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Found 2 results

  1. For exactly the same reason. A ship that can spot for itself and shoot without in turn being spotted --> no fear of reprisal, no "counterplay" by the ship being engaged. OWSF was bad enough that WG removed it in a heavy handed fashion with far reaching impacts across at least two classes of ship. Rock humping so folks can play WoT, aquatic edition? Hard to see why that would be considered "good to go." By games played, I'm a cruiser guy. I've got several ships with radar, to include Missouri. I am leaning more towards BB at the moment. Radar, as currently implemented, is...ahem...manure. I preface that comment so you understand it's not a DD guy whining, though I do play DD. As a guy with a premium that has radar and took me over a year to acquire with free exp, I'm telling you I would take the straight removal if it got radar out of the game - because if the choice is binary, in or out, in its current state I choose "out."
  2. It seems like every game I take out in Midway is a *crap*show. Everything I do is wrong. Every single person in game is just ripping on me. "Go back to Co-op". "Worthless CV". "You're useless". "/s Thanks for the air cover CV". I never got that much flak ever. They pretty much left me alone in Tier VIII and IX, but all of a sudden I have an off game and I'm satan's lieutenant? Is that kind of toxicity normal for Tier X? Is there any chill? I'm seriously considering turning chat off completely just to try to focus. I know I'm not great at CV. I'm trying. But geez, this is really not making me want to play my favorite ship in the world. -How does one turn off chat anyhow? Figured I might as well figure it out now in case I decide to turn it off.