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Found 1 result

  1. Ever had one of those? They are going to get the win bonus anyways, so I don't understand why they have to complain. A lot of times it was their own fault for it. Here are my examples where things got out of hand. I won't "name an' shame," though in retrospect I should've probably taken some pictures of the chat box. So it's a game on Neighbors, I'm in the Ryujo. Our team is winning 7-5, I'm capping A uncontested; the enemy has lost all their DD's, are surrounded, and yet to take any caps. Sounds good, right? Then our Warspite puts THIS in the chat box: you all 3 times straight I don't get any hits in until 70% of the game is over you sons of Which merits these responses: yikes why are you so salty HUH? we are winning tho He starts saying that he never gets to hit anything which makes half the team tell him to aim better or be more productive earlier. His trash talking us backfires as everyone dead on the team immediately starts pointing out every time he misses for the rest of the match. And for someone who keeps missing at long range, he keeps kiting with a disturbing amount of HP left. And we win, by the way. I'm sure we could've done it with one less Warspite though. A different ship, on Solomon Islands. This time the game could still go either way, and most of the team is either at C or pushing the enemy spawn. So at this point I take my Hosho down the central channel and start capping B. On the way there I notice that the southern flank has collapsed, the enemy has taken A and we are getting flanked by a Clemson and a Rhein. I report this to the team, as well as the HP of both as seen last. For some reason our Langley, THE SLOWEST SHIP IN THE GAME, is still back in the spawn. A friendly Borrasque goes back to help. I was going to tell the Langley to start moving but that's when a squadron of dive bombers makes a beeline for me and the Borrasque. I send some TB's back to spot. In the end, we end up losing the Borrasque(not that he was bad, just didn't have enough HP)as well as-unsurprisingly-the Langley. At which point the Langley starts screaming about how his team is so terrible in chat. Both me and the Borrasque started telling him that "Well, nobody told you to stay back there" to which he responded that we failed to protect him. Uh, hello, both of us were supporting you but you were no help! He then says that CV's shouldn't move because they have planes and it's the team's job to move. The rest of the team immediately jumps into this on our side. I mean, at the time he died, the team's other CV was sailing down the central channel at 25 knots, capping, launching A4N's, and shooting down planes! All he needed to do was look at my ship for an example. Then he starts saying that we'll lose. We are now winning 5-2. That Rhein and Clemson are the only ones left, and he thinks they'll win. Brain cells anyone? ♦