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Found 15 results

  1. MitoUchiha

    Shimakaze Torpedo Options

    Since I've owned Shimakaze, my go to torpedo option has always been the Type93 mod.3 12km torpedoes. However, the new update has allowed for builds that make every torpedo, including deep water torpedoes, to be seen from 1.8km to 2.25 km. This has made me consider instead running the 20km Type93 torpedoes with Torpedo Acceleration and Torpedo Tubes Modification 1 to create 16km 70 knot torpedoes. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. I'm going to combine two topics into one here, as they have a similar point (The HUD/Camera has some iffiness to it...) First Topic: Gunnery Cams (Binocs, ETC) Second Topic: The Torp Guide Not that these break the game for me, but I think I'd do better in several situations with these corrected in some way (or a better grasp of how to get around them).
  3. Suggestions for the game for those that are new: 1) Mini Games in the Training Rooms: IE: Torpedo simulation of ships floating by to learn how to target and remain unseen. Could have mini games like this for Artillery, Torpedoes, Proper Aiming, When to use HE/AP...etc. These would be fun and give people some idea of how to aim at the beginning. 2) More varied maps and gameplay. You already have Operation of the Week (which is hella entertaining)...please expand on these and make them more varied for different Tiers. 3) Larger Maps....with longer gametimes. I'm thinking like Pacific Ocean large, have 25 vs 25 battles set up so each class has advantages/disadvantaged spots, etc. 4) The grind is terrible. I'm sure you've heard this before, but it is really terrible for new players. Most of the people I've invited or played with have left as the grind is far too much for them. I agree with them, there are soooo many ships I'd like to play I'd never get off the game but you folks, in your wisdom, think that by making me treat this game like a job and grind hour after hour after hour just to try out a certain line, or try out a new ship, etc....is going to be your downfall. 5) Cut out some of the Currency items, and combine them so they are more reusable and can be saved. Some of these events you throw are fun, but I never get enough currency to actually get the top level items. Why not just combine the currency so that if I can't afford a said item from this one, my currency rolls over and I may be able to get the upper tier items from the next event. Right now I'm pretty much just ignoring all the events because I know I can't afford anything as I'm not able to earn enough of the currency without purchasing loot boxes, (of which I am completely against as it's gambling and unfair). So, in conclusion. LOVE THIS GAME. Keep up the great work and keep the content coming. I can't wait to see the new submarines and events on the way. Sethalos.
  4. Hi Everyone, I took advantage too the discounts and a bit of free XP and finally got my 9th T10 and my first T10 DD the Shimakaze. Since it’s been around a very long time I was hoping veterans of the Shima could give me some advice on which torpedo set up they find works best for them. Also wondering if using the Torpedo Acceleration skill with either of the longer range torpedoes is worth the 2 points. Not sure I’d run it with the Type F3s, but 81 knot 6 km torps could be a blast for those daring enough.
  5. Darkstar99

    Torpedo Bombers

    I have no problem with the way torpedoes are in the game. However, I have a major problem with the torpedo bombers that the carriers send out. There shouldn't be a way to drop the torpedoes 1 kilometer away from your ship. As a carrier, battleship, and cruiser, you have 0 time to evade them; resulting in an immediate death. This needs fixing ASAP. File attached was a screenshot taken as the plane dropped them.
  6. I experimented to see how far the arming distance is on both loadouts, and you can see how the arm time might be one of the factors really hurting the 4 drop right now. Should this be changed or should something else about the 4 drop be improved?
  7. I would like to point out that WoW's statistics regarding actual hits on enemy warships are not entirely accurate and are skewed to downgrade the true accuracy rate of the player. It happens in this way: When a BB or CA, for example, fires shells at a ship from long range, if that ship blows up for whatever reason before the shells land on it, they are all counted as misses. This is not really fair to the player or even accurate with respect to hit rates and statistics on accuracy given under the summaries for Co-op or Random battles. Another example, (which also applies to some shells), is the firing of torpedoes at a target and having all four hit the target but only one counts as a "hit" because the ship only had X amount of HP left. This is a humongous way to distort the accuracy of torpedo hits in this game. If 4 hit, all s4 hould be counted and not just one or two. That is not fair to the player, who appears to have a small hit rate in his or her statistics. Not every DD is like the RN DDs, which can fire a single torpedo, so they must fire all at once even if all 4 are not necessary to kill the enemy ship. Firing 5 torpedoes at a BB with only 5,000 HP left results in a hit ratio of 20% instead of 100% if all hit the ship. Torpedoes and shells are flying around everywhere and missing anyway, so why should this be a problem for WoW? WoW has the ability to correct this and count any shells or torpedoes that hit a ship that blows up if the shells or torpedoes were fired, say within 6-10 seconds of the ship dying. Any shells or torpedoes fired after the ship is destroyed don't count, obviously, or players would just fire at dead ships. If WoW can assign damage rates to each shell or torpedo, even zero damage, it can certainly count actual hits that occur if they are fired before the ship dies. I think this is only fair and right. I'd be interested in hearing how other people feel about this problem and whether they think WoW will change the way it counts actual hits.
  8. With the global flood nerf, plus the huge nerf of flooding chance on aerial torpedoes, it feels like causing flooding is very rare and if you do they will most likely have DCP ready, but if they don't, you only get like 20k damage maximum. Even with DDs I imagine flooding doesn't do much for them. To make flooding a viable damage source again for planes, the flood chance on torpedoes needs to be increased. Either that or the way flooding works can be brought back to closer to what it was before so that if you do get it, it does a lot. Now that flooding is basically the same as fires, it seems kinda unfair that Midway can start many fires to get damage over time but Hakuryu cannot cause the floods it can do it's damage over time on. (No I am not asking for a Midway nerf, I am talking about a Hakuryu buff. Midway is perfectly fine right now)
  9. The nerfs to the flood chances of aerial torpedoes combined with the global flooding change has eliminated a huge source of damage for carriers. Carriers that cannot set tons of fires like Hakuryu for example have to rely on alpha damage alone, baiting DCP and trying to set up perma floods was a smart tactic that could get you high damage if used right, but now it's been extinguished. Not sure what should be done about this, but CVs need a reliable damage over time source that doesn't just work for the US ones.
  10. Peter_Greenhalgh

    fairness of penalty for torps

    I am in high disagreement with your penalties issued for accidental friendly damage with torpedoes. several times now I have been penalized for some idiot running across my torp run why should I be responsible for someone not paying attention. at the very least reduce the penalty for occasional offenses.
  11. One thing I have noticed since the rework on this forum and elsewhere is a tendency to claim that a CV, Hakuryu in particular, is a flying Shimakaze. Seeing as I've finally been playing CVs on a fairly regular basis thanks to this rework (success, I guess on the "accessibility") and I play Shimakaze a fair bit, I find that comparison to be in error. I've been pondering how best to disprove this claim for a bit now, and I think I have something that might illustrate my point. I decided to completely isolate torpedo performance as much as I could by using inactive 'target hulk' bots in the training room. Personally, I would have preferred to use a target that would use damage control in a semi-realistic manner to highlight the difference in flooding chance between my chosen test ships, but it's what I had to work with on a lazy afternoon here in snowy Kansas. First, the test conditions so that anyone that wants to can repeat what I did. Ships to be compared-Hakuryu, Wakatake, Shimakaze Map-Solomon Islands Time limit-standard 20 min. Mode-Standard Battle Targets- one Montana class BB, one Yamato class BB No flooding increasing flags or modifiers, no torpedo reload boosting skills on Hakuryu (duh) or Wakatake, Shimakaze has the torp reloading capt skill, but otherwise is setup as a hybrid gunboat using Type F3 torpedoes, Hakuryu is using the upgraded shorter range torpedo bombers, not the infamous (and now nerfed into the ground) stealth droppers. I started off with Wakatake, using her as a baseline because her torpedoes are nearly identical in stats to Hakuryu's for damage, range and speed. I moved into position between the two BBs so that I could just drop torps every time they reloaded. Considering she can drop 4 torpedoes every 39 seconds and do it from stealth, I'm starting to wish Hakryu's torp planes just dropped Wakatakes into battle instead because she proved to have a much higher chance of flooding than Hakuryu. Then I ran Hakuryu through the test. I opted to leave the ship herself right where she spawned because from what I hear, WG thinks that CVs should be at the back of the map the whole game. I ran my little TBs through their paces. When finished, I ran both tests again, though I decided to only go with two runs each. Finally, I ran Shimakaze through the test, but I only did it once this time because the results with her were that blatantly obvious. I know what conclusions I've taken away from this little test, although it really should be run several more times for proper thoroughness, I don't quite have the patience for that today, thus why I'm typing this up like I am so that anyone that wants to can add to the data. For now, I'll drop my replays into the spoiler below, but I only bothered with screencaps of the results screens from one of each of the Hakuryu and Wakatake tests. From here, I leave you to draw your own conclusions.
  12. It has come to the WG's attention that there is (was) a tactic where Hakuryu could endlessly spam torpedo bombers and rack up very high damage very quickly with minimal losses. The hotfix has stamped out this strategy hard, but I don't fully think it is the right way to go. Sure, the strategy could be a bit overpowered at times and must be very frustrating for BB players, seeing as there is a very significant drop in BB players I see in randoms now, but it was sort of the Hakuryu's thing, a strategy that actually worked most of the time. One of the goals of the rework was to make CVs more noob friendly, and they initially succeeded. But stamping out this strategy completely I feel hurts the big picture too much. It just takes it to the other extreme, where AA on all ships is extremely powerful, torpedo bombers are much more tedious now and you will have lots of difficulty trying to get even over 100k damage in a game now. The huge nerf to the aiming reticle time makes it very hard to hit anything combined with your planes being shredded by even a single cruiser. It's kinda sad as seeing someone get so much damage with a strategy that continuously worked gave me hope that the CVs would not be completely useless in this rework, but alas now they are mere support ships basically. I feel this strategy should retain it's effectiveness, but should just get some minor adjustments. The aiming reticle should be normal again, AA damage should be toned down a bit, and for heaven's sake that nerf to the F spam just makes all the planes die immediately when they try to retreat. I feel there are better ways to combat this, without just removing the effectiveness completely. CVs historically were very powerful ships, and in wows they should not just be mere support vessels, but have real attacking power like battleships and cruisers do. The main problem seems to be that WG goes too extreme with each of these changes, if the CVs are too powerful, immediately make them super weak and buff the AA so that it shreds everything. A little more balance would go a long way here.
  13. First I do not know a lot about this topic, and was not involved in feedback and discussions when DWTs were revealed/announced for Asashio and Pan-Asian's. But i just purchased the Asashio, and was getting used to it, when I thought how I wished there was also a German DD Premium like the Asashio, but one for my German Captains! I was wondering what your thoughts on this are, and whether or not Asashio should stay alone or if it would be good to have other Factions that have a single DWT premium DD?
  14. The bug that causes torps to be sent in the opposite of the intended direction is still around. I have seen it several times with bots. Happened to notice it again a few minutes ago... In the image above the green bot Mogami next to me has dropped torps.... on what? There is no ship in that direction. Had it sent torps 180 degrees the other way, it would have sent them toward the red bot Mogami in the channel. The green bot would have sunk me had I not fortuitously put on speed boost a moment before and surged past the Mogami. Is it caused by the presence of an island in the path of the torps? Inquiring minds want to know...