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Found 15 results

  1. rafael_azuaje

    Konig Albert ADD torps Sumerged

    hello everyone, I'm here to talk about adding the submerged torpedoes of the konig Albert, since finally WG was able to add them to the New British Ships,. I have hopes that WG can do that miracle to my beautiful Konig Albert. HMS QUEEN MARY SMS KONIG ALBERT INFO WIKIPEDIA
  2. If you surface and a ship is close by trps should be an upgrade option to arm instanty captain skill or something
  3. Like many solo-players who are tired of the salt and statistically-improbable consistency of utterly lop-sided teams in Randoms, I've taken to Co-Op for the peace and to grind missions in a happier (albeit slower) way. That said, I was just wondering if any other dedicated BB players (in Co-Op) are sick of no-Cap, no-Kill, Low-Damage, Low-Credit/XP matches because they are at best 1 of 3 ships on the board (often the only) with no torps and a speed at or under 30kts. Lately I've had countless matches where literally everything is Capped/Torped/DPM'd by teams 80%+ comprised of CL's/DD's/Subs and a CV or 2... it's not fun. Perhaps WG could balance the Co-Op MM ship-type distribution to ensure at least 3 BB's were on the map (even bots) so a decent earning match is possible for a BB player. Also, this would ensure at least a minimal enemy HP pool to make the match worth it for everyone. Thus far, Randoms continues to have some modicum of ship-type (if not Skill-Level) balance.
  4. GOD FKIN DAMNIT! I'm so pissed right now (and I've had a few so)... long story short, I haven't played Juria for a looong time and figured i'd take her out. (don't mind my horrible play, that's not the point, and like I said, i am still quite buzzed) ANYWAY... so here I am up close with a red bot dd, he shoots a set of torps, I shoot and blow him up immediately, manage to avoid the torps, and suddenly (ALMOST 2!!! seconds after already being blown up the fkin thing shoots another set of torps!!!! NO they were not "already in the water". I checked the replay. and attaching it. I haven't encountered this for a long time. I remember people discussing bots cheating like 2 YEARS AGO! I thought ok maybe WG have quietly toned down some of the cheats but fkin NO! and I caught it in a replay. I know this may be a "boring" subject, and people may say "so what we know they cheat" but think of the impact these cheats can have on the new players when they see sh!t like that. Or even long time players that "arent so happy with WG" for one reason or another. Sure you could "arguably" justify some bot-cheats by lying to yourself "well ...blah blah blah the bot turned from torps immediately blah blah.." or if it "shoots the moment it blows up" Fine, but you can't possibly justify shooting torps nearly 2 seconds after and already sinking. NO WAY! WG FIX THIS STUPID SH!T ALREADY. IT IS VERY INSULTING. Sorry Komrades I didn't want to revive this necro issue but there it is caught happening beyond any shadow of doubt, and much worse than I thought. 20210705_033844_PVSD506-Jurua_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay
  5. Navalpride33

    A Promise is a promise (Kami REPLAYx2)

    As promised to the guys in tonight's Kami match... The replay of the match is going to be available for them to enjoy at their leisure, on the Forums... (PLUS A BONUS)A Draw Match up. I would like to thank all who's participation enhanced the enjoyment of the matches displayed... I've enjoyed the battle immensely. TY guys... The replays 20210505_222907_PJSD025-True-Kamikaze_41_Conquest.wowsreplay 20210505_225853_PJSD025-True-Kamikaze_41_Conquest.wowsreplay The draw... Enjoy guys!
  6. OldBreezy

    Meandering Bots

    Anyone else notice that bots seem to consistently meander in front of friendly torps even when it is tactically stupid to do so? WoW really needs to fix this and up their game in this department. I'm ok with more aggressive bots, but having the consistently rush in, block shots or worse, turn in a nonsensical direction to catch a friendly torp is stupid.
  7. SedatedApe

    I Hate DDs

    Keep seeing so many discussions about CV hate. Fair is fair....lets have one for those that hate DDs and how they have unlimited torps, how some are invisible until the are 8 feet away, and how they don't have muzzle flash while gunning from smoke. Here's the discussion many of you have been waiting for!!! Let the games begin...
  8. I guess this was coming a while now, pretty much shows the situation with Hosho and how easy it is to sealclub and farm damage with. For anyone TL;DW, basically Hosho gameplay spamming the torpedo squad that uses 2 torps/attack while most opponents have negligible AA. Reaches almost 150k damage and talks about the situation.
  9. Disciplyne

    Stealth torps

  10. So I was just playing in a Tier 9 match-up and I sent out a swathe of torps perfectly at a 90 to a Minitour and it only did about 50% damage with 6 torp hits. Is it me, or have they completely buffed the surface ships or nerfed torp damage on the Taiho's torp planes? I also directed a beautiful 9 torp strike on a battleship (tier 9), it took only 40% damage. Also, I spotted the entire time, and broke up 3 enemy CV offensive strikes and we still lost the match. Have the CV's been completely nerfed at this level? Or am I just not used to this. I feel my involvement in the game is almost pointless now, other than to do spotting duty.
  11. tank_ship


    so this is more a question to the more long term players of WoW more specifically the battleship players. how in the **** do people like to play them when 50% of a battles ship formation has torps as a weapon. can never get halfway through a match without being obliterated by one and dyeing by flooding
  12. I am just about to get my T6 IJN carrier, but was hoping for some tips on torp drops. Seems like most of my drops, i land one, maybe two, even when i think i have it lined up nicely. any suggestions or videos to watch? I think starting at t6, you can do manual drops (more control?)? Thanks TCG
  13. I must be calculating something wrong. I have torp accelleration on my Gearing and the new Mark 16 Mod 1 torps. The reload time is supposedly 81.1 seconds, when I mouse over them when the ship is in port. But in action, I release them and the reload clocks says 120 seconds! That's slower than the stock model torps! I don't get it. I must be missing something; can someone help me understand. Thanks in advance.
  14. As we know, the TB manual drop indicator shows where torps will be DROPED into water, not where torps will SUFACE and BECOME EFFECTIVE. It would be nice if WG can make the change so that the drop indicator shows where the torps surface instead (or show both). We all know that a basic requirement for CV player in this game is to know how far a distance it takes for your torpedoes to surface and be effective, a distance that you leave in advance so that your torps do not go under the target ship. But nowadays when I am torping more and more maneuverable ships, I found that it would be nice to know precisely where my torps would surface, since that 0.1km error of my eyeball estimation is a one-shot life and death matter. In the current state of the game, I can only estimate when surface distance of the torps and that highly limit my control over my planes. If I could know the precise surface place of my torps visually when I am baiting a DD, I could have pushed my skills and control to another level. If you think about it, it's actually something parallel to the currently in-game torp indicator for DDs. When a CV player decide to manual drop TB and the TB is locked in (indicator turns yellow), there's nothing more he/she can do and everything that happens after is automatic. What matters from this point on is where the torps surface and become effective vs where the target ship is at that point. Therefore, nobody cares about where the torps are dropped into water!!! We only cares about where torps surface and we want that to be indicated by the alt drop indicator. Is this a buff for CV? No it is not a buff, it is a change that will allow better use of CV players' skill. It would increase CV performance by a small amount but that can be compensated elsewhere. The argument is, we would rather have a ship of less powerful spec with a smoother and more enjoyable game play, rather than a ship of better spec with imprecise, stupid, and sometime frustrating game play. All being said, WG does not give CVs the love.
  15. The bug that causes torps to be sent in the opposite of the intended direction is still around. I have seen it several times with bots. Happened to notice it again a few minutes ago... In the image above the green bot Mogami next to me has dropped torps.... on what? There is no ship in that direction. Had it sent torps 180 degrees the other way, it would have sent them toward the red bot Mogami in the channel. The green bot would have sunk me had I not fortuitously put on speed boost a moment before and surged past the Mogami. Is it caused by the presence of an island in the path of the torps? Inquiring minds want to know...