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Found 5 results

  1. I wanted to take my subs into the training room yesterday evening to practice pinging and using the (not so) guided torpedoes. To my disappointment, I was not allowed to do this. Will this be added once everyone who wants one has a sub in their port?
  2. Just spent an hour with a newer member of our clan teaching him how to set up the Training Room. I remember that I was very confused as to how to do it, but by trial and error, I figured it out. Searched under "Training Room Setup" and other variations under the search function of the forum but came up empty. Does anyone have a link to a post or a video that I can give to our newer clan members describing how to set up a Training Room battle?
  3. Not sure if anyone has ever brought this up but I want to do it. My Clan was using the Training room trying to practice for the upcoming Clan Battles Season when I encountered a problem. I was going to use my Des Moines but it was set up for AA....Not what I want to use in clan battles. So I had to back out of the training room to change it. Then when I wanted to use another boat I realized I had moved my commander to a premium and again I had to leave the room. Is there not a way that we can make changes to the ships and captains in the Training Room the same way that we do while in port? Its a minor inconvenience I realize but I can't help but wonder how hard it would be to make that possible. Thanks
  4. Hello folks, I would like to have the option to fight against any ship in the Training Room. I memorize by trying and not by remembering numbers, so thats why :) I also need to test some things on Stalingrad, without taking precious time of my clan members. Let me know what you think about it.