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Found 30 results

  1. Objective: Using Kaga Torpedo Bombers: I'm testing what is the bare minimum of bonuses necessary to be able to attack a Lexington with AA on, and have enough planes for a full second attack (needing to survive the CAP fighter). Result: 2 Interesting results came up as I did this. There is a significant variance in Plane HP for the 2nd attack when using India Delta and the position of the CAP fighter. Not using India Delta consistently yielded a more stable, and higher, HP result. Testing Parameters: Captain Skills: Last Gasp, Air Supremacy, Torpedo Bomber, Improved Engines, Repair Specialist, Sight Stabilization, Aircraft Armor, Survivability Expert, Proximity Fuse. Equipment: Air Groups Modification 1, Aircraft Engines Modification 1, Aerial Torpedoes Modification 1, Torpedo Bombers Modification 2, Squadron Consumables Modification 1 Popping heal right before either invincible period expires, or when CAP fighter begins shooting, whichever comes first. Training Room My thoughts are that there is a significant variance of CAP fighter performance relative to when they latch and their accuracy at different ranges? I can't wrap my head around the 1st Video, 2nd attempt (2:09) versus the videos of the second video (with No India Delta Flag). The planes just start melting to the cap fighter for some reason. @LittleWhiteMouse , I know you had your series in reviewing AA. Do you have any thoughts on these variances in results? @Ahskance What does your compendium of CV knowledge see that I do not? Thanks anyone for your time on this. Edit: I'm discussing this with a clan member and there are many factors I simply oversighted that I need to somehow account for before I think about India Delta being bugged: Staying in the mid-range AA for an extra fraction of a second Have not Tested For Turning towards/away from the fighters after the drop I believe always away but need to double check Distance between fighters and your planes when they lock on Have not Tested For Having the heal ticks line up favorably vs. the fighter/AA damage ticks (this alone could cause the loss/gain of an entire plane if something is even a little bit off) Have not Tested For Leaving immunity ([edited] mechanic btw) while you're still in the short/mid-range AA Always flew out of it Taking an extra fraction of a second to get the second drop off Yup definitely a factor could have controlled Having low health on a plane going into the first drop, which could cause it to be entirely lost between drops This one is the really weird thing. For the 2nd and 3rd flights, the groups HP after the 1st Flight drop was a difference of about 600 HP. So the fighter position and shooting definitely did something drastically different
  2. I would like to genuinely know how a Tier 5 CV's planes destroyed my 80% health BB (Giulio Cesare) with only TWO (2) torpedo hits on the bow section of my ship? I have NEVER seen 2 Tier 5 torpedoes from a CV take a BB at almost full health down like that. Please let me know if I'm missing something here, or if I need to report this to Wargaming. Thanks.
  3. The Soviet DDs have short range torpedoes until t8. Now, when they were the only long range gunboat dds in the game that was fine, now we have the Italian, French, and German line split. The Soviet DDs should in my opinion get the option to mount 8km torps from t5 and up. Bonus. The Abruzzi needs help, it is so anemic maybe a reload buff is in order?
  4. After observing, and playing roughly 200 matches in them, submarines since they came back, I don't really see any reason to even include these types of ships, at least in randoms. I personally think they are way too strong. Even if we 'adapt' to them as we have radar ships and cv's, they're still far too strong to toss into matches that either A: Matter such as ranked or clan battles. or B: Randoms. I do have a few suggestions on them, and hope they would be taken into consideration, or at least looked through. Randoms: If you're going to keep submarines in randoms, I would suggest the following. Raise the depletion of battery power by ten percent. They can stay hidden for far too long as it is. 4 minutes is enough time to vanish from detection and sink several ships. Or maybe make it so each time you ping, you use a specific percentage of your battery. This would make submarines play a bit more cautiously because pinging multiple ships could cause them to drain their battery enough that they are forced to surface in the middle of a group of enemies. Another suggestion would be to get rid of the homing aspect of their torpedoes. As it is, even quick rudder, fast turning cruisers have problems dodging the torpedoes, let alone the cumbersome battleships. As a Kurfurst or Yamato, it's nearly impossible to dodge submarine torpedoes if you've been pinged. As a submarine captain, sure, this is great, but it feels cheap, and as the captain on the receiving end, you feel bullied, and don't enjoy the game by being attacked by something you have zero chance of dodging. It's a 99% guaranteed attack in a game that's based around RNG, so unless you're going to give every other ship a ping to allow their guns to be perfectly accurate for the same amount of time those torpedoes are, you're giving submarines a distinct advantage over every other ship in the game. There is no balance there, and unless it's removed, or a similar aspect is given to every other class of ship, then there can be no balance. If that's not an acceptable choice, then I would suggest drastically lowering the damage each torpedo can do. 12k damage on 4 torps that reload every 55 seconds which home in on you in such a way its nearly impossible to dodge... That's ludicrous. I would suggest dropping the damage down to CV rates or somewhere close. 2k - 4k damage max. That's still up to 16k per salvo. Pretty significant on ships that may have 30k health. And raising the reload. You've basically given them a torpedo machine gun. Maybe, also, make it so if you miss your second ping, the first ping breaks and the torpedoes stop homing, and you're unable to ping the same target again for say... a minute. Though, again, I think the better option would be remove the homing aspect, because it's heavily unbalanced right now. My other suggestion would be simply add in another type of battle that includes submarines, and keep them out of randoms. That way people can still play them as is, but they won't ruin random battles as they are doing right now. Yes, there are counters. Yes, they're easy to sink if they make a mistake and quite a few of them do. But they're still far overpowered for what their intent is. Most people I see aren't happy with them, specifically for the reasons I've brought up. Even those that have played them, such as I have, testing them out and understanding their function. Anyway, those are my thoughts on it.
  5. Hi Everyone, I took advantage too the discounts and a bit of free XP and finally got my 9th T10 and my first T10 DD the Shimakaze. Since it’s been around a very long time I was hoping veterans of the Shima could give me some advice on which torpedo set up they find works best for them. Also wondering if using the Torpedo Acceleration skill with either of the longer range torpedoes is worth the 2 points. Not sure I’d run it with the Type F3s, but 81 knot 6 km torps could be a blast for those daring enough.
  6. Paladin_15

    Torpedo Aiming

    I've been playing for some years. I've got 2800 games under my belt which in my view is enough to be getting on with. I've got a question about torpedos. Using the aiming system, basically 9 times out of 10 the spread will miss behind the enemy ship. 1 out of 10 times, one of the torpedos will hit. Yes, I understand that players speed up, slow down, turn right, turn left and the aiming guide only represents an instant in time. And that's why I have waited so long to post this question. I figured I'd figure it out eventually. But there are mechanics, and then there is the law of averages. Out of thousands of torpedo launches, some number of these should be full strikes. In the case of the Kagero, a full 4 torpedo spread should hit every so often. It's inconceivable that every ship is going slower than full speed when I launch torps only to have sped up by the time my torps get there. Some number out of thousands of launches should be going the same speed the whole time. And yet, 90% of my strikes miss behind the ship. They don't mist ahead of the ship, always behind. And 10% of the time, the right or left most torpedo is the one that will hit, meaning the spread only just barely hit the target. My torps are 74 knots, which is pretty dang fast all considered. I have tried every distance between 10 km and 6 km. Getting closer should definitely reduce the ability of a BB to make any kind of adjustments especially when I haven't been spotted. Yet there is no discernible difference. I'm as likely to miss behind the ship at 6 km as I am at 10. So, I could simply start aiming ahead and this seems to actually produce some results, though its not as good as one might think. But compensating by aiming ahead isn't the point of this question. The question is why do aimed shots basically always miss behind a target? Mathematically, this doesn't make any sense. Some percentage of strikes should be dead on. It's inconceivable that a ship is always going from slow to fast which is the only way I could be missing them behind after thousands of launches. Again, simply aiming ahead seems to be more effective, though I haven't worked out exactly how much further ahead I should be aiming. This may have more to do with how the enemy player is controlling their ship , but again, that's not the point. It feels and looks like the aiming guide is deliberately set by WG to guide your aim short. I don't know how else to explain the extreme consistency of missing behind a ship Any tips would be useful, but really, I'm looking for people to opine on this. I'm not looking for a magical answer,,,, or maybe even an answer of any kind at all. I'd just like to get peoples opinions on what's going on. It just can't be all down to the enemy player always speeding up after I launch. Statistically this makes no sense.
  7. Ens_Sharpe

    Sell the BB's

    It seems as the game has evolved into torpedo spamming with no friendly fire forfeit, and some poor matchmaking has made BB's all but useless. Gone are the brawls for the most part. I play half the battles I used to and see no reason to increase frequency. Enjoyment, for myself and clan mates is severely lacking.
  8. The addition of subs is an interesting dynamic. However, as currently designed, subs have too much power against most DDs, at least in the mid-tier where I play, and this needs to be rebalanced before wide introduction. I'm sure this has been debated internally by your dev teams and throughout development in your test base. Let me throw my hat in the ring on the side of reducing the power of homing torpedoes. Subs are given homing torpedoes by default with effectively limitless ability to home. This is not only historically inaccurate, it is too powerful and is becoming worse as sub captains gain skill. One torpedo salvo of 2 is sufficient to take out even high HP DDs. There are few techniques that mitigate homing from a middle distance, even among the most agile DDs. No known ship-born counter exists. By analogy, DDs can smoke to counter visual detection and maneuver (accel/decel/turn) to counter ballistic weapons or "dumb" torpedoes and can prioritize sectors to improve AA effectiveness. Subs have very small detection radii when surfaced or submerged but can ping and home from quite a distance. Mid-tier DDs have no stock ability to spot subs when submerged until well within the homing kill radius. This adds to the imbalance. I suggest the following: Make homing torpedoes an option similar to AP and HE shells with the appropriate time penalty for switching torpedo types. Reduce the HP power of homing torpedoes by 25-40% from that of standard "dumb" torpedoes, similar to the way AP and HE act differently. Perhaps they cannot cause a detonation or they do less HP damage but have a high probability to cause flooding. Homing torpedoes should have some penalty to counter their accuracy Alternatively, make homing a consumable like radar or hydro search Give DDs some level of hydro search or ping triangulation by default. This is, of course, far more historically accurate than homing torpedoes. I suggest that the ping marking be much brighter and include a momentary "tail" pointing in the general direction of origin. I think this has been attempted by marking one side of the ship vs the other, but it misses the mark in terms of communicating useful information Alternatively, give DDs some skill or equipment option to mitigate homing torpedo effectiveness
  9. After 10.2 every single battle in COOP either one side or both sides gets incapacitated. Even when my heading is directly at the enemy ship. Torpedoes incapacitated. My ship is the Scharnhorst and those torpedoes are a must against bigger gun BB's. Prior to 10.2 I would say one in every 5 battles this would happen. Let's put it this way, I never noticed it and it never affected my game style, which is a brawling full speed ahead into the fracas. Which is what enemy BB'S do in COOP. Unlike 80% of the allied BB"S out there that love to hang around way out at the periphery where it is safe from cruiser and destroyer torpedoes I like to get in there where the going gets hot and heavy. Get wasted a lot but I score a lot too. Used to because now my torps are knocked out before the battle even starts. It is like WOW has decided to nullify the German ships with torpedoes, due to everyone else complaining. Now I have to start slinking around the periphery like a coward, hoping some poor sod enemy ship will present me with a nice broadside at 13 km. Who needs torpedoes at that range. My HP are taking a hammering and I am now getting half the performance I used to get when my torps where doing lots of damage. WOW you get a dissatisfied now everytime one of your little surveys pops up.
  10. OldBreezy

    Meandering Bots

    Anyone else notice that bots seem to consistently meander in front of friendly torps even when it is tactically stupid to do so? WoW really needs to fix this and up their game in this department. I'm ok with more aggressive bots, but having the consistently rush in, block shots or worse, turn in a nonsensical direction to catch a friendly torp is stupid.
  11. Played a game on my Z23, at around the 10 minutes left point in the replay, i dodge akizuki torpedoes detected by my hydro-acoustics, i then fire up the engine and move ahead, and the torpedoes, which had past me for roundabouts 10 seconds, suddenly hit me. i had no network issues at the time so i am uncertain of the cause of a desynch that egregious in markers-to-topedo time. played further and no such occurences repeated. 20201102_153558_PGSD108-Z-23_15_NE_north.wowsreplay
  12. Quaffer

    Torpedo Basics

    Aggression Select your torpedoes with the 3 key. Repeated presses of 3 will change the width of the spread. Use narrow spreads for distant targets and wide spreads for close or multiple targets. Once the torpedo launchers have been selected you will see the area around your ship where the launchers can bear highlighted. If the torpedoes on the side you are looking at are reloading the bearing zone has a yellowish edge. Some ships have launchers that have limited travel. Typically these come in pairs, a dedicated starboard set and a dedicated port set. Other ships have launchers mounted amid ships on a swivel. I know of no ships that can launch pointing ahead but there is at least one ship that can fire directly astern. There are some low tier ships that have single tube launchers so they do not fire a spread. Usually the minimum number of torpedoes in a launcher is two. The most that I recall in a single launcher is five. Three launches of five each is quite impressive. With the torpedoes selected you will see a green wedge centered on your cursor. When this overlaps the bearing zone pressing the left mouse button will fire a spread. The next press of the left mouse button will fire from the next launcher in sequence, and so on. The green wedge does not start at your ship but at about fifty meters out. This is the distance the torps travel before they are armed. Firing torps at a ship you are trading paint with will be a waste of torpedoes. The extreme end of the wedge shows you how far the torps will travel before they run out of fuel. You can also check the mini-map.The circle around your ship shows your selected weapons range. Torpedoes are not seekers. They will travel in a straight line until they hit something or run out of fuel. They are perfectly happy to damage a friendly ship. Make that a formerly friendly ship. Spamming torpedoes is not a good idea unless you are very sure no allied ship will cross their path. Even then it is typically a waste. I'm adding this as a separate paragraph for emphasis. Before you press your torpedo release know where your team mates are. As a minimum, check the mini map. If a friendly is going to be in the path of your torps, assume your target will evade, hold your fire. The chance of killing an enemy is not worth risking a team mate. If you see a teammate going into danger tell them. I chat "ware torps". If you do hit one of your teammates with a torpedo apologize. It doesn't matter if he turned into them at the last minute. You pulled the trigger it's on you. I have recently read arguments that players should have enough situational awareness that they should evade torpedoes fired by their team mates who are behind them. Why should someone who has risked his ship to maneuver close to an enemy, have to abort what they are doing to get out of the way of your torpedoes, which you launched from behind their field of view? So when your team mate is lining up his shot, he has to break off his attack and look behind to see your torps, and then spend time evading? Keep in mind this game is usually won by the side that acts like a team. Some torpedo users will fire a spread or two of torpedoes down a narrow strait to provide "area denial". My personal preference is not to deny the area to the enemy. I prefer to have the enemy enter that narrow strait where they cannot maneuver and then send my torps down. Even if I miss there is a chance they will end up clam digging on one of the islands where they are easier to kill. If you fire your torpedoes without a target by the time they get to the end of their run they will be far apart and easier to evade. Placing your cursor on an enemy and pressing the X key will provide a lead indicator. This is a grey wedge that will appear on the sea. It is based on the heading and speed of the target and is updated continuously. Overlaying the green wedge on the grey wedge will give you the best chance of hitting a target that does not change course or speed after you launch the torpedoes. If your target is not lost in his binocular vision he will evade. To counter this if I have two launchers that can fire on the side I'm targeting I usually select the narrow spread and launch my first spread down the grey lead indicator path. I will then take an educated guess on how my target will evade and launch a second spread along side the grey lead indicator path on the side I think he will move to. This gives me a tailored wide spread and a better chance of getting a hit. Different torpedoes have different speeds and ranges. Know what you are packing. You can find out your weapons statistics while you are in the harbor by selecting your ship and opening the pop up window from the right side. You can also open the modules window and find it there along with data for any module for your ship. Torpedoes are slow. They are slow in the water so get close to minimize the enemies reaction time. Try popping out from behind an island and launching a spread. Then run away and if you've got it pop smoke. They are slow to reload. Fire your spread and go back to gunnery while your launchers reload. Evasion Successfully evading a spread of torpedoes is defined as pulling a Farragut. David Farragut is often paraphrased in the expression "Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead." That's not what he actually said but you get the drift. Scholars of the Civil War will be happy to tell you that, at the time, a torpedo was what we now consider to be a naval mine. Slang expressions have little to do with fact. Don't quibble. As was stated above "Overlaying the green wedge on the grey wedge will give you the best chance of hitting a target that does not change course or speed after you launch the torpedoes." What can we learn from that? If you think someone has targeted you, make sure you change your course and speed. Frequently. (That's good advice against gunnery as well.) Destroyers and torpedo equipped cruisers (almost all of the IJN a few USN) will telegraph a torpedo launch by getting in relatively close and turning to present their side to you. I have gone to the extreme of going from full ahead to full astern and evaded spreads that would have put me on the bottom. This is one of the reasons you should not spend all of your time at flank speed. Sometimes putting the pedal to the metal will save you. As in avoiding gunnery a predictable captain is soon a spectating captain. When you hear the warning, look at your threat indicator and see where the torpedoes are coming from. Then get your head out of binocular mode by pressing the shift key or holding the right mouse button and try to turn to align your ship axis to run parallel to the spread. Going to flank speed may slightly increase your turning radius but it will decrease the amount of time it takes to change your heading. Enemy torpedoes have red icons. Friendly torpedoes have grey icons. Right? Of course it's not right. ALL torpedoes are a threat. There is no such thing as a friendly torpedo. Most ships can survive being hit by a single torpedo. Even a single torpedo hit will put a major hurt on your hit point bar. The earlier you detect them the more likely you can evade. If you have a scout plane, get it airborne if you feel a torpedo attack is imminent. It will increase the range torpedoes are spotted. To handle torpedoes that have been fired into a strait, that you have entered, you may want to slow down. The torpedoes spread out and open the distance between them as they travel. The longer it takes to get to you, the farther apart they will be. Line your ship up parallel to the spread and pick two of them to go between. If you must take a torpedo hit, try to make sure you will be hit by only one. Take care not to make large corrections because if you go clam digging (hit an island) you are a very easy target until you can free yourself and get underway. Avoiding those torps closing astern; zoom all the way out and point your mouse at your stern. Pick the two torpedoes who's track is closest to your course and maneuver so they pass on either side. The trick is remembering your steering is reversed from a forward view and to make small corrections. Just make sure you wait until they are past before you make a large turn. If you hear the collision warning slow down but keep your course steady until the torps are past. After a while you'll get used to it. I don't recommend you go looking for chances to practice, but the chances will come to you soon enough. It is possible to outrun a torpedo if you have a large enough head start. Torpedo Bombers: One does not begin the evasion of a torpedo bomber's torpedoes when the torpedoes hit the water. One begins by pointing the long axis of your ship at the torpedo bombers as soon as you see the TB icon. It makes it much more difficult for them to do a run on you. They want to line up on your beam. That gives them the best chance of hitting you. You want to present your bow or stern to them. Go ahead at 1/2 or 3/4 speed, and as soon as they commit either back water of go to full speed. This will mess up the targeting. If you wait for them to drop their torps you may as well have heard the keening of the banshee. It is helpful is to travel in the company of a USN cruiser. Generally speaking they have the best AA. Traveling with any other ship will provide some additional AA cover and force the carrier captain to choose a target. If you're lucky the carrier will not choose you. However a torpedo that misses its intended target can still bring an end to your battle. For dive bombers you want to present your beam instead of the long axis. A ship in a smoke screen will not be targeted by aircraft. As flights of torpedo bombers skillfully managed are death incarnate it may behoove you to travel with a destroyer. Destroyers only get a few smoke screens. Don't waste them. Lady_Athena points out that torpedo bombers can manually drop their torpedoes and thus hit ships who thought they were safe in smoke. But as they used to say "Smoke 'em if you got 'em". Wide Spread Narrow Spread Change between wide and narrow spreads with the 3 key. Launchers Loading Note the yellow border on the spread indicator and bearing zones. They indicate that the launchers are loading and will not fire. Lead Assist Superimpose the lead assist with the spread indicator. Note the target is out of range, but as it is heading towards you, it may be in range by the time the torpedoes get to it. If the target turns away you have wasted the spread. Endangered Team Mate Here your target is coming around the island and should arrive just in time to receive your torpedoes. While this sounds like a good shot, your teammate is heading for the torpedo spread as well, and this may result in a team kill. Do not launch. It's not worth it. Grey lead assist and green spread indicator superimposed. Green spread indicator a little to the right of lead indicator Keep in mind that even a perfect alignment of the lead assist and the spread indicator does not guarantee a hit. It will only happen if your target does not change speed or heading or you are very close indeed. It's a judgement call. You have to decide which way you think he will turn or speed up or slow down and adjust for it. Don't expect laser guided sniper shots with torpedoes. They are not precision instruments. They just make big booms. There is no right place to hit with a torpedo. The goal is to hit with as many of them as you can. You may also enjoy: Navigation Basics View Basics Gunnery Basics Turret Focus Weapon Bearing (Shift-X) (Ctrl-X) (X) Help Screens List of Mouse and Keyboard Commands So you want to buy a new ship Maps found in Random Battles Added paragraph on torpedo bombers.
  13. I've been searching for hours, nothing in tutorials, nothing on YouTube, nothing in other WOWs videos. How do I toggle back to my main deck guns. Sometimes I want to fire Torpedoes using my left mouse button. but sometimes I want cannon fire using my left mouse button. How do disengage my torpedoes capability and toggle back to use my cannons ? Shhhsesh.
  14. Warmonger2600

    Torpedoes and BOTS, old story, but why?

    I know it's probably been said a hundred (or a thousand) times before. But why will bots turn into friendly torpedoes? They "actively" avoid enemy torps, yet when I launch mine well out of their path, they turns into mine. I can post the replay, but why, everyone knows. If they have the ability to avoid enemy why can't they just treat ALL torps as enemy torpedoes and avoid them???
  15. Renamed_User382592742646

    Shimakaze Torpedo Options

    Since I've owned Shimakaze, my go to torpedo option has always been the Type93 mod.3 12km torpedoes. However, the new update has allowed for builds that make every torpedo, including deep water torpedoes, to be seen from 1.8km to 2.25 km. This has made me consider instead running the 20km Type93 torpedoes with Torpedo Acceleration and Torpedo Tubes Modification 1 to create 16km 70 knot torpedoes. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  16. I'm going to combine two topics into one here, as they have a similar point (The HUD/Camera has some iffiness to it...) First Topic: Gunnery Cams (Binocs, ETC) Second Topic: The Torp Guide Not that these break the game for me, but I think I'd do better in several situations with these corrected in some way (or a better grasp of how to get around them).
  17. NephyOne

    Torpedo Bombers

    I have no problem with the way torpedoes are in the game. However, I have a major problem with the torpedo bombers that the carriers send out. There shouldn't be a way to drop the torpedoes 1 kilometer away from your ship. As a carrier, battleship, and cruiser, you have 0 time to evade them; resulting in an immediate death. This needs fixing ASAP. File attached was a screenshot taken as the plane dropped them.
  18. I experimented to see how far the arming distance is on both loadouts, and you can see how the arm time might be one of the factors really hurting the 4 drop right now. Should this be changed or should something else about the 4 drop be improved?
  19. I would like to point out that WoW's statistics regarding actual hits on enemy warships are not entirely accurate and are skewed to downgrade the true accuracy rate of the player. It happens in this way: When a BB or CA, for example, fires shells at a ship from long range, if that ship blows up for whatever reason before the shells land on it, they are all counted as misses. This is not really fair to the player or even accurate with respect to hit rates and statistics on accuracy given under the summaries for Co-op or Random battles. Another example, (which also applies to some shells), is the firing of torpedoes at a target and having all four hit the target but only one counts as a "hit" because the ship only had X amount of HP left. This is a humongous way to distort the accuracy of torpedo hits in this game. If 4 hit, all s4 hould be counted and not just one or two. That is not fair to the player, who appears to have a small hit rate in his or her statistics. Not every DD is like the RN DDs, which can fire a single torpedo, so they must fire all at once even if all 4 are not necessary to kill the enemy ship. Firing 5 torpedoes at a BB with only 5,000 HP left results in a hit ratio of 20% instead of 100% if all hit the ship. Torpedoes and shells are flying around everywhere and missing anyway, so why should this be a problem for WoW? WoW has the ability to correct this and count any shells or torpedoes that hit a ship that blows up if the shells or torpedoes were fired, say within 6-10 seconds of the ship dying. Any shells or torpedoes fired after the ship is destroyed don't count, obviously, or players would just fire at dead ships. If WoW can assign damage rates to each shell or torpedo, even zero damage, it can certainly count actual hits that occur if they are fired before the ship dies. I think this is only fair and right. I'd be interested in hearing how other people feel about this problem and whether they think WoW will change the way it counts actual hits.
  20. With the global flood nerf, plus the huge nerf of flooding chance on aerial torpedoes, it feels like causing flooding is very rare and if you do they will most likely have DCP ready, but if they don't, you only get like 20k damage maximum. Even with DDs I imagine flooding doesn't do much for them. To make flooding a viable damage source again for planes, the flood chance on torpedoes needs to be increased. Either that or the way flooding works can be brought back to closer to what it was before so that if you do get it, it does a lot. Now that flooding is basically the same as fires, it seems kinda unfair that Midway can start many fires to get damage over time but Hakuryu cannot cause the floods it can do it's damage over time on. (No I am not asking for a Midway nerf, I am talking about a Hakuryu buff. Midway is perfectly fine right now)
  21. The nerfs to the flood chances of aerial torpedoes combined with the global flooding change has eliminated a huge source of damage for carriers. Carriers that cannot set tons of fires like Hakuryu for example have to rely on alpha damage alone, baiting DCP and trying to set up perma floods was a smart tactic that could get you high damage if used right, but now it's been extinguished. Not sure what should be done about this, but CVs need a reliable damage over time source that doesn't just work for the US ones.
  22. Peter_Greenhalgh

    fairness of penalty for torps

    I am in high disagreement with your penalties issued for accidental friendly damage with torpedoes. several times now I have been penalized for some idiot running across my torp run why should I be responsible for someone not paying attention. at the very least reduce the penalty for occasional offenses.
  23. One thing I have noticed since the rework on this forum and elsewhere is a tendency to claim that a CV, Hakuryu in particular, is a flying Shimakaze. Seeing as I've finally been playing CVs on a fairly regular basis thanks to this rework (success, I guess on the "accessibility") and I play Shimakaze a fair bit, I find that comparison to be in error. I've been pondering how best to disprove this claim for a bit now, and I think I have something that might illustrate my point. I decided to completely isolate torpedo performance as much as I could by using inactive 'target hulk' bots in the training room. Personally, I would have preferred to use a target that would use damage control in a semi-realistic manner to highlight the difference in flooding chance between my chosen test ships, but it's what I had to work with on a lazy afternoon here in snowy Kansas. First, the test conditions so that anyone that wants to can repeat what I did. Ships to be compared-Hakuryu, Wakatake, Shimakaze Map-Solomon Islands Time limit-standard 20 min. Mode-Standard Battle Targets- one Montana class BB, one Yamato class BB No flooding increasing flags or modifiers, no torpedo reload boosting skills on Hakuryu (duh) or Wakatake, Shimakaze has the torp reloading capt skill, but otherwise is setup as a hybrid gunboat using Type F3 torpedoes, Hakuryu is using the upgraded shorter range torpedo bombers, not the infamous (and now nerfed into the ground) stealth droppers. I started off with Wakatake, using her as a baseline because her torpedoes are nearly identical in stats to Hakuryu's for damage, range and speed. I moved into position between the two BBs so that I could just drop torps every time they reloaded. Considering she can drop 4 torpedoes every 39 seconds and do it from stealth, I'm starting to wish Hakryu's torp planes just dropped Wakatakes into battle instead because she proved to have a much higher chance of flooding than Hakuryu. Then I ran Hakuryu through the test. I opted to leave the ship herself right where she spawned because from what I hear, WG thinks that CVs should be at the back of the map the whole game. I ran my little TBs through their paces. When finished, I ran both tests again, though I decided to only go with two runs each. Finally, I ran Shimakaze through the test, but I only did it once this time because the results with her were that blatantly obvious. I know what conclusions I've taken away from this little test, although it really should be run several more times for proper thoroughness, I don't quite have the patience for that today, thus why I'm typing this up like I am so that anyone that wants to can add to the data. For now, I'll drop my replays into the spoiler below, but I only bothered with screencaps of the results screens from one of each of the Hakuryu and Wakatake tests. From here, I leave you to draw your own conclusions.
  24. It has come to the WG's attention that there is (was) a tactic where Hakuryu could endlessly spam torpedo bombers and rack up very high damage very quickly with minimal losses. The hotfix has stamped out this strategy hard, but I don't fully think it is the right way to go. Sure, the strategy could be a bit overpowered at times and must be very frustrating for BB players, seeing as there is a very significant drop in BB players I see in randoms now, but it was sort of the Hakuryu's thing, a strategy that actually worked most of the time. One of the goals of the rework was to make CVs more noob friendly, and they initially succeeded. But stamping out this strategy completely I feel hurts the big picture too much. It just takes it to the other extreme, where AA on all ships is extremely powerful, torpedo bombers are much more tedious now and you will have lots of difficulty trying to get even over 100k damage in a game now. The huge nerf to the aiming reticle time makes it very hard to hit anything combined with your planes being shredded by even a single cruiser. It's kinda sad as seeing someone get so much damage with a strategy that continuously worked gave me hope that the CVs would not be completely useless in this rework, but alas now they are mere support ships basically. I feel this strategy should retain it's effectiveness, but should just get some minor adjustments. The aiming reticle should be normal again, AA damage should be toned down a bit, and for heaven's sake that nerf to the F spam just makes all the planes die immediately when they try to retreat. I feel there are better ways to combat this, without just removing the effectiveness completely. CVs historically were very powerful ships, and in wows they should not just be mere support vessels, but have real attacking power like battleships and cruisers do. The main problem seems to be that WG goes too extreme with each of these changes, if the CVs are too powerful, immediately make them super weak and buff the AA so that it shreds everything. A little more balance would go a long way here.