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Found 1 result

  1. This is a timeline of Wargaming's mistakes, so, it'll be long In case you forgot the glorious history of this majestic and completely balanced class, as well as the extremely functional and highly competent balance team responsible since day one, I present, "CV rework: the Entire Saga" Correct me if I'm wrong 2015-2016, aka the "wth damage" year Wargaming induces the class- within the first week players acheive damage values of 300k or more Hosho and Langley have the strike of their higher tier counterparts Midway is the primary culprit with 12 torpedoes and 12 dive bombers- Wargaming promises to fix it without nerfing it into obscurity Wargaming nerfs Midway into obscurity Playerbase complains about Midway's dive bombers lacking alpha Dive bomber alpha upgraded to 14.5k per bomb. For 21 bombs. (Don't worry, Midway's going to get more hilarious later) AA buffs and fighter changes sometime around here 2017- the year of the how-do-you-[edited]-up-a-class-so-spectacularly-in-one-year HERE WE GO FELLAS people complain about sealclubbing (?) in lower tier play. You know, because Hosho and Langley have the strike of their higher tier counterparts Wargaming: Have no fear Wargaming: *removes any opportunity to learn basic CV gameplay at lower tiers rather than just fixing the god awful alpha* (Pay attention to moments like this- the balance team shooting themselves in the foot is going to be a trend here) In a completely unexpected turn of events, proficiency in strafes and manual drops at higher tiers decreases significantly Wargaming, in a stroke of unrivaled brilliance, releases the first premium carrier! Meet strafe-pan, why-pan, or this-is-going-to-be-crap-in-the-rework-later-pan! Saipan has tier 9 planes, at tier 7! Saipan doesn't lose planes in the exit-strafe! Saipan is the only USN CV that can cross drop right now! Brilliant, Sergei! Promotion for you! We'll receive plenty of fat western dollars from this! Complaints about strike power being too strong at lower tiers and strafes being too unforgiving have finally reached Wargaming's ears! To fix these prevalent issues, Wargaming finally comes about and reduces the torpedo alpha at lower tiers, while returning manual drop to t4 and 5. Furthermore, strafes cannot wipe entire squads now. I can't criticize this choice. Just Kidding! Wargaming releases another two t10 CVs! Meet Kaga! Kaga has the torpedo alpha strike of the Hakuryu! And she still has better fighter compliments than the Ranger! Speaking of fighter compliment, we get Enterprise! Enterprise has 12 fighters- that's more than any other in the game right now! And her strike's still better than Lexington! Other notable events: -Graf Zeppelin (15 torpedoes initial version), USN CV revamp, AP dive bombers! (oh boy, this is getting good) Skipping all that stuff in between, we find ourselves at the end of 2018, just in time for the CV rework! Why do we need a rework, you ask? Because of all those problems that arose as a problem of the gameplay, and not something we introduced ourselves through our utterly pathetic ability to balance a class! Here, Sergei's back! And his decision-making skills have undoubtably become much better since 2016! 1. AP DBs are still a thing 2. HE DBs still 15k you, but he comes back for three more strikes 3. wait, there's a key I can just press to avoid facing any consequences for my poor play? Cool! 4. aw, CVs are kinda (260k average damage) broken. Let's scapegoat the Hakuryu, no, the entire IJN tree! 5. flood chance is nerfed for all the IJN CVs, torpedo speed for Hakuryu is nerfed to utter crap, on top of this, the flooding mechanic itself is changed so poor usage of repair party can't even be punished! 6. People find out the Midway's dive bombers are actually lowkey ridiculous 7. high precision nerf to Midway's....torpedo bombers 8. No fear! High precision nerf to CV...rockets. And that brings us to now! Where Wargaming is now desperately adding countdown timers to ships we already paid for! That about sums up this rework! Poor decisions, motivated by more poor decisions! Apologies to the long text, but I think I got the history right! If someone wants to correct me, go ahead!