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Found 1 result

  1. I was playing random on Asia server several days ago. We were doing usual stuff until one of the player get killed by enemy. I don't know what is the problems, but he started to give the enemy info about our position in all chat. Of course i said for him to go quiet. But instead of quiet he being an **** and a ***. The name of the player is ***** . This stupid player kept bragging about how rich he is, how their clan cannot go without his financial support, etc and get the chat fulled, so we can't communicated or coordinate. Later on i bring this problem to his clan, clan ***** and talked to their leader, luckily their leader expelled this stupid player. Point to be taken here is there a way to report and quickly banned chat someone who doing this ? because of this we lost so many good players due to this stupidity. Plus is there a way to permanently banned this kind of players ? Salty i can understand, but this is bring to a new level of low and toxic. I reported this matter to WG but only received info that the report has been received, i don't know what kind of punishment he gets or anything. Lets keep our games civilized guys, if you guys see someone like this just reported it right away. Toxic players didn't have space in this kind of environment. They do not belong anywhere. Let them settle their problem first before they played with us. Good luck on the battle ahead guys.