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Found 1 result

  1. [Moved to not sidetrack another thread] I used a series of spreadsheets and paper logging to track progress in this game. The purpose is to make the most of my limited resources of time, credits, and XP. My primary sheet lists all of my ships other than Tier 1 and has the following as its headers: ?? Open Port Slots ???K FreeXP ???K Elite Commander XP Available Credits (MCr) -> ? Planned Spend Focus Ship Win Rate Damage (K) XP (K) Frag Survival WTR PR Notes Captain Tier Type Guns Reload RPM Eff RPM Win & Live Planned Captain Skills Unallocated -> ? Mostly, this is to reduce the time I spend thinking about what to do next. I have a second sheet that inventories my Reserve Captains that matches this so I can easily swap them around. I have a few other sheets in this workbook that are mostly notes related to game mechanics and select inventory items and a log of purchases. I have a second workbook that include a worksheet for calculated the relative value of Premium Shop bundles including captain skill point value, premium time, credits and doubloons, and miscellaneous consumables. The third workbook is an inventory of all the captains (1 sheet to each nation with a significant tech tree). This notes their skills and the ships I expect they will drive (a career progress of sorts). The newest workbook tracks earnings and costs and creates a summary page with all of the ships sorted on Net Earnings per battle.