copy and try again. Step 2: Enabling Replays Your preferences.xml XML file is a hierarchical description of the configuration your game uses to determine it's configuration when you are playing. If you've googled how to do this previously, the instructions in principle match what you need in preferences.xml, but WG has moved the line (if you previously added it before) to the location in the instructions below and this info is current as of release 6.11. Open the file preferences.xml in Notepad or your favorite Text Mode editor (important you don't want to insert additional formatting control characters into this file so don't use an editor like Word) Locate the beginning section in the file called "<scriptsPreferences>" Within this section, you need to insert the line: <isReplayEnabled> true </isReplayEnabled> Since I have had replays enabled pretty much since this capability was offered, as of 6.11, this line appears in my preferences.xml just above the section with the tag <inset> within the file (within the <scriptsPreferences>....</scriptsPreferences> section). Once you have completed this, save the file and exit When you play your next game you'll find replays will be uniquely named and saved in the "replays" sub-folder of your installation directory. You often also want to save your end-game results screens (4 pages). To do this, your PrtScn (PrintScreen) keyboard function will save the snapshot to the "screenshot" sub-folder of your installation directory. Step 3: Enabling Training Rooms To enable Training Rooms - Open the scripts_config.xml file in Notepad or your favorite Text Mode editor Locate the line in the file named "<disableTrainingRoom>" This is defaulted to "true" & you just want to change the value of this tag to "false" - that's it! Once you have completed this, save the file and exit Restart your game UI (i.e. exit the game and reenter it NOTE: WG Appears to treat this file in the /res directory differently from preferences.xml in that it's configuration does not appear to be preserved across updates. As a result, you may have to reapply this change if you want to use the Training Room when you install a new upgrade. You should now have a Training Room option visible below the main options in your Battle Type selection when you right-click to select your battle type. There are numerous other articles that you can google that goes over many of the types of scenarios that I outlined that you can set up in your training room so I won't go over all of them in this posting. Good luck & hope to see your replay on YouTube! A complete list of Forum Articles in the links below can be found in WOWS Enjoyment - List of Forum Articles & Guides.
  2. How to enable training rooms manually as of 0.6.3 1. Go to the World of Warships folder on your computer. If you don't want to manually change your files, you can always download NikoPower's application which does the same thing, albeit a little sloppier.
  3. Training rooms for mac

    Does any one know how to enable training rooms on mac? The mod pack doesnt work and The Ichase/aerron way only works on windows...
  4. Training rooms

    I remember there being this option or is imagination rampant? I did use for self training and it is good to train division mates, One V One, and perhaps as ground zero for TK'ers. Invite them to room then Mano y Mano Boom
  5. Training Rooms Why? Have you ever purchased a ships and wondered how it would do in battle before actually joining a full on battle? Or perhaps you wish to hone your skills in certain ships like the CVs (air carriers) or the DDs (destroyers) Look no further, the answer is here! What is it? To summarize Training Rooms is another option in the game (like PvE battles or Co-Op battles) that allows you to fight against bots alone. You are able to choose from a number of different presets, such as: 1. Number of ships on each team. 2. Type of ships on each team. 3. Chose if the bot ships are going to be armed/disarmed. 4. Chose if the bot ships are going to be moving/stationary. This allows you to test various things, such as detection ranges, torpedo launches on moving targets and much more. How to Enable It? Normally Training Rooms are disabled, but you can enable them by downloading a Mod-Pack by Aslain. Aslain has been creating Mod-Packs for World of Tanks and World of Warships for a few years now, and his work is always high quality. Here is the link to his downloads page: http://aslain.com/index.php?/forum/28-downloads/ From there open the World of Warships Modpack (WoWS Modpack) link. It will bring you to the page with the Mod-Pack pictures as well as the download link. Scroll slightly down and you will find the link. Download it, install it in your World of Warships directory, re-start the game and enjoy! The training rooms will be available as another type of battles in the top right (where you chose Co-Op battles or PvE battles). Enjoy! P.S. Here is a great short video tutorial.